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Housemarque Made Me a Better Man...and Gamer: A Bid Farewell

Obviously a prime independent developer such as Housemarque isn’t dead, but they have cried off arcade games as we know it forever with their recent press release, straight from the CEO titled, “Arcade is Dead”. 671 more words


Matterfall review

Developer Housemarque has cultivated some of the best action-packed arcade-inspired experiences of this console generation. Fans of old-school bullet hells and chasing high scores have been exposed to treat after treat in this genre by the team, so when I found out at E3 that they were making a side-scrolling platform shooter called… 1,202 more words


Nex Machina

From the creators of Resogun, Nex Machina uses the same voxel concept but the gameplay is akin of Smash TV and Robotron, the classic arcade games I have never played before. 438 more words

Playstation 4

Gameplay | Matterfall (2017)

As someone who loves classic arcade games, it’s great to have developers like Housemarque so active. Just a couple of months after releasing the really addictive and challenging… 309 more words


SGR News - Matterfall Launch Trailer

Matterfall launches today! As a hero-for-hire, weaponize alien tech to destroy enemies infected by deadly Red Matter and control Blue Matter to manipulate the world in this rapid-fire twin stick shooter from makers of RESOGUN and Nex Machina.