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SGR News - Matterfall Launch Trailer

Matterfall launches today! As a hero-for-hire, weaponize alien tech to destroy enemies infected by deadly Red Matter and control Blue Matter to manipulate the world in this rapid-fire twin stick shooter from makers of RESOGUN and Nex Machina.

PlayStation 4

Nex Machina - IndieStation

Resogun: On Foot Edition

Nex Machina throws you into a world full of bright, flashy colours and fast paced twin stick action. Once you’ve loaded a level in NM, there’s no time to take a breather until the next one; you’re fully focused on blowing everything (and I mean everything) into billions of neon pieces. 280 more words


Every now and then we get a game that is the result of two great developers working together. The newest example of this is Nex Machina… 1,632 more words


Nex Machina - Review

Housemarque is at it again with another gem.

Normally I would start a review with a synopsis of the game’s story but this game doesn’t really have one. 863 more words

Nex Machina Review

Arguably Housemarque may be the most consistent developer in games.  Each of their releases may not have the budget of AAA titles but are always accompanied with the same quality and anticipation.   854 more words


Feature | Super Stardust HD 10th Anniversary

My story with Housemarque started in 2007 with a game called Super Stardust HD, but my gaming path already crossed close to them during the Amiga days. 447 more words