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April 14 (NaPoWriMo experiment)

I gave all the orchids away
too intolerant of their constant

Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium:
We were victims of your

a season of doting… 203 more words

Day 17.

Day 17: Home is where the plant is

My adventures with Beanjamin and the Monks had so far taken place over the holidays. The plants had only known my home in London, but now, my degree was calling, and I had to go back to Exeter. 162 more words


Day 16.

Day 16: Two bean, or not two bean….

Robert Plant and Beanjamin now stood tall in my room, their unfurled leaves stretched out upwards, like some great monument to nature. 193 more words


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera. Keep this fabulous “first aid kit” at home.

We release the first of the plants in our houseplants section with this natural wonder. We all know the benefits of this plant belonging to the succulent. 422 more words

Aloe Vera

Morning Glory Vines Run Out of Headroom

I gave the morning glory vines that are growing in a pot in my office a bamboo pole to climb a few weeks ago.  There is about four feet (1.2 m) for them to climb, and two vines have already reached the top. 53 more words


Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

This was my orchid last winter

This was actually my first orchid ever. I saved it from the Home Depot clearance shelf for $5 last year. 159 more words


Days 10-15.

Day 10: Wake me up before you grow-grow

Beanjamin and Robert Plant continued their upward trajectory, but now I was starting to wonder – could my beans really talk? 372 more words