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Areca Palm - Dypsis lutescens and Spider Mites, Oh My!!

The Areca Palm (sometimes called the Butterfly Palm), is native to Madagascar and is one of the most popular indoor houseplants sold today. These palms are really needy and can be babies sometimes.  390 more words


DIY Houseplant Chemical Neutralizer

Some people find themselves with sensitivity to the chemical sprays that nurseries use on plants, as fertilizers and big repellents. It is with these people in mind that I bring you today’s post. 80 more words

DIY Houseplant Polish

Do you have any loved household plants? Have you noticed that no amount of love will stop dust from collecting on them? Well today you are in luck, as we have a DIY to make those plants sparkle and shine again! 236 more words


The Peace Lily’s flower is just about ready to open up and show us how pretty it really is. :)


Houseplants sometimes lose their leaves

Why do leaves fall off?

There is lot of information out there regarding care of your house plants. Shedding leaves can be normal especially if you just purchased, was given, or brought it in for the winter. 710 more words


Ambiguous "plant hire"

If you ever want to start a company with the goal of providing a service people never knew they needed, I already placed dibs on this idea, okay? 36 more words