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At Last, Time Off

Between swapping weekends last week and an unexpected day of training last week, I found that my work week contained a few more hours on the Rota than I had previously anticipated. 278 more words

Idle Musings

Sourdough Beignets

I know I promised to be done talking about sourdough for a while, but I can’t help it. I have to tell somebody. One of my greatest obsessions has been rediscovered. 411 more words

Lunch And Dinner

Pescod Lixing Hao: Annual Targets Can Be Fulfilled - Duncan Pescod, Lixing Hao - Household

Air conditioning
Years to be over the cold, air-conditioning business in China this year, life’s not smooth, “internal and external problems,” a test of each air conditioning business to cope. 17 more words

A more harmonious home for the New Year

At the start of the year, one of the most common things people would want to do is make a promise, a resolution that they would have to do to make better versions of their lives and of themselves. 652 more words


Container Gardening

Anyone can do container gardening – on a table, in a window, on a deck or porch or in a garden setting.

From the smallest, maybe a pot of two of herbs in a window, to a garden that is 25 x 40’….if you want to have some fresh plants, herbs or flowers, I am telling you it’s possible. 588 more words


The Spoon Theory

I love this post.  It suits me to a T.  My rheumatoid arthritis is just such a disease.  I don’t “look sick”.  But I may have a hard time walking, especially after getting out of a vehicle. 144 more words

Farm And Homestead Thoughts