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Look Quickly - the Back Porch is CLEAN!

Today we’re having a perfect day in Greenwood, Arkansas! It’s sunshiny, 75 degrees with 32% humidity. Simply GORGEOUS.

Our back porch, one of my favorite parts of our home, was layered in pollen and dirt, and we were missing one of the two parts of the year when it’s wonderful to eat on the porch – spring (when we have one) and fall. 158 more words

Quality Of Life

A Message to Submitters - Check your SPAM box-

A quick message for those who are submitting your high-mile cars to HMC. Whenever you submit a request to me, I’ll send you a message asking if you have stories of photos you’d like to include with your submission.   44 more words



Tips to Declutter Your Home Forever”

I gather so many wonderful articles like this that the ARTICLES are causing their own clutter in my home! 433 more words


Clutter War Continued

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I’m either ready for House Beautiful to come and photograph, or it looks like a bomb hit. 121 more words


Hordes of Hoards

I just had some heartwarming reminders of how wealthy I am and how rich most of us are, without even thinking about it much of the time. 1,361 more words

Human Nature

A Very Brief Tribute—and an Invitation

Life never ceases to astound me, the people in my daily experiences in particular. This Friday evening, for example, I am going to another concert that will involve a whole host of dedicated, skilled, passionate musicians all working together to make history come alive in their performance. 347 more words


High Mile Update

Hi everyone. I hope spring is finally arriving in your respective areas (autumn for those in the southern hemisphere.) I just wanted to let everyone know what’s up here at HMC. 106 more words