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'Tis the season...

…to bring the last of your houseplants indoors if they have been holidaying outside.

Here in the far south east of England the temperatures have dropped to about 3c overnight, which means that even the mediterranean-type plants (those hardy to just above or brief periods below 0c) will need protection. 894 more words


Fun 'Cosm Fact: a sentient houseplant and homemaker

I’ve loved plants all my adult life. I even have a young tree outside who makes me feel like a tree-mom. While I believe plants do have a self-awareness, I take this way to the next level in my book. 124 more words

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Sansevieria propagating

Well this post is less on backyard botanicals than it is household horticulture! :)

If there’s something I love more than plants, it’s MORE plants! Unfortunately, my windowsills are running out of space, so I think my friends and family can expect some new succulent dishes this holiday season. 293 more words

# Urban Jungle Bloggers Desert Still Life

The October challenge from Urban Jungle Bloggers is a Desert Still Life. This worried me a bit, because being picky I initially wanted to make sure that the plants were all at least from the same continent, rather than just randomly selected xerophytes. 242 more words


Houseplants for Beginners

Greetings! Today I’ll be sharing the three easiest houseplants to maintain. Based off my experience, I’m confident even the most novice gardener will find these houseplants manageable. 257 more words