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A Patient Pause

Just a quick update on my apparent lack of posting: my laptop´s power cord has met an untimely demise, and while the replacement is on the way, it may be a little while. 366 more words

Farewell, Minneapolis

I’m settling back into life in Duluth right now, temporarily back in my childhood bedroom as I find my own place and make some other purchases to prepare me for working life. 1,052 more words

Weekly Update

You remember how I said last week that I was going to try to get back to the Tuesday schedule? Yeah, maybe I’m just going to settle for making sure I update weekly, period. 77 more words

The Shadowed Universe

Weekly Update

I swear I will make Tuesdays the consistent update day again one day…

Anyway, here’s the weekly news:

The Shadowed Universe

rhythm.connection PRESENTS: Creators of SoCal [PREVIEW]

Long time no chat readers! Apologies for all the static noise generated over the last few months or so. We know it hasn’t gone unnoticed and we haven’t forgotten about you all. 103 more words


Blog temporarily closed: A July hiatus.

I’m enjoying the sea air, I’m hanging out with family, I’m drinking some good wine, and I’m trying my hand at writing a little pulp science fiction. 17 more words