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She wakes up, goes to her kids’ room and wakes them up. Check on her phone, She has some messages. She doesn’t read them yet because she has much to do. 400 more words

Life Of Others

Like Marilyn Monroe as a Housewife

A congress of confetti has decreed

every wind must blow up.

The ground breathes.

I look like Marilyn Monroe as a housewife,

standing in my yard with my dress billowing around me. 59 more words

Crappy Friend, Dirty Animals

This morning (Thursday) I was a totally crappy friend. One of my friends was throwing a birthday party for another one of my friends and I slept right through it. 986 more words

Not A Suburban Housewife

Sometimes, I think I missed my true calling as a suburban housewife. I could totally see myself wearing yoga pants and signing for UPS packages while my husband was at work and Disney Junior blared in the background. 589 more words

Ranch Wifery

Dear Martha Stewart, this housewife calls bullsh*t

Dear Martha,

I humbly call bullsh*t. Granted I am a new housewife, but I still feel after this much time (about 5 weeks, excluding my bust out time in TO), I can still call you out. 1,156 more words

Gospodar, Gospodina

Many, many years ago in Romania, I had to open a bank account for reasons that I can’t remember right now. Everything was going fine until the bank employee asked me for my profession. 647 more words


Memoirs - A Book Review

I enjoy a well written memoir from time to time especially one so entertaining that I forget I’m reading a memoir. Two books that fit this bill are as follows, A Girl Named Zippy… 513 more words

Book Review