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Absent Anna Has Been Absent

I’ve been absent since shortly after my Husband and I’s anniversary in March; the blog’s faltered… The consistent(ish) post schedule’s out the window… And most of you are prolly wondering whether or not I’m dead. 942 more words

My Life


She runs him a bath when she needs a minute.

He splashes in the running water and plays games with rubber toys.

But she forgets to take her minute, instead losing it to domesticity. 27 more words

Creative Writing

Am I wasting my life waiting for you?

Well,i haven’t written in awhile.But Ive written a thousand times in my mind. After my hubby came back from his trip we tried to pick up life again. 200 more words


Work, work work, work, work, work (Rihanna)

So I might be having a mid-maternity leave crisis. I just tried to get my nose re-pierced. I traipsed all the way to this tattoo shop in Earlsfield only to be told by a very responsible man who was more piercing than face that I couldn’t have it done whilst breastfeeding. 1,154 more words

Princess Life.......with a dash of Panic and Depression

I’m sitting at the train station in Vancouver. I got the mom-bat-call this morning from Lori. She fell while running last night and managed to break her tibia and needs surgery. 687 more words



Life is life

So melodious like a fife

Life is life

So tough like a strife

Life is life

So sharp like a knife

Life is life

So wise like a housewife


Housewife Haikus

I’ve never written haikus before, but here goes nothing.

21st Century Mom