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Lucky Bamboo: Now in Living Color!

As I warned you when I revived this blog, most of my posts this go around are short and papercraft-related. It’s what I have done the most recently as far as DIY things — except food and meals, which are generally a bit beyond what I’d like to cover here and have already been done more thoroughly by other bloggers. 759 more words


Re-potting Houseplants

It had been about 5 years since I took in these two orphans from work. They had been hanging under a pergola for one season and the clients didn’t want them anymore. 439 more words


Houseplant of the Week - 2/7/17


Orchids are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants with blooms that are often colorful, showy and fragrant. The showy varieties that are favored by most people are usually either phalaenopsis hybrids or dendrobium hybrids. 396 more words

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The stomach flu took me out last week with an intensity that convinced me I would never eat anything ever again. Even the fresh ice water with a straw that my two children took turns bringing to my room and leaving at my bedside posed a threat to my insides. 343 more words


What a monster you are

Monstera Deliciosa AKA Swiss Cheese Plant

This plant has quickly become the “it” plant. No more fiddle leaf fig, everyone wants to get their hands on a swiss cheese. 449 more words


Houseplant of the Week - 1/24/17

Peace Lily

This week we’re happy to present the Peace Lily as the houseplant of the week. This plant requires indirect sunlight, heavy watering, leaf misting, and trimming of unhealthy leaves on the plant. 218 more words

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Plants Everywhere...

A quick view of my Plant-happy Bedroom

Since I promised myself I would be blogging everyday and have clearly missed quite a few, I wanted to do a quick post of some pictures of my bedroom. 259 more words