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Choosing to stay home and making it work on one income.

I quit working in the mainstream and started my career as a housewife a couple months before my first son was born.  I was thrilled!  I had been working for other people and companies since I was 15 years old and I had carried two jobs for most of that time.   1,038 more words


'Sleep when baby sleeps' they said...

I’ve heard almost every old wives tale about parenting over the last few months and had every piece of advice thrust upon me (albeit most of it sound), but this one takes the biscuit. 422 more words

Why am I crazy?

So the headline… why am I crazy? Well it’s freaking 1.30am and I decided to load a machine and start doing laundry.. I don’t really have the energy for it but eh, I’ve to stay up tonight so why not? 85 more words



We get a bad press, don’t we? Getting labelled as lucky or lazy.
“Oh lucky you for having the money to be able to stay home!” 281 more words

Bring Mental & Physical Clarity To Your Bathroom With Eucalyptus

Update: We’ve been spending the bulk of September moving into our new house, leaving me with very little time to dedicate to posts! After a little break, I’m excited to get back on the blog. 209 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Diary of a Retired Stripper (my introduction )

Well, this is my fist time writing. I have been talking with my husband about writing a book. Before him, I use to work a questionable job. 179 more words


I need something to do.

Sometimes I feel bored.

How is a married mother of three + a dog bored?  I don’t know.  I think it’s because my children are getting older and their needs are changing.   238 more words