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Day 2: 20 facts about me

This is gonna be difficult.

I guess so I don’t waste any facts:

1. I’m terrible at taking about myself.

Hands down the WORST hart of a job interview for me is when they ask “tell me about yourself. 509 more words

House Wife

Adventures with yeast.

Recently I have started using yeast in my baking. It is far easier than I thought it would be. So far I have made cinnamon buns, spinach, bacon & feta scrolls, and finger buns. 200 more words


Cheesecake everywhere

After spending all day at my mawmaw’s baking desserts to send with my Pawpaw to eat while he’s away hunting on thanksgiving day and for both family meals, I’m exhausted. 605 more words


Fall for us has in many ways always been a transition time for us. Always the time when we are in between. This year has been no exception to this. 765 more words

Toddler Life

31 Day Blog Challenge! Day 1

So I have seen this cool blogging challenge from The Veggie Witch, and I though that this would be an awesome way for me to get into the swing of things, so I can get some get up and go-go. 238 more words

House Wife

10 Reasons You're Told To Avoid Unmonetized Work.

Many people are unhappy to do unmonetized work. And that’s fine. It’s your choice to only do work you’re paid for and to pay others to do your unpaid work. 895 more words


Let the baking commence!

So since this week is thanksgiving week, I’ve got desserts to make. Not just for my blood relatives but for my in laws as well. It isn’t that they asked me to, but I was raised to never show up empty handed. 456 more words