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The Poor and the Not Poor

October 15, 2017

No worries. Among the 25 OECD countries, Americans have historically had the lowest percentage of their financial assets in cash and savings deposits. 936 more words

Young Beasts of Burden

October 8th, 2017

The Federal Reserve recently released their triennial survey of household income, debt and wealth. Rising asset values have lifted the fortunes of many, but younger families are struggling.  1,237 more words

1 in 8 married couples with under-18 kids make 200k/yr or more, a doubling since 2006.

That is as of 2016, courtesy of the American Community Survey’s 1 year estimates.

1 in 10 make 150-199k per year.

Put it together and almost 1 in 4 married couples (about 22%) with under-18 kids makes $150,000 or more household income. 296 more words


Household income, wealth rise but rich gain most

Median U.S. household income and net worth rose significantly from 2013 to 2016, but the gap between rich and poor continues to widen.

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Household Income

Poverty and Progress, Oregon Update Edition | Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

This morning the Census Bureau released the 2016 American Community Survey data. There is a ton to unpack here and even more once the microdata is released later this year. 67 more words