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Cactus Terrarium

My husband and I were at the Dollar Store and he saw these terrariums for sale. He just HAD to have one! Funny, I’m the one that usually goes for this stuff. 140 more words


inch plant 13 weeks - a new home!

We’ve been doing some reorganizing around the house the last few days and I found that the inch plant was getting too much sun and getting weepy in the living room. 43 more words


avocado update 11 weeks

My goodness! I hope this little fella keeps growing! Everyone told me that they just kinda die after a little while, this one is still going strong. 47 more words


My houseplant has white insects on the stem and its sticky? What are they and how do I control them?

Mealybugs are a common problem on houseplants. They are small 1/8 inch-long insects without wings covered with a fluffy white wax. Houseplants are grown in a protected and favorable environment that allows mealybugs to build large populations rapidly. 104 more words

Repotting houseplants before winter

Now that summer has “officially” concluded with the celebration of Labor Day, it is time to turn attentions further to preparing for the oncoming winter. There’s lots to do outside — seeding the lawn, testing soil, composting, cleaning up the summer garden, sowing the fall garden. 748 more words


Uninvited Houseguest

She came in unannounced
with my mother
complaining of the cold
her untamed tresses flying about
scaring the children.

Of course I’ll drop everything
and make room. 137 more words