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Today's lesson in modern housekeeping for the modern dork: toilet duck

How to effectively use toilet duck to not clean the toilet

People around the country: working mothers, housewives, househusbands, take some pride in ensuring their houses are fit to live in for themselves and their families. 194 more words


Oh, good! More rain....

I know I’ve been crabbing about all the rain we’ve been getting, but it continues! It started raining last night again and is STILL raining, in waves of hard rain, then soft rain, over and over, and it’s not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow. 223 more words

The Joys Of Geezerhood

A Patient Cycle's Greatest Hits

Over the past week, I’ve been revisiting some of my old posts on this blog. At the risk of seeming narcissistic or simply out of ideas, I’ve decided to collect the ones I find most memorable in one easy-to-find post. 271 more words

Housekeeper San Jose

Do you need a housekeeper?

There are so many cleaning companies out there and finding the right one can definitely be a tedious task.  What are you looking for when searching for a housekeeper? 217 more words


Foodie Tuesday: Do Not Refuse to Enthuse

Does my post title confuse? Bemuse? Please, friends, excuse. My moment of enthusiasm is not meant to give you a contusion, it’s only about infusion. 498 more words



Hey Folks!

Welcome to Geek Out, Inc. My name is Dave and welcome to my blog. I plan to write about comics, movies, television, events and anything else that pertain to geek culture. 276 more words


Snafued Again...

I didn’t even get started trying to weed my flower beds today. Snafued again by my sweet husband, whose job list is more important than mine – we tackled the propane tank today. 252 more words