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Tidying the Freezer and Making a Stock List

I hate wasting food, so any leftovers I have go in the freezer. If I have made too much cake or muffins then they go in the freezer before they dry out and get thrown away. 108 more words

The Life Of A Housewife

Today is kitty day!!

The alarm went off at 6am and I woke up in a foggy haze. I then realized what was going on…school day. So I fumbled for the alarm button to turn it off so hard working hubby didn’t get woke up. 644 more words

Choosing chores over my child

A daily question I find myself asking is “Fold the laundry or hold the baby?”; to fold or hold is my constant struggle. As a stay at home wife and mother my job is keeping the 900 sq/ft apartment neat and tidy (which really shouldn’t be that hard considering it’s size), yet there always seems to be a mess. 444 more words


The Homesteading Bug...or in the Blood?

There are some that are content with flowers in a pot.  There are those who are perfectly happy turning on a switch to make the fire come to life (the gas flame is rather pretty).  479 more words


Carrot Slaw Recipe

We had homemade burgers for dinner on Tuesday, I like to have some sort of vegetable accompaniment with my dinners where possible so began wondering what to serve my burgers with. 183 more words

The Life Of A Housewife

Well, Damn! I Love Gavin McInnes

For those who feel a little alone at times being a TRW (Traditional Women’s Rights Activists) like me, basically having most of society against you, well I have a gem for you. 445 more words


Housewife Dreams

Today, I believe I went through the finale transition into becoming an official housewife. Why, you ask? Well, I have began having dreams about doing housework. 304 more words