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The Wonder of Aloe!

When I moved out of the family home 7 years ago, my mum gave my a seemingly odd moving present, but now I wouldn’t be without this spikey lovely! 208 more words

Aloe Vera

Shiso Flowers

Two years ago, I planted sweet William in my large window planter.  I transplanted some of the plants that grew, and left the big planter in the garden over the (2013-2014) winter. 203 more words


Alpinia Vittata

Plant Description

This plant is attractive, beautiful, and striking foliage. Its many layers, each leaf sheaths, and tightly compressed together. It is growing up to 50 cm tall indoor and has green, pale, 20cm long leaves, edged and banded from the centre to the margin, with cream or white stripes. 310 more words

Office Park

Cordyline fruticosa - Ti Plant or Good Luck Plant

The name Cordyline comes from the Greek word kordyle, meaning “club,” a reference to the enlarged underground stems or rhizomes. Hawaiians believe planting one in front of your home keeps the evil spirits away. 363 more words


Morning Glory Flower

The pot of snapdragons that I moved to my office last fall haven’t been doing too well, partly because of the aphids.  During the summer, they were growing near some… 91 more words


Garden Project: Test Tube Vases

Today I have a very simple houseplant project using Heartleaf Philodendron cuttings and test tube shot glasses.

For this simple windowsill test tube vase project you will need: 225 more words


Areca Palm - Dypsis lutescens and Spider Mites, Oh My!!

The Areca Palm (sometimes called the Butterfly Palm), is native to Madagascar and is one of the most popular indoor houseplants sold today. These palms are really needy and can be babies sometimes.  390 more words