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Economics: Household Income Crisis

Under the Tories, forecasts for household income growth are at zero for this year and have been cut for every year up to 2021.


Labour Party

Poverty and Progress, SNAP Edition (Graph of the Week)

As our office has been highlighting in recent years, Oregon’s economy is now at the point where we are seeing progress made in some of our deeper measures of economic well-being. 54 more words



Well this isn’t good.

Well what it is stating was obviously going on but reading a news report about it .. and the imminent crisis kind of brings it home. 1,104 more words

More on Migration and Household Incomes (Graphs of the Week)

The impact, or at least perceived impact, of migration on the local economy, household incomes and the housing market generates a lot of interest and conversation. 80 more words

City Of Portland

Incomes, Migration and Housing Affordability 

When it comes to the Oregon economy and rising housing costs, one key dynamic seen in the data is the fact that the number of higher-income households are showing the strongest growth.  55 more words

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Willamette Valley Household Incomes (Graph of the Week)

This edition of the Graph of the Week highlights improving household incomes here in the Willamette Valley. While it was included in the Salem outlook slide deck… 61 more words


High Optimism

June 18, 2017

Last week I looked at two simple rules: 1) don’t bet on which chicken will lay the most eggs, and 2) don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 979 more words