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Summerset Isle

New content is the best for any game but super duper when it’s for Skyrim. Summerset Isle looks and sounds exciting. Install into a current game or in a new game so flexibility is there for how and when you wish to add into your game. 91 more words

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Waterfall Cabin

We love the houses and this one is very cool. It’s so different in its design. At first glance you think that’s a lumber-mill with the style of the outer house. 46 more words

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The Riften Lodge

Player made homes are always a good thing but first time modders are the best. A lovely home outside of Riften by the guard towers and it looks perfect nestled in the trees with all the goodies one needs. 9 more words

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Treva's Watch Goes Green

With another colorful goodness from our favorite loot overseer, Forzane. The official OBIS Loot Evidence Analyzer needs all the candlesticks he can get in order to keep the nightlight burning while pouring over all the information sent back to him. 11 more words

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New Beddings

These are very nice bedding textures to spruce up those old beds. Nothing like going shopping and coming home with beauties like these. The quilt one fits in very well and the worn look matches that you would think it always part of the game. 13 more words

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12 Days of Christmas 2015 - Day Ten Houses

My Houses page features 41 classic Manitoba homes in 21 communities. There are a few instances where prairie houses overlap with artistic vision creating an entirely new way of seeing the architecture and the land. 228 more words

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Baskets to Straw

This is a handy mod that converts the baskets found around Skyrim into straw that you need to build homes from the HearthFires DLC. The only basket we found that didn’t worked is the one with the lid so you will want to avoid picking that one up. 10 more words

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