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November financial picture

November Basic Bills

Rent- Oct + Nov $2,250
Electric- $209 (regular bill plus monthly payment agreement from past balance)
Car Insurance- $79
Phone/Internet – $129… 223 more words

Mine, All Mine

I made a big purchasing mistake earlier this year. I had a passing thought that I might try wearing makeup again, something I haven’t done since my 20s. 1,166 more words


Homemaking tips to simplify and reduce stress in your daily work.

It’s been a hot start to summer and with 109 and 111 degree weather, the boys and I have had to create a world inside our home with air conditioning.   844 more words


Hidden Homeowner Costs

Budgeting for buying a home can be difficult enough when you’re just weighing mortgage options and a purchase price. But there are many other factors that go into the cost of home ownership. 243 more words

Real Estate

Family Finances: Juggling Financial Obligations

Guest Blogger: Andrew Horowitz, CFP, Horowitz & Company, Inc.

As a parent or soon to be parent, there are many challenges that we face in life such as how to raise the child, getting them proper education, overcoming your child’s sickness, divvying up parental responsibilities, sleepless nights, as well as balancing work and parenting.  413 more words


The Great Budget Experiment

One of my goals for 2017 has been to be able to effectively budget my money and get a better idea of how our household is really running. 523 more words

Modern Life

There will be custard

A lot of people go food shopping and buy the same things over and over again or on impulse with no plan and end up wasting a lot of food as it expires before being eaten. 566 more words