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Like Clockwork

Don’t you love it when things go smoothly? Even when the means are antiquated—say, when the person involved is kind of, no, extremely low tech—it’s rewarding when the plot in hand goes just as planned, or even better. 95 more words

Thinking Aloud

Back, for one night only...

I hope it won’t actually be one night only, but it probably will be one night for a good while.

Recent life events (since March): 1,080 more words


The Vampire Club Update

In between last week’s update and this, I did fall a little behind on The Vampire Club, but I’ve gotten back on track and it will be out next week sometime. 59 more words

Standard Tech

Foodie Tuesday: The Grass is Always Greener When Somebody Else Grows It

I am happy to let others do all the work. Not only is the proverbial grass greener on the other side of the fence, it’s greenest of all when another party has sown, grown, … 289 more words

Human Nature

Foodie Tuesday: Desperate Times Call for Inventive Cookery (or None!)

In the center of the vortex that is our schedule at the moment, I have a kitchen piled high with boxes, sorting spots for deciding what of the cooking tools and gadgets, dishes and dietary dabs, to Keep-Give-Sell-Trash, and cleaning supplies for tidying up when (and if) I finally make order amid the chaos again. 821 more words


I'm on holiday

Hiiiii so I’m totally on holiday right now, which explains the lack of posts. As it happens, I’m in Tokyo right now. It’s rather nice. 29 more words


More Status Updates, Yay!

Hi, I’m officially back from my two weeks hiatus and I’m here to regale you all with thrilling tales of exploits.

Okay not really. But I am here to tell you what the plan is and how far I’ve gotten on it. 184 more words

Standard Tech