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Simple things that are helping me get through the day

A cup of tea at night after the kids go to bed. A friend of mine told me months ago how she and her husband started enjoying tea in the evening and I stole the idea right from her. 298 more words

Calm Down Corner

I had to share my latest project.  I’m totally proud of this Calm Down Corner I created in Ayub’s closet.  He has a huge closet, as it is really a walkway to the attic space.   247 more words


The system I wish I had

And today I’m going to confess there’s one critical system I should have, but flat out do not have. It’s a morning quiet time/daily devotional/meditation time. 493 more words

Systems: Dirty dishes and loads of laundry

There are a billion ways to run a house, but around here I tend to run the ship and hope and pray everyone else follows my lead. 714 more words

Systems: Getting those kids to bed

Getting my children to go to bed and stay there is one of the longest running battles we deal with in this household.

I gave birth to one snuggler and one worrier. 457 more words


Are you a systems person? Or a deal with things as they pop up person?

Me, I’m totally and completely a systems person. I’ve got a system for cleaning the house. 369 more words

Keeping the Family Together- Family Organization

Sometimes it’s hard to get not only yourself, but your family organized. It may get stressful hoping that plans work out, or even that you can find your keys in the morning. 594 more words

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