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Bittersweet Balcony

by Hilaire

Dimitra paused halfway up the stairs, heaving a few breaths into her lungs. The lift had been out of order for two years; five apartments in the block and between them they couldn’t afford to get it repaired. 531 more words

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3 Best Varieties Palm House Plants

Of those thousands plants could bring indoor, palms are the most favorite. In the ground most of palm trees grow as a monster thriving into a big tree as a common view in the parking lots, house yards and road fences. 598 more words

Best Palm Indoor

White Powdery fungus on your plants? Simple home remedy....

Hi, It’s Porch Time!

Another Hot Day here in Western MA. The weather man promised a cool down by this afternoon but he was wrong! It’s a Humid 88 degrees! 177 more words




It was just a year ago that Deb and I found what was left of this plant. It had been abandoned and neglected and left for dead. 293 more words



In central London, in the RHS Lindley Library there is a small exhibition called ‘Potted’. To quote the blurb

“In celebration of the humble houseplant, this exhibition at the RHS Lindley Library presents a series of designs by students from Central Saint Martins college. 542 more words

House Plants

Houseplants & Terrariums

I love nature. I love being in and around it, whether it be going to specific eco parks, having picnics under a nice big tree, going on jogs just so I can pass that one specific spot where the pine scent overwhelms my senses, or simply sitting in my dad’s garden in the morning so that I feel the sunlight on my skin and focus on that one particular leaf or flower that catches my eye. 873 more words

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What's Wrong with my Houseplant? (★★☆☆☆)

David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth   *   Timber Press   *   January 27, 2016   *   292 Pages

From the title (and subtitle) of this book, you’d think that it would be all about, well, figuring out what’s wrong with your houseplants and then learning how to treat those problems organically. 151 more words

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