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D&D 5E – Non-standard weapon/armor materials

Special Weapon Materials

With the exception of Adamantine armor and weapons, and Mithral armor, fifth edition does not (yet) have any official rules for weapons and armor made from other non-standard materials. 1,494 more words

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition

Simplified Magic Reagents

Update: The final draft of the ACKS Heroic Fantasy Handbook contains rules for “generic” reagents that I’ll use instead of the post below.

I really like the idea in ACKS of using monster parts as special components for creating magical items.

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vignettes of my failed marriage: the home where i lived

I distinctly remember driving home one evening in the dark. It was late fall, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, so it was chilly and had already been dark for several hours. 1,501 more words


Black City Character Builder

I’ve updated my customized ACKS Character Builder spreadsheet for the Black City campaign:

You’ll need a version of Excel that can use slicers to use this spreadsheet. 165 more words


House Rules for Novices

Rules. Whichever tabletop RPG you play, you will be at least passingly familiar with the rules explained at length in those incredibly thick rulebooks. Rules for combat. 743 more words

House Rules

My FLR 14 - Desperate for physical punishment

I’m having the time of My life with M., My new sex partner. At the same time My slave has become completely obsolete in the area of romance, vanilla life, and anything that has to do with sex. 858 more words

Female Led Relationship

CLASSIC TRAVELLER: What "The Traveller" Adventure had to Say About Situation Throws--Personal Characteristics

In this post I quoted in full a passage from The Traveller Adventure, which describes how to handle Situation Throws in Classic Traveller. I’m following up with a few more addressing specific portions of that passage. 1,114 more words