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Helpful Toddlers

Thumbkin is about 14 months now, and very much a toddler.  He’s still not yet verbal, really (most things sound like variations on “up” or “cat”–maybe “car,” or even “more.”), although he is certainly communicative.   489 more words


Beeswax and bottles

So I recently bought a pack of beeswax wraps, and while I do use them they are expensive and only certain sizes. However I do have lots of fat quarters so I have bought the ingredients to make my own, ok so I’m not going to get much different sizes, but once I’ve worked out how to do it I can easily use other fabric to make larger ones. 93 more words


Housewife Braindamadge

There is a deadly condition that plagues our modern mothers. It is a toxic disease that is slowly destroying them and their families in many ways. 1,887 more words


Clutter can never be organized, or What a concept of Lean has to do with household

In this article I will of course show-off that I still remember some operations management stuff from my MBA. Yet, I promise I’ll share quite some value as well, because a lot of those complicated terms boil down to a very practical and down-to-earth principles, applicable equally good to a factory and to a simple household. 870 more words


Football-related toothbrushes

As the 2018 World Cup gets under way, let us pause for a moment to reflect that someone in a marketing department far, far away once thought it would be a good idea to encourage children to brush their teeth by including footballers on the packaging of toothbrushes. 26 more words


7 Quick Ways to Tidy Up Your Home

Have your parents or in-laws ever called last minute saying they are going to be swinging by in a few minutes? Mine seem to do that quite often. 493 more words