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Using Skills - Arcana

Last week we covered Athletics. After a hiccup in the order, I present to you Using Skills – Arcana! We are now back on schedule. 1,201 more words


[MF] Loot: in the cellar

In a post-apocalyptic game “what to loot” becomes a very interesting question, even more so than in other RPG (let´s face the facts, PC are grabbers and profiteers). 551 more words


Don't shit in the pool

Almost all groups I‘ve ever played with have had their own set of non-system house-rules. Sometimes these were unwritten and silently agreed upon by all members, while in other groups the rules were accessible in one physical form or other. 617 more words


For CoLiving Landlords/ Shareholders

This page is intended to write for the Landlords or the owners or the shareholders of CoLiving space and they want a Relationship Manger or a Community Manager to handle numerous correspondences from CoLiving Members. 203 more words

Causeway Bay

House Rules For Effective Positive Communication

Do you have ground rules in your house for effective communication? Well we do!

Negative family communication is where we have been – and what’s that teaching the children? 434 more words

Recovery From Abuse

Immerse yourself in the story

When you join a roleplaying group, you are committing yourself to a storytelling game, where the players take on the roles of the main characters. While the game master plays all secondary characters, antagonist and monsters, the players have only one role to play, yet one with a great responsibility, for they are the main driving force of the narrative. 1,103 more words


Rerolling in 5E

Here’s a house rule we’re playtesting: players can spend hit dice to reroll d20s.

I borrowed this idea from the Cypher system, where players can spend from their health pools to apply ‘Effort’ to rolls. 318 more words