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Flintstones Fans Rejoice! Your Dream House Is On The Market for Just $4.2 Million

Halfway between San Francisco’s high-rises and the tech bubble of Silicon Valley sits a prehistoric-looking property that just went on the market. Known locally as the Flintstones House, a reference to the popular animated sitcom about a Stone Age family, the three-bedroom home is available for $4.2 million. 69 more words

Evp Electronic Publishing is In the House Party Occupation

Asian holidays such as Chinese New Year have a wide array of decorations and party supplies too. You can go for a dragon or follow the year according to the Chinese calendar such as the Year of the Ox, or the Year of the Rat or decorations and theme. 296 more words

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Themed parties work for any type of event from birthdays to anniversary celebrations, to holiday events, to ceremonies and celebrating promotions and so on. All you need to do is determine your theme and then go shopping for the supplies. 294 more words

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It’s no great secret that a very high percentage of new business ventures fail and close down within the first year. This attrition rate continues at high levels for the following two to four years. 272 more words

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When it comes to seasonal occasions such as Christmas and Easter and even Chinese New Year, holiday theme parties are the best answer for your holiday… 290 more words

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Formatting: When you buy a book from the possible publisher, take note of how it’s formatted? Does it look professional, or slapped along? How many formats will the… 306 more words