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House Rules

1. Always refer to Him as “Master” or “Sir”

2. Respond ” Yes, sir” “No Master”

3. When alone with him at home lingerie or sexy attire that He has deemed appropriate must be worn along with collar, leash and heels… 120 more words

House Rules

The 'Morale' Of The Story

According to the 5th edition DMG a morale check is a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw which is made at disadvantage if the “opposition is overwhelming”. 648 more words

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Astonishing ACKS - Hyperborean Barbarians

(I’ve also got a Barbarian PC in my new campaign. The player doesn’t have the ACKS Player’s Companion, and I’ve changed the options anyways, so I put together a summary sheet for him.)

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Astonishing ACKS - Pyromancer and Cryomancer

(One of the surviving PCs from my kickoff session is a Pyromancer. I’d posted details on the class before, but put together a one-page summary sheet for convenience.

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D&D 5E - House Rules - Underwater -Depth and Temperature

Into the Depths

Underwater – Depth and Temperature

The water’s depth and temperature will determine a character’s survivability when they are under the water.


House Rules

D&D 5E - House Rules - Falling


One of the great things about the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons is that it is vert light on rules. One problem with adding more rules is that if we add too many we run the risk of this edition devolving back into  3rd edition. 336 more words

House Rules

Astonishing ACKS - Türas, Thunderer of the Gods

(Two players in my kickoff session chose Clerics of Türas as PCs – and both survived (although one was maimed). Check out my previous post on Auran gods…

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House Rules