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The story of too much when you have too little...


It’s a scary four letter word that Viking and I are starting to get out of. Last year we had to move very unexpectedly which put us in a hole. 353 more words

Favorite New Breakfast aka Dessert!

I have been super into trying new recipes lately. I always had this picture in my head of being the perfect 1950’s housewife when I was married with kids, now I’m living in that time in my life and TRYING to keep up (haha!). 251 more words

All Purpose Stain Remover (Safe For Most Fabics ) 

Stain remover

Mix baking soda, Blue Dawn dish liquid and hydrogen peroxide into paste using equal parts of all ingredients.

Apply paste on both sides of garment and let sit overnight and then wash in machine if stain still appears reapply the paste and let sit for a few hours or overnight and then rewash until stain is gone, tough stains may take you a few times to completely remove 6 more words


Which Woman Would You Choose? A Full Housewife or A President?

Usually, trending topics go like ‘why women don’t want to be housewives’ but during my conversation with a friend few days ago, the topic took a new turn, ‘Men don’t want their wives to be housewives, they also don’t want them to go too far’. 615 more words

Female President

The morning star

“Have you packed my lunch, Ma?” My daughter asked, and before I could say yes she grabbed it from the dining table and rushed out of the house. 497 more words

Short Story

The Daily To-Do

Pharmacy,  check.
Hair thingies for Yngrdttr, check.   She must eat them in her sleep, she goes through so many of the things.  I’m going to hide mine. 289 more words


6 Ways to Master Marriage After Baby

Let’s face it, marriage isn’t always easy. Add children to the mix and things become even more tricky, but who says just because things get tough you should stop putting time and effort into your relationship? 509 more words