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Mad Housewife

I hate being a housewife. I hate having to clean up after preparing a nice, relaxing dinner. I hate that I can’t relax on the sofa with my glass of wine afterwards. 180 more words


My Morning Routine

I’ve always been fascinated by people who schedule their daily lives. Why follow a schedule when you’re at home? Isn’t the point of being at home to relax, be leisurely and do what you want? 187 more words

I want to be a housewife.

I am nearing the end of my time at university (I am over halfway at least) and the worry of getting a job looms. The last few weeks at university we have had some guest speakers come in to talk about our future career and opportunities.  539 more words


When my oldest daughter’s were very young, I guess I was considered a housewife. A very young housewife. I was only 19 when my second daughter was born. 898 more words



Hiee Friends, I am Punnu from the land of diversities India. For those who are unaware of the term “Nari” implies woman in my native language.   167 more words


Caring as a bloke brings more respect for the Housewife

Wow, my respect for the “simple housewife” has increased a hundred fold since becoming a carer, what a fantastic job they do and should not be taken for granted. 155 more words

Sarcasm Saturdays are Back!!

I simply cannot unload more than two bags of groceries at a time. The idea is simply preposterous. I spent $100 of my husband’s hard earned money on this acrylic nail set, and if the bag slips and bends my finger backwards, I’d most likely need a Zoloft to ease the pain of breaking that beautiful almond cut peach nail. 65 more words