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ACKS Vivimancer

Continuing with yesterday’s biotech theme, I’m presenting an ACKSified version of the Vivimancer from Theorems & Thaumaturgy and the Complete Vivimancer.

Vivimancers (also known as fleshcrafters) are mages who study the arcane manipulation of biological life. 159 more words


Hyperboreans as Promethean Engineers

I did my very first Astonishing ACKS post over three-and-a-half years ago on the topic of Hyperborean Custom Classes.

At the time, I had in my mind an image of the race from the… 169 more words


Dragon's Dungeon Rules - Spells

Here‘s the list of basic spells for DDR. Expect it to update occasionally.


House Rules

No complaining

Be happy everyday

Love each other

Hold your head high

Laugh a lot

Always try

Say Please and Thank you

Never lose hope… 59 more words

Dragon's Dungeon Rules

After a lot of revisions, and tormenting my game group during one-off sessions, I’ve finally crystallized my D&D hack¬†(that I posted about months ago)¬†into a 2-page system. 232 more words


Alternative Class -- Morlock

Proposed Morlock PC class, using OD&D rules as standard (not LotFP). Completely un-play tested, feedback welcome. Probably less suitable for OG flavor Carcosa, more in line with a campaign that emphasizes gonzo play. 353 more words