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End of February Review (or, in which I get my frying pan sh*t together)

Another month has passed in 2015 – how is it going by so quickly?  They say time goes faster after you have kids.  I now 100% wholeheartedly agree with this – I have been off work for 4 months already and only have 5 before I go back to work.   262 more words


Hey Guys!

Hey there guys!
Welcome to my official blog, I will be posting random shenanigans, sneak previews and lots of other stuff here about my channel so be sure to add this to your favourites. 10 more words


Things I learned while I wasn't looking

(A short word from the birthday girl — that would be me)

That’s not my age, but it’s close enough. :) (Photo by D)

This birthday post was supposed to be published last Thursday, but I was off doing other things, so I’m publishing it today.  1,159 more words


So I made a podcast...

Hi guys,

You may have noticed that my post rate has dropped over the last 2 weeks. While a single massive multi-thousand word post a week is probably reasonable, I’ll be getting back to my usual insane review rate soon. 290 more words


Hello world

I’ll be back soon with a few tutorial posts I’ve been mulling over. first up, Mongoose validation.


Resolultions Updated.

Just a quick resolution update.  Where am I for February?

I bought a few items for our family emergency kit.  So done for this month. 264 more words


Spring Cleaning in Winter?

So far I’m doing pretty well for an old broad on my mission to give away, throw out, organize, and clean my house.

It’s definitely a work in progress, but things ARE getting better around here! 268 more words

The Joys Of Geezerhood