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Market Research on Households in Barrie

The following profile of Barrie, ON provides a snapshot of the demographic makeup of households in the market. Population, employment, income and preferences among market segments are the main drivers behind housing demand, so it is crucial to know your customers when considering housing development or investment. 109 more words

Market Intelligence

Average U.S. Income

Have you ever wondered how your household income compares with the national average? Below outlines information released in the most recent 2014 U.S. Census Bureau report. 376 more words

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One-Third Of All Americans Don’t Make Enough Money To Even Cover The Basic Necessities

By Michael Snyder – End Of The American Dream

Do you remember the days when it seemed like almost everyone in America was middle class?  Unfortunately, those days are long gone and the grinding down of the middle class in the United States appears to be accelerating.  516 more words

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A family in Singapore part 57 (Math Question)

The blog postings are about the Singapore Math. The readers can learn from the postings about Solving Singapore Primary School Mathematics. The blog presenting the Math Concept, the Math Questions with solutions that teaches in Singapore Primary Schools. 222 more words

Singapore Math

Hourly earnings up, but household income down … say, what?

Great analysis by Prof. Mark Perry (AEI Scholar) … entire analysis is worth reading … here’s the essence of the argument.


Question: It’s oft-reported that household income has been falling … but, digging into the data, hourly earnings have been increasing. 332 more words


Qualitative easing and the Obama recovery

The Federal Reserve Board’s policy of qualitative easing has helped the stock market recover.  But Americans who work in the real economy are still struggling. 700 more words