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Tweaking Frostgrave campaign rules

I’m on a bit of a Frostgrave kick as of late and it should be no surprise as I’m a fan of the game. One big draw is the campaign system and it really has that Mordheim feel of progression. 568 more words


Ship Computers, Generate Programs, and Jump Cassettes

So, I had a thought because there has been an ongoing discussion on the COTI Forum (“Citizens of the Imperium” – the official Traveller forum) regarding a bit of… 771 more words

Game Design

Jumping, Jump Masking, and Jump Shadowing

So, as I delve into ProtoTraveller I am confronted by the issue of Jumping – and will ignore (for the moment) Mongoose Traveller’s introduction of Warp Travel and Hyperspace. 1,238 more words

Game Design

Desperate for Docents

We hope you already know about the fabulous Ridgefield Holiday Home Tour on Sunday, December 6 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.

We need docents (hosts) for either the 2-4 pm shift or the 4-6 pm shift. 197 more words


Lost to Shadow - the Shades

Most sages agree that Shades are, or more accurately were, normal people who, through arcane magic or dark science, traded thier souls or spirits for the essence of shadowstuff. 525 more words

Campaign Development

Nightmarish Penalties...

No one ever said balancing advantages and disadvantages in a roleplaying game was easy.  This has certainly proved true with the Haunted by Nightmares flaw in Witch Hunter.   680 more words

Witch Hunter


So I promised one of my players a short discussion on multiclassing in 5e, along with some guidelines into what is involved in doing so. First, one of the things I like about 5e is that the combination of race, class, and archtype fundamentally removes some of the reasons for multiclassing that were found in 1e. 1,374 more words

Campaign Development