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Is it wrong to enjoy an inexpensive glass of wine? In a really nice champagne glass? In the early afternoon? On a Sunday? If that is wrong….I don’t want to be right. #SundayInsight #unapologetic #theRealHousewivesofMayfair #lettersofburlapandlace


Up For All The Chores

You’d think that having lived alone for a year would’ve gotten me used to doing all the housework. But the truth is it hasn’t really done much because being a graduate student is a lot different than being a working woman- and I have a lot more space to take care of now than I did then. 479 more words

The 24th Project

a perfect world

In a perfect world
my floors would be moped and
my caprets hoovered.
my laundry washed and hung to dry
food would be cooking while I get myself dressed and ready… 59 more words

Sun's out, Guns Out

Trying something new today. I don’t know when I will have free time again, so I figured, hey… Why not try to write a blog while getting a pedicure… Rough life, right? 430 more words


Being a "real" housewife

Something clicked this week! Something which helped me to make sense of my mentality about being a housewife.

I have previously noticed that when the husband has a day off work, I am not interested in sitting in front of the TV, either during the day while I watch my little monkey, or in the evening when the children have gone to bed, so that I can “relax”. 727 more words

The Occasional Misgivings of A Former Career Glamazon

Last night, wondering about a recipe that just wouldn’t come out right, I texted a friend for clarification. Inevitably, as she was also a former officemate, we got to talking about my new life as a homemaker. 422 more words



24 hours in a day.  24 hours in a day for everyone.  Sometimes I really do believe that someone else is getting some of my hours.   409 more words