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A "word" on house guests.

 As I have made mention here previously, I’m not a native Southerner.

With that being said, my family and I had our first group of official houseguests this year.  1,032 more words

Matt MacDonald

Sweet! New books!

Very cool, I just received my copy of Necromancer Games Book of Lost Spells in the mail, and I did end up buying a copy of… 210 more words

Game Design

Here goes...

This is  my nth blog. Honestly I think I start one  or two a year. I start them so full of hope and plans, thinking this will be THE one. 249 more words


Skinwalker - Otherworldly Patron

I made this for the forums and after a second look a few days later, I decided to put it here, too. It’s made for someone, who wanted to include the druid’s wild shape feature to the warlock class and asked the forum, what would be appropriate. 433 more words


Can I clean my house and become thinner?

So I was thinking can I burn enough calories to actually have a significant result or am I living in a fools paradise. (Mind you it would be a rather tidy one) 139 more words

House Rules

Rules House: Zombies!!!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter; I myself spent the long weekend gorging myself not only on various meats, savoury snacks and confectionary, but on board games as well! 723 more words

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En Khoda Theos Kirk - Part 2

So, I was hoping that there would be rules for Elemental Domains in the Elemental Evil adventure and was disappointed. That said, one of my players is playing a Dorje of the Great Dragon of the Air so I’ve been coming up with Domains for these four Domains of the En Khoda Theos Kirk. 632 more words

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