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A Spring Cold

Spring brought to our home the first head cold of 2015. Geez thanks! We were doing so well around these parts. But alas we had succumb to it. 233 more words

House Rules

How to Live With Roommates

I am a twenty-five year old woman, right smack in the middle of my twenties. I have one roommate, a girl who I have been friends with since we were fourteen and doing ridiculous teenage things. 568 more words


The Warforged, Survivors of the Great Fleet

“I was once a human like you, but the ravages of the Mad God’s War were dire and we chose to transcend weak flesh. Once we served the Iron Court, now we are the Iron Court and we rule what remains of the Old Tierna. 1,150 more words

Game Design

Bolt Action house rules

Some time back I lamented about LMGs in Bolt Action. They aren’t the only rough spot with the rules for me. While I understand the philosophy of some game elements being the way they are, it does at times seem to run roughshod with historical accuracy. 667 more words


HOUSE RULES: Fate Points

I like the advantage system but I don’t really track it very well.  So I am going to keep that system as is and dish out the reward as needed, but since I am inattentive to it, I am reintroducing Fate Points from my previous campaigns as I feel that suits the theme of my homebrew setting much more since its more mythic fantasy (Conan the Barbarian) than medieval fantasy (Lord of the Rings). 264 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Fierce Excerpts: First-come, First-served.

Now Reading | 20 Embarrassing phrases even smart people misuse.


Our house rules for Fierce Strategy + Creative are pretty simple.

Stay curious. Do your homework. 1,232 more words


Ok, this is an experience system that works ok...

After examining Alexis’ system (as mentioned last post) and crunching some numbers in 5e I have a surprising conclusion. I actually have to reduce the XP award to bring it from a 1e based game and into the realm of 5e. 502 more words

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