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Four More Years

Hey, I’ve managed to keep this blog thing alive for four years. I had no idea where this was going to go when I started barfing thoughts on here four years ago, but whether due to continued spurts of inspiration or sheer stubborn inertia, I’ve kept plugging along with this ever-so-natural blend of Duluth affairs, philosophizing, and high school hockey. 661 more words

I'm taking a little break: midwinter hiatus.

So, although it’s still cold and wintry outside and the molasses is moving slowly (to use a 19th century phrase), life events are moving pretty fast. 162 more words


A holiday hiatus: best wishes to you and your family.

It’s getting close to Christmas and Hanukkah, and time to start closing down the workaday stuff in favor of spending time with family and friends. I’ve already kind of been on holiday hiatus for a while now, blogging mostly my recent book and podcast releases, but as of now I make it official: I’m going to be on holiday break for a little while. 106 more words


Plush touch for the tush

By Susan Caba

The Resale Evangelista

Dammit! I just discovered I bought cheap toilet paper. And by cheap, I mean flimsy—see-through-it flimsy.

I don’t like flimsy toilet paper. 1,005 more words

Resting: an autumn hiatus.

Hello all. I need a little break from the blog for a while, so I can shift some attention to other projects that need doing. Therefore, I’ll be taking a hiatus this week and possibly into next week. 41 more words


Foodie Tuesday: Two Soups = Twice as Super

I’m experimenting with various vegetable combinations lately, for whatever reason, and finding more and more of them that please me than ever before. That said, no recipe or variation thereon is guaranteed to be ideal, either in its as-written form or to my personal taste. 875 more words


A Patient Pause

Just a quick update on my apparent lack of posting: my laptop´s power cord has met an untimely demise, and while the replacement is on the way, it may be a little while. 366 more words