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Day in Lowestoft

So I have been at my dad’s since the 7th, and only today is the day I have managed to finally gotten to see some friends, I am trying to see as many friends as possible before I move. 103 more words

6 Unanswered Questions for 1 Big Prediction

Remember how, in the run-up to Game of Thrones Season 6, I accurately predicted what Brienne would be doing by lining up a bunch of questions and putting one answer at their center? 1,391 more words

Little Red Writing Hood

Cockroach of the Sea Salad, Thoros's Garlic Top-Knots, and Citadel-icious Chocolate Mousse

Nothing whets the appetite like watching that Citadel scene.  More like Shitadel, amiright??  It was like watching the “Just Listen” Maxwell House Commercials, only to the tune of poop.  1,376 more words

China And India Are Carrying Out A Real-Life ‘Game Of Thrones’

The Asian version of the conflict between House Lannister and House Stark is playing out over a patch of remote land high in the Himalayas, bordered by China, India, and Bhutan. 115 more words

"Direwolf Pizza" 

The perfect pizza for fans of Westeros!  It is a full sheet pan and feeds 18-24 people.  This pizza is made with black olives, pepperoni, barbecue sauce, and mozzarella cheese.   10 more words


Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Dragonstone in facebook updates

Can we just sit down for a moment and think about how amazing the opening scene of this season was? House Stark has returned to Westeros with a vengeance. 191 more words