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Organizing the Everymom: Pantry edition

Well friends, after a brief respite, I’m back with our final organization post. The dreaded pantry. In all transparency here, my own photos show that even I, the proudest of organizers, do not have a perfectly organized pantry. 928 more words


Organizing the everymom: Closets

Oh joy! Here it is. The closet post. In case you’ve missed it, I’m in the middle of a series on organization. And if you want to catch up, here are  1,317 more words

Household Organization

Organizing The Everymom, Part I: Getting Started

At long last friends, it’s here. The Type A, manic-mom in me is rejoicing a little louder than usual- I am SO excited to talk about organization. 2,622 more words


Organize this: School lunches

I’m a little ashamed to admit it took me 2.5 years of school lunches to figure out this little tiny trick — a trick that everyone is probably already doing. 532 more words

First Full Week of the New Year

(This blog was ready to go up not long after the week wrapped but I had issues with getting the pictures taken and ready to post since I had some things going on that kept me really busy.  2,554 more words

Hard boiled

Despite the fact that I try not to keep too much extra stuff in my kitchen, I’m kinda obsessed with my latest gadget.

A hard boiled egg cooker. 193 more words

Juggling Staying Home and Exercise

I’m trying a new schedule with my exercise regimen.  I want to be fit and active, but I find that by the time I drop the kids off at school, get to the YMCA, wait for child watch to open at 9, workout, pack up and get home, it is close to 11:00 am. 194 more words