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Weekly Update

Hi guys!

Total War: Warhammer came out yesterday, so I’ve got nothing for you this week.

See you next time!

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Project of the Day

Today I’ve been wearing my animal care hat. It’s been raining lightly all afternoon, so I couldn’t work out in the yard, so I made cleaning the animal beds and areas the project for the day. 319 more words

Quality Of Life

Today I'm grateful for...

Early morning sun in Toa Payoh

I subscribe to this site called Daily Page, which gives you a writing prompt  — basically a topic that you could write about for the day. 816 more words


Now where were we?

So this was my lunch today. I was checking out the fridge for what to eat (and also with the idea of planning dinner) when I spied a lonely eggplant in the corner of the veggie crisper. 542 more words


Chillin': A little spring hiatus.

I had two separate ideas today that I was going to write blog articles on, but the time got away from me. This afternoon I realized that trying to keep up with the blog lately–especially with the added pressure of doing a podcast with a new episode every 10 days or so–has been stressing me out a little. 105 more words



Hi guys. This is going to be a short one. I’ve been sick for the last few days and I’m still not 100%. So, I’ll see you next week.

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