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Blue Pot

I think the Christmas Cactus likes its pot :)


Days 164-178.

Days 164-170: Everyone’s got to have a hobby…

The last out of my flat, the chillies and I left the magical halls of Duryard for the final time. 467 more words


Wandering Jew



Best known as a hanging plant, the Wandering Jew house plant comes from South Africa. Its long, fleshy stems are densely covered with lance-shaped leaves that are about 2 in long. 288 more words


Some Houseplants

Trying to branch out and add some things to the collection that -don’t- decimate the local insect population.

Butterfly Bush ‘Blue Knives’

Barrel Cactus, of the hardware-store variety… 30 more words


Your Daily Dose of Awesome, 7/27/15 edition

Having some trouble finding a purpose or passion to focus on? Or maybe you have the opposite problem, and you have a plethora of interests without a clear direction. 477 more words


Days 131-164.

Days 131-164: Just chilli-ing…

The Chilies kept on slowly growing.

The tiny shoots continued on their upward trajectory, leaves unfurling with each centimeter the stem climbed. 160 more words