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FFT3 House Rules updated....

After some further playtesting at the club and as a result of suggestions and feedback received I’ve made quite a few changes from when I initially posted them on their page (should have waited really, a lesson learned). 47 more words


Expanded Runebinding - A Review and Unboxing of Runebound: Caught in a Web

After several play-throughs I decided to pick up the Caught In a Web expansion for Runebound. Here are my first impressions and a few notes on single play. 764 more words

Board Game

Come on man!

Disclaimer: this post is not about the dogs :)

I love having my son home for the summer, BUT…

Yesterday I was upstairs catching up on some chores when I noticed a puddle in the hallway. 411 more words

Family Life

Talking back

My little baby, my beautiful and most reasonable boy recently started talking back. That’s okay, I thought at first, reminding myself that I have a lot of respect for argumentativeness. 448 more words

House Rules - If you open it...close it.

Hebrews 12:1 states,  “…and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  Don’t give up,but finish the race, for much can be learned during it.  46 more words

Daily Inspirational Devotional

Foundation II

There’s an interesting post about XP at Delta’s Hotspot, where he discusses levels and XP and why it’s built that way and whether wizards should require more XP than fighters and how the crap are people still talking about this shite like it’s the fucking Bible? 928 more words


Splintered Shields

Shields in Dungeons & Dragons have always felt somewhat lackluster. I can appreciate that little boost they grant to my character’s Armor Class, but there’s always a part of me wants to cast the old board aside so I can irk out a little bit more damage with that trusty greatsword. 335 more words

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