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4 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Combat (GM Tip #4)

Everyone who’s played RPGs (players and GMs alike) has been there: your characters are in the midst of what’s supposed to be a nail-biting melee—the climax of the adventure—but, for the players, it’s a dull routine of rolling dice and crunching numbers, interrupted only by debating strategy or flipping through rulebooks, until the last enemy falls over or retreats. 1,458 more words


Why do they get it for free, when everyone else has to earn it?

Jacob Hunt of Jodi Picoult’s House Rules asks his mother this very question after he is punished for a minor infraction involving a teacher at his school.  775 more words

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Priestly Vestments and Foci (5e)

While the details and forms of the foci and instruments of clergy will vary considerably from religion to religion, there have developed a common set of vestments that different priests and priestesses use. 2,116 more words

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Expanded power descriptions V&V House Rules Part II

Continuing upon the previous explorations of V&V House rules with more “Simple Statements”  Sometimes with ‘simple’ things the basic presentation can be easy to say but difficult to explain and follow.  1,178 more words

The Three Design Concepts for Powers Part II

This is the Second part of the explanation of the Three Design Concepts for Powers (Portions I and III found at the other end of their links) Although this is focused on V&V House rules these  fundamentals are the underpinnings of nearly any game system.  390 more words

The Three Design Concepts for Powers Part I

A special note should be included about the Origin of characters powers before getting to the design concepts for powers and the notes about individual powers themselves. 630 more words

Animal Companion (Druid Spell) and Familiar Bond (Wizard Spell) (DnD 5e)

Animal Companion

2nd-Level Enchantment (Ritual)

  • Casting Time: 1 Day
  • Range: 20 Feet
  • Components: V, S, M (100sp of Charcoal, Herbs, and Incense that must be consumed in a fire)
  • 759 more words
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