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Wistful for Christmas

My favorite part of Christmas this year wasn’t a present. It wasn’t even planned.

Nearly every night of December, after our big toddler was tucked in bed, Robert and I served ourselves some eggnog or hot chocolate and relaxed near the Christmas tree. 336 more words

Mom Life

Housekeeping Wisdom and Foolishness

Lately, I’ve been going through my journals. As you can imagine, it’s not all pleasant reading. But some of it is funny, and even wise. Sharing: 449 more words

A Good Home

Editing your workshop

A well-stocked workshop is a beautiful thing. Having the right tool, right screw, right dab of paint when you need it makes household repairs end in victory instead of an unplanned trip to the hardware store. 1,003 more words


Change of Direction... & CALLS FOR WORK!

So, after years of commenting on other people’s books, other people’s writing decisions, other people’s publishing decisions; and after two years of selling books… I’ve decided to extend my tentacles into yet another arm of this industry. 196 more words

Organize Your Home Day 2k18

What a perfect time of year to organize your home!

I’m inside, cozy and cuddled up in all my favorite fleece clothing items. I’m sipping caramel coffee. 100 more words


How The Posts Get Made

In the somewhat vain hope that anyone wonders about how this blog gets written, I thought I’d write about it. In the present state of things I write the actual content out on paper, yes paper. 152 more words


A Morning Routine That Works

For a long time I subscribed to what I thought my weekday morning routine “should” be. The idea that I’d wake up in the morning, sip my lemon water, practice yoga and meditate for half an hour before taking a shower and executing an elaborate skincare regime. 1,183 more words