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Identify III

We’ve established that magic item identification should be possible through simple observation. This rule applies to constant items, those with “always on” powers or abilities. 915 more words


Death House gets an upgrade - Higher levels and same terror

Several weeks back, I was in the midst of a conversation with some D&D influencers on Twitter (specifically cawoodpublishing & HanCTweets) discussing the published D&D Adventures by Wizards of the Coast. 1,628 more words


REPOST: Please Put down Your Cell Phone While We’re Having a Conversation

“Sorry, I just had to respond to my friend real quick. I lost my train of thought. What was I saying?” seriously guys, I’m sure you can read this for a few minutes and those apps and stuff can wait. 874 more words


Zombicide Custom Cards

The nice people at Guillotine Games and CMON have foolishly given us all the opportunity to utterly unbalance their well thought out game by releasing various sets of… 197 more words

House Rules

Zombicide: Black Plague

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably played a few board games using House Rules without even realising that these little tweaks were not part of the original rules. 812 more words

House Rules

Maid in the Philippines

I grew up having one helper in the household, always one, only one.  My mother will have one all-around helper/yaya to take care three of us siblings, and I employ one yaya from the time my eldest was born until he is 13- when I gave birth to our baby bunso. 363 more words

The Case of Higher Level Campaigns and Adventures


You and your friends have reached the pinnacle of adventuring!

You are legendary heroes that have probably saved the world multiple times, tales of your glory and triumphs are shared in tavern halls by many bards. 2,841 more words