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Codex | The Legatine (New HQ)

The time has come to introduce a new HQ choice for your Sisters of Battle army. How long has it been that we were limited to a handful of Canoness and for variety, be forced to take HQ choices from the Ministorum, or allied armies. 347 more words

Sisters Of Battle

Armor as a weapon

Originally, in this post, I explained a small modification to the known AC system used in D&D up to advanced second edition. My goal was to reintroduce something that was lost when the game migrated from wargaming to RPG, but then, as a final afterthought, I made some calculations and discovered that, well, my changes made little (although not insignificant) difference. 2,494 more words


Strong Drink and Bitter Herbs~Remedies for What Ails You

Arden of Granden Hall looked nervously at his man-at-arms. A bandit’s spear had pierced his leathers and drove deep into his shoulder. Arden had been a farmer with little taste for combat until his home was overrun by orcs. 766 more words

Alternate DCC XP system

Recently I signed up to run my first Road Crew games of 2018 for MACE West (I’ll be running Blades Against Death and co-Judging Inferno Road… 355 more words


Review: Elminster's Guide to Divination

It has been a while since I have actively played my favorite Dungeons & Dragons character, T’Lerion Flowspell. He is an elf wizard, specializing in divination magic. 647 more words


In the Blood of Dragons

In the D&D5e rules it indicates that ritually bathing in the blood of dragons can transform someone into a half-dragon. While very few people know the ritual required, many have heard of this process and there are those that seek it out without the full knowledge. 86 more words