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Religious tenets for clerics

The typical presentation of a god in fantasy games assigns various spheres of influence to the god. In D&D 3 and Pathfinder the gods have associated domains. 748 more words

In English

Take 10


Sorry for this week’s post being late, but my computer died, and I am now using my brand new one! Yay!

Now down to business; today’s House Rules segment is the “Take 10” rule from 4E D&D. 210 more words


Massive Damage

We had an incident come up recently in a game that got me thinking about the death rules in Fantasy AGE.  Our rogue Orlock was down to 12 hit points and was facing down a rat ogre who had just rolled a hit with 6 stunt points.   441 more words

House Rules

Secret wars and occult transhumanism

All this talk about psionics and occult transhumanist conspiracies made me think of a couple of related ideas I’ve had perculating in the back of my mind for a long time. 430 more words

D&D 3.5 House Rules: Block/Dodge

In my 3.5 game I started last year, I created and have playtested this mechanic for several months now meant to replace 3.5’s standard Armor Class mechanic. 656 more words


Dwarves, The Drüün

I must be doing something wrong. This is the second post that didn’t come out as scheduled. I’ll keep working to find out why this keeps happening. 564 more words

Mad House Rules, Part 2

2. Quiet Enjoyment of Neighbors/Noise

a. Noise and odors are a reality in a multi-family environment. They are both expected and allowed. However, all Tenants are afforded the right of peaceful enjoyment of their apartment. 429 more words