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When the cat's away, the mice will play

So I don’t know about you but we definitely have house rules for Kira.

  • She must sit before eating
  • No feeding her from the table or sofa…
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Netrunner: Terminal Most Wanted List

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the Netrunner community, you’ve likely heard that Fantasy Flight is pulling the plug on the game. I won’t go on much about this other than I suspect that this wasn’t the planned outcome for the game under FFG’s reign. 634 more words

House Rules

House Rules: Stealth

TL:DR; If you are in cover you can make a stealth check against an DC. While in Stealth mode you can move around at less than your normal speed. 501 more words

DM Vault

Rules tinkering ahead

As I prep to resume the Isles of the Blest campaign with the Coastside group (online) and start a new game here in my new town, I find myself drawn away from a “pure” OD&D game towards something that combines said game with Barbarians of Lemuria.  52 more words

House Rules

I Got New Rules, I Count 'Em

Since this morning, I was going through lists of house rules on the internet to get ideas on what to write on my own. However, as I go through 10+ pages of Google results, I keep seeing lists that are only inspired by American moms who cannot seem to control their kids and teenagers in the house. 751 more words


As a parent Today, I see varieties of characters growing up in homes where parents co-exist. The thinning of the line between parenthood and children does not seem environment friendly anymore. 791 more words


Runequest in Glorantha: Home-brewed

With the launch just this week of RCQ – Runequest Glorantha – the “true” successor to the much loved Runequest 2, many of my geeky chums are once more venturing to Genertela to explore the deep mysteries of the cults, runes and deadly combat from back on the day. 784 more words