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A Much-Needed Update

As has often been the case, it’s been a while since my most recent update. With the obvious apologies offered, I have a few blog-related announcements. 465 more words


The End

I can’t believe it but I have reached the end of the challenge! It took a little longer than expected and I had to fudge the rules sometimes but despite all of that I made it!  144 more words

Photo A Day

Housekeeping: how often will I post?

I plan to be posting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday .

Week 1 Day 1= Tuesday 30th August 2016

Week 9 Day 3= Saturday 5th November 2016. 31 more words


3 Effective Ways of Pain Management

When we are in pain, it is very difficult to do anything at all. We prefer to stay in one position for long hours until the pain in our body subsides. 535 more words


I'm Now On Patreon (And I Feel a Little Weird About It)

I am now experimenting with Patreon, the crowdfunding service, in order to see if I can ease some of my financial stress by creating meaningful units of consumable Content™. 83 more words


Have Some Spare Cornstarch on Hand?

In every household, there is a pack of cornstarch hiding in some kitchen cabinet. In this article, you will learn how to make the best use of it besides from thickening soups and tomato pastes. 802 more words