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3 of 642: a houseplant is dying. tell it why it needs to live.

dear houseplant,

how are you? i hope you’re alright. this morning i noticed two brown spots on one of your leaves while I was watering you! 343 more words

Indoor Plant Love.

Houseplants bring color and life to any room, which is why if you come to my house, you will find at least 3-4 houseplants in every room. 1,512 more words

Houseplant Ideas

Houseplant Ideas……

Hello people 😀

You do not need expensive and temperamental houseplants to add greenery to your home. Many of the vegetables you bring home from the supermarket will sprout and brighten a windowsill and children will also love to see them grow. 329 more words


Round leaves for me!

Since becoming a plant enthusiast and aquiring quite a large collection (that will continue to grow larger), I now find excitment in the rarer or harder to get your hands on plants. 619 more words


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: Shamrock Plants

Although it looks like a three-leaf clover because of its trifoliate leaf structure, a shamrock plant is actually a species of Oxalis. These green or burgundy foliage plants are often sold as novelty houseplants, especially around St. 210 more words


By Tangopaso (Self-photographed) , via Wikimedia Commons

A long time ago in the way back when, I wrote a post about how looking at greenery can help reduce stress… 450 more words

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