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YNAB 2016 Budget App Review

YNAB (You Need a Budget) is the best budgeting system I’ve ever used. But – I won’t be subscribing. This is clearly not a sponsored post. 761 more words


The Ultimate Battle Of Cost Effectiveness: Dishwashers Vs Hand Washing

Is it more vital that you watch a movie or Tv when you come residence from perform, or to adopt a stroll collectively with your household or even develop your loved ones price range for that first time? 533 more words

Merging two incomes: Yours, Mine and Ours

Money is a sensitive topic for many of us. Many couples that I know preferred to keep their take home pay separate and some keep money secrets. 689 more words

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Payment Routine

In my last post “Logging Your Payments“, I gave an overview of a spreadsheet that I used for a couple years to track my payments to all my creditors. 659 more words

Household Budget

Logging Your Payments

In my previous post “Document Your Payment Process“, I talked about creating a document that contains your list of payees you make payments to on a recurring basis. 581 more words

Household Budget

Document your Payment Process

We all no doubt have to make payments for something on a regular basis. This could be monthly, quarterly, yearly or somewhere in between. The question is, how are you keeping track of who you’ve made payments to? 432 more words

Household Budget

Adopting Dave Ramsey Cash Budget System

Cash budget envelope system in today’s card swiping culture? Yes! Steve & I are taking a big step this year to embrace the change. Here is a little background for our decisive leap on the financial front. 648 more words

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