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With this Nail Polish, I Thee Love

I feel like I have walked through every emotion known to woman – or at least most of them – since becoming a mom, but my very lowest points, when closely examined, all seem to be centered around one common theme: 1,231 more words

Christian Living

Big changes coming: this site is under (re)construction.

So, here are some announcements for the regular readers of this blog. You may notice some big changes coming, and perhaps a little chaos too, which always comes in the midst of change. 455 more words


Four More Years

Hey, I’ve managed to keep this blog thing alive for four years. I had no idea where this was going to go when I started barfing thoughts on here four years ago, but whether due to continued spurts of inspiration or sheer stubborn inertia, I’ve kept plugging along with this ever-so-natural blend of Duluth affairs, philosophizing, and high school hockey. 661 more words

I'm taking a little break: midwinter hiatus.

So, although it’s still cold and wintry outside and the molasses is moving slowly (to use a 19th century phrase), life events are moving pretty fast. 162 more words