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Our path to home learning

Life has such a funny way of proving us wrong. I always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom, until I had children. In fact, I even remember overhearing a conversation in a pediatrician’s waiting room, when one woman told another that she homeschooled, and the other woman responded, “that sounds great, except for the part about being around your kids all the time.” And I totally gave her an imaginary high five. 1,385 more words


Organize your House with Candle Jars

Don’t throw your candle jar away when the wax is out….REPURPOSE THEM! I started doing this a few months ago and I’m so impressed with how helpful they have been when it comes to organizing areas in my house… 232 more words


Keeping it together

Well friends, yesterday you got a little glimpse of the crazy journey that is my life. Seriously. In one post I covered the plight of low-wage workers, the need for humanity in even our most minute interactions, the depths of despair that come with budgetary woes, and wrapped it all in a bow with a slow-cooker recipe. 1,245 more words

Household Organization

Homeschool kickoff!

Well today is officially in the books as far as homeschool goes. Wanna know something AMAZING? We were done by 12:00. Okay. Maybe not necessarily amazing. 515 more words

Clean Eating

A well-stocked pantry

One of the biggest hinderers of stress-free meals is a disorganized pantry. Or worse, an empty one. This was me before I had my wake-up call to pull myself together in the kitchen. 1,355 more words

Clean Eating

Eating clean on a budget

There are a zillion posts on the internet devoted to saving money at the grocery store. A zillion. I honestly have no new coupon tricks or life hacks or other little secrets to save you tons of money while eating clean- I got nothing. 1,101 more words

Clean Eating

Eating at home

You’re going to hear me talk a lot about eating at home. It’s true. I cook 7 nights a week. I pack lunches for my husband 5 days a week. 1,072 more words

Clean Eating