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What are you thinking?

I pose this questions to parents, tweens, and teens alike. Why, for the love of all things holy, would you create a portal of doom on your smartphone that allows all forms of spooky, creepy, and dangerous humans to come slithering into your space seeking only to pull you into the abyss? 405 more words

House Rules

Item of Minor Magic Wonder - Bucket of String

This small bucket is full of a jumble of many strings.  After searching for a minute, an end can be found and string pulled from the bucket.   142 more words

House Rules

Figurine of minor power - Cat

Idea to allow a “pet”  for a younger adventurer without concern for damage, feeding, or care.

Barn Cat: This figurine is made of ebony.  When it’s name is spoken, it becomes a normal sized barn cat.   96 more words

House Rules

5E- Barbarian Path - Path of the Demon Hunter

Path of the Demon Hunter

While most barbarians are from uncivilized tribes, some subjects can inspire even the most civilized of people to the same levels of rage. 171 more words

Game Design

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

Review: Stop what you are doing and go and get this book NOW!!!!! Words cannot describe how much this story touched my heart. I could not imagine being the mom in this story and what to do in her situation. 293 more words

Book Review

Love is in the air, in your potions, & your dice!

In the season of good will and love, we take a look at how love is represented and possibly expressed in a fantasy world. In most fantasy settings, there are deities of love and beauty, these same deities may even inspire the arts and music as well. 1,461 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

DH2nd House rules: LORE

Since DH1st, FFG keeps up a skill set that divides most fields of wisdom into three categories: Common Lore, Scholastic Lore and Forbidden Lore. Each of them is a different skill, which is raised in level separately. 274 more words