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A little motivation on homemaking.

I’ve noticed that a couple of my books are getting some attention.  The Queen of Penny Pinching and Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It!  These are great books to get your household budget in order and start some big frugal living.   99 more words

Motherhood And Family Life

Making a huge change in the household budget easy and fun.

I love this topic!  So many people do not.  It causes heart palpitations and night sweats if you are dealing with debt or more bills than paycheck.   901 more words


Choosing to stay home and making it work on one income.

I quit working in the mainstream and started my career as a housewife a couple months before my first son was born.  I was thrilled!  I had been working for other people and companies since I was 15 years old and I had carried two jobs for most of that time.   1,038 more words

Motherhood And Family Life

Managing a House of Credit Cards

When days are spent worrying about credit card limits rather than credit card balances, there is a problem. If one of the highlights of the week are the number of new credit card applications received in the mail, there is definitely a problem. 160 more words

Home Organization

On Budgeting: Save, Spend, Share, Splurge

Most of us keep a monthly budget for our expenses. Well, unless you’re born financially blessed enough that you don’t need to monitor your cashflow. We all have different ways to keep track of our expenses and unwittingly, we go overboard most of the time. 530 more words


At times our childcare costs have been crippling. We tried everything to survive and make our monthly income balance the outgoings so I’ve put together this survival guide to help give you some ideas on how to make it through.

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Back to the basics of frugality.

As I had blogged previously, I have resigned from  my position of CEO of finances in our home.  I have to say, I am actually feeling some relief!   1,153 more words