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Tanaman dan perkebunan hijau menghadirkan perasaan baik bagi jiwa kita. Paduan warna alam yang menyatu dengan sempurna, udara segar yang ringan, dan sedikit kelembaban yang dengan mudahnya menimbulkan perasaan tenang di antara rutinitas sehari-hari. 568 more words


Monday Mantra(s) #15 – “Inside the O’Briens”-Style

Happy Monday!

Despite flying by, this weekend was a good one!

I spent Saturday morning in the world’s most gorgeous urgent care because I wasn’t sure what was up with my eye – it turns out it was my very first stye and not an infection, thank goodness. 556 more words


Blooming Cactus

I have an enormous prickly pear cactus that lives in a corner of my office, where it’s mostly out of the way and less likely to injure me.   247 more words


Seasonal Helpful Articles for Garden, Nursery, Landscape, Houseplants and more!

Many subjects are available to provide garden, nursery, landscape, houseplant, bird, insect and more related information, tips and solutions! Check the menu items and titles for information as you need! 9 more words

Hillermann Nursery & Florist, Inc.


This large evergreen tree that grows to over 20 metres, is native to Mexico, it requires a deep well drained humus rich soil, it is hardy down to 15*C and will not tolerate frost, dry or very windy conditions, so is best kept indoors outside the tropics. 191 more words

ABC Of Plants

How to water an air plant

Here is a super easy way to water your air plants. I got this really pretty one from a local florist & was told that the best way to water it was to just simply turn it upside down in a bowl of water for 20 minutes & them set to drain on your drain board….  29 more words

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