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My name is TJ/Tom Burns and this is my blog. The purpose of this space is very much fluid. My primary intention for the page is for it to serve as a portfolio of sorts for my writing. 224 more words


Looks finally like a house

Finally, after 1 week and half of scrubbing, washing, painting, repairing and changing fixtures, blinds and more, the dump we purchased looks like some place I could live in!   155 more words

Introductions are in order...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is John Georgvich. I’m a sophomore-year, first-semester student at a state university in Pennsylvania, I’m studying Computer Science and Computer Information Systems, and I guess this is my blog. 174 more words

We're Looking for a Composer!

Hello, Traitors! We’re looking for a composer/musician who can help us out with our Traitor Radio music. Is it you? If so, we can offer you $250 and credit on every show for a short main theme and three short mood pieces. 28 more words

Updating payment details in your account at AirKeeping

In order to receive payments via AirKeeping‘s secure online payment system, you’ll need to update Payment details in your account using Paypal premier account. 267 more words


Preflight video and "Enforcer" Scripts

Adobe InDesign has a magnificient feature that displays a list of prepress issues that may be present in artwork, and updates this in real-time. It is the live preflight feature, and it’s certainly not a new feature in Adobe InDesign. 233 more words


Busy as a bee!

Hi, folks!

I have been super busy this month in real life and I didn’t have a lot of cash to get stuff in SL, I thought I would take the month off! 38 more words