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When mom's are home alone. Pt1

  1. There is a chance we don’t have pants on.
  2. or a bra.
  3. You can find us laying on the couch watching tv and on the internet.
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Morning Swim At The Lake

Yesterday was so much fun. After sending the Hubby off to work I got ready for a girls’ morning out at the lake. I applied my sunscreen, picked up the living room, and waited for Joy to come pick me up so we could meet with Stephanie and head out to Appalachia Bay. 851 more words


Why were Ten Percent of Sicilian Babies Abandoned?

I was excited last month to get a pressie from one of the leading experts in Sicilian genealogy. A novella, set in olden-days Sicily.

The author, Angelo Coniglio, usually helps people people in America trace their Sicilian roots, and turn up a thousand or so relatives who all want to feed them more than their body weight in food when they visit the motherland. 1,176 more words


The New Age June Cleaver

I have been at stay at home mom for roughly 1 year and 7 months or something like that. The majority of it being me on bed rest during pregnancy. 389 more words


Talk Therapy vs. Medication

Around the time I was first seeking therapy there was a big dispute going on about talk therapy vs. medication therapy.  Psychoanalysis was the worst form of talk therapy according to those who preferred medication therapy, and psychoanalyst’s generally “eschewed” (one of my father’s favorite words) medication.  165 more words


When he's gone

When He (the one I moved here for) goes out of town, I tend to buy enough food to last at least a couple of days, and invent a project for myself, so I don’t have to go out and face the reality of Geneva (I also watch his favourite TV shows and leave his coffee mug where he left it, but that’s another story). 314 more words


What a Shocker!

From an anonymous reader

I have just made a very shocking discovery which if I do not handle maturely is not only going to tear my marriage apart but is also going to rock the foundation of our church. 339 more words

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