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GIF/WEBM Compilation (IV)

I planned to upload this past Thursday, but was impossible. I’m really enjoying sharing some game moments using just GIF/WEBM. It’s less stressful when I have little time to play and prepare videos. 283 more words


Resogun Defenders DLC Review

by Matthew Thompson

Last month Resogun released its second major DLC pack, Defenders, along with another game-changing update and I am here to run you through what this latest addition brings to the game 715 more words


Gameplay | Resogun (PS4, 2013-2015) - Defenders DLC

This week Resogun has received its second DLC adding two new game modes. Just tried them a bit, but first impressions are really good. With past week patch, Housemarque also added a Photo Mode, a great way to really appreciate the game’s visual design and effects.

Protector Mode

Commando Mode


MINI REVIEW - Super Stardust Ultra [PS4]

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, guys and gals. Have you played Super Stardust on the PS3? How about the Delta release on PS Vita? 226 more words



Hey guys and gals! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! I’ve played quite a bit of RESOGUN over the past year and feel like I’m at the point where I can now review it. 927 more words