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A Houseplant a Day: Variegated Peperomia

It took me a lot of effort to identify my specimen of this houseplant. Most of them that I’ve seen in stores are not labeled well. 389 more words


Gnot Gnats

Houseplant or fungus gnats … those pesky, flying little buggers, that have you flailing your arms around like some sort of mad person. I’ve since done some research on control methods and I recently implemented this one … SAND. 124 more words


Thirsty Love...

     Lots of flowers in pots and a raised bed garden means…lots of watering. To garden like this means you’ve really got to love it – those little yellow marigold skirts and petunia faces are thirsty. 318 more words

Day 84.

Day 84: R.I.Bean

After a lengthy Easter break, I was returning to my plants.

My flatmate had tried to water them in my absence, but my room had been locked when I was away, with the plants stuck inside. 318 more words