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And The Budget Begins ...

It took me a lot longer to create a working budget I felt comfortable with than I thought it would.  I foolishly underestimated how difficult it would be to switch from never balancing my bank statement to accounting for every penny.   1,216 more words


Going Old School With Finances

Thank-you for stopping by for week 2 of my thoughts on Dave Ramsey sermon series Life Money Legacy. I apologize that this post is a bit late. 473 more words

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Finance -the word itself scared me! I’m not an Accountant.

Budget- you mean , I shouldn’t spend anything???!!!! 

But the above mentioned is not the Definition and we can’t get smart about money until we do.   383 more words

Money Makeover Snag -- The Furnace

First of all, we’ve been under budget for two months!  (Happy Snoopy dance music here.)

It was too cold to go out much, and I decided on fondue at home instead of a budgeted dinner out.  462 more words


Money Makeover Budget

At the start of any Money Makeover is the budget process.  Stay with me.  Breathe deeply.  It’s just a blog post.

If I don’t plan out where the money goes for which I am responsible, it will go where it wants, as fast as it wants.  829 more words


A Year in Money

I looked back over my budget and spending in 2014. I switched “systems” this year. For the first time, I put aside monthly amounts toward all of my upcoming irregular bills, so my spending was spread out equally over 12 months. 700 more words


Budgeting grocery items

You might not realize just how much money you spend on groceries every single month, but you do spend a lot on it. If you put your mind to it and start shopping smart, you might be able to save a lot of money. 171 more words