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Random Monster Creation

As I mentioned in an early post I played a lot of Runequest way back in the day, and I still have a liking for random creation (even for NPC’s). 570 more words


The Language of Motherhood

This week I said the phrase “If you kick that guitar one more time I’m going to take away your shoes AND your monkey!!”

I said this because my minivan broke down and the Honda dealership very kindly gave me an Accord to drive in the meantime. 1,408 more words


Mystic, Psionics, and 5E vs AD&D Balance

So, the playtest of the full, 20-level, Mystic came out via Unearthed Arcana last week and it looks pretty decent. I’m not sure I like all of it, but I like most of it and I find the whole package quite workable even if I have some qualms about specific Disciplines and don’t think there are enough Talents. 638 more words

Game Design

House Rules

It’s a great idea to sit down with your family and come up with house rules for your new pup. If you already have a dog you probably have a good idea what these might be, but regardless it is a good time to think about it. 1,367 more words


Revisionist Theology Pt. 3 - Artemis

This is my third Revisionist Theology post, converting the Empyrean gods of the Auran campaign to the Greek gods of AS&SH.

Today I provide guidelines for Artemis. 503 more words

Astonishing ACKS

Slug Bug

Slug Bug is another name for an Air cooled VW. At least, according to me. Slug Bug is also the name of a travel game typically played in your car while driving. 556 more words

VW Life

A Selection of Subraces

I have for you today three subraces for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. They’re based on my want of something a little less Faerunian for players when choosing these races. 1,517 more words