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What is different about My Traveller Universe (aka MTU)

As I start tooling and gearing things up for my resurrected Imperium game using a modified Cephesus Engine, I’ve also had to start to codify some of what makes my setting different from the canon “Official… 948 more words

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Sorcerers of Minaria

(Today it’s Minarian sorcerers. I’ve taken the spellsinging rules from the ACKS Heroic Fantasy Handbook and just renamed it “sorcery”, then built a human sorcerer class.

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Wizards of Minaria

(A post today about Minarian wizards. With the exception of the “Language of Magic“, none the game mechanics presented here are original; it’s all adapted from the ACKS…

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Nobody Wants Your Sheep

Settlers of Catan. This is a board game where you build settlements, cities, and roads for Victory Points using resources like wood, iron ore, bricks, wheat, and sheep. 421 more words

House Rules

Genesys initiative for 5e D&D

So I’ve been tinkering with initiative for my 5e games. So far my players have liked the variant I tweaked from Mike Mearls. But there are some rough spots with it. 571 more words


More on Behavior

Some will realize that I’ve already been building up a system that guarantees the player can do a large variety of small, skill-based things, which I call my sage system.

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D&D 5E - Adding new characters to the Party

This is an expansion to a previous post. You may want to first read before trying to make any sense out of this.

If you are using my “Creating the Party” rules to create your party, what if a new player joins the group? 481 more words

Dungeons And Dragons 5th Edition