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Hotness and firemen

It’s hot.  I like hot weather.  It’s just not quite so fun when you work from home and sit in a conservatory to do so.  Usually I would move into a cooler part of the house in the middle of the day in this weather, but yesterday I was having two house viewings at lunchtime and in an attempt to keep the house uncluttered, I wanted to stay where I was, at my desk. 165 more words

Pog Life

A clever piece of marketing to relieve a stressful time

In the midst of unpacking and stressing about where to put everything, we received a clever piece of marketing from Newbury Building Society.

They sent us a box to welcome us to our new home (and mark the start of our self-build mortgage with them) which was full of tea, coffee, biscuits and even a cafetiere. 140 more words

House Building

Selling, moving, stressing!

Last Thursday we finally moved into the bungalow on the site after exchanging contracts on the sale of our home. We decided to move straight away, so it gave us a week before completion to clean the house properly without all our furniture in it. 394 more words

House Selling

Our House is a Very, Very, Very Fine House

I’m trying to sell my house.

But I don’t have two cats in the yard. If I did, one potential buyer would want three cats and another would want only one. 589 more words

The Phil Factor

Throwback Thursday! The Patron Saint of Real Estate

I’ve been writing The Phil Factor so long that I’m about to move into my third house. I already have that house. I just need to sell the house that’s been the home to me and my blog for over ten years. 209 more words

The Phil Factor

aauuughhh ....house hunting

I swear my house has never been so clean for so long…..of course half my house is in my garage so the garage is a MESS! 108 more words

The Art of Home Selling , Chapter 1: IN&OUT

I want to give you a little briefing about selling your house. It doesn’t matter if you decided just yesterday to sell or already google for “PRAYERS FOR SELLING A HOUSE”, there are some tips which will can help you to improve market position of your property. 540 more words