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Burning D&D - New System

This is my attempt to convert our current D&D 5e campaign into something a bit like Burning Wheel.


Character sheet


[DH] Alternate Psychic Phenomena

A long, long time ago I created a table with Alternate Psychic Phenomena  for the first edition of Dark Heresy. I released it as a “bare-bone” PDF over rapidshare and along with a lot of some other of my provided material, I got lost. 57 more words


The A quick post while I prep for tonight’s game… Autarch’s Patreon program releases monthly playtest documents (which are subsequently bundled into the Axioms releases). The latest one is entitled… 157 more words


House Rules

In case you haven’t guessed this by now, I am a funny girl. I am . Really funny. Sometimes, I am so funny, I crack myself up. 907 more words

Weapon Master Custom Class

Here’s a custom class that I put together a while back but forgot to post. The Weapon Master is a HD 1 / Fighting 3 variant who trades heavy armour and missile weapons for specialization with a favoured weapon. 21 more words


Imperial Squadron: An X-Wing Legacy Game

Update (1/8/2016): If you want to jump straight into the rules without having to read the story about how we used them you can just go ahead and click on the links here: … 1,681 more words


Alternative Class -- Mummy

MUMMIES are sorcerous devotees of Nyarlathotep, risen from entombment beneath the sands or elsewhere to conduct missions in furtherance of their god’s inscrutable aims (note: PC aims may be scrutable, if desired). 405 more words