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Dark Sun House Rules

Yesterday marked the inaugural session of the group’s Dark Sun campaign. From my posts on Higher Level Gamer, it’s pretty clear that I enjoy post-apocalyptic settings, and Dark Sun is one of my favourites, so much so that I’ve setup my own home campaign world as my version of Athas’ mytho-historical past. 1,394 more words

5th Edition

Month Four: Thought you could get past me!

Ah, short month of February with your 28 days. Thought you would get past me and I wouldn’t notice.

Month four has brought some streamlining to my life. 212 more words

House Rules

Our house rules were not her house rules.

This past weekend, the girl had a friend sleep over at our place and this friend made me question parts of my parenting.  I’m over it now but I pondered what she said all afternoon and I wondered if I was making a mistake with what she had pointed out. 311 more words


Roleplaying in the RAW--Part Deux: Off-Label Gaming

A while back, I wrote about roleplaying in the RAW (Rules As Written). Essentially, I said that I generally like to play in the RAW unless I really feel comfortable in the rules set because of all the ramifications that changing the rules can bring–especially in a rules-heavy game like… 92 more words


Baltic D&D House Rules 1

Hello again, this time it’s first collection of house rules from my Baltic D&D campaign based on Basic D&D Rules Cyclopedia.

These are mostly house rules I wrote up when designing the campaign, many are about modifying character classes. 251 more words


Rule Number One...

“I see bugs,” I tell him.


“Well I do. I’m that good. I see germs crawling all over your hands and the kids’ too.” 275 more words