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Meat in a Can

So it seems like I’ve been getting caught in spam filters a lot when I try to comment on other blogs. Why? I guess I’ll contact WordPress to find out! 10 more words


#‎Octoberfrights‬ #giveaway now over

For those of you looking for the giveaway, it is now over and my winner has been chosen.

*drum roll*

Michelle has won a copy of my zombie novelette… 142 more words


why I write book reviews

I was recently talking to a friend about the different things I’ve been writing, and I told her that I had been making myself write at least a hundred words about every book I read and every movie I watched. 278 more words


Approaching Samhain

In the traditional Celtic calendar, Samhain (what we now know as Halloween) is the start of winter. To be sure, even in Wisconsin, there are still local foods being grown and available for purchase, but the huge preservation and cellar stock up is behind us. 459 more words


Programming Note

As those of you follow me on Facebook know (and if you don’t follow me, why not? I’m right here), I’m on a vision quest down the West Coast and won’t be back in full force here until next Monday, although there may be a bonus “interview” with the one candidate who refused to talk to me, courtesy of a forum I moderated at which I got to ask plenty of pointed questions (and got some excellent, thoughtful responses). 40 more words


Cleaning Plastic Straws

1st Step:  Find a clean shoe string with aglets (makes it easier to feed through the straw)

2nd Step:  Rinse with water and add soap making a good lather. 99 more words