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Dressed to the Shoes

So I have been evaluating my life and finding areas where I can make improvements. So far my list of improvements has kept me pretty busy.   676 more words

Living Intentionally

When Things go Bump in the Night

This year I moved up into a new position at my job. This is a great thing because it came with a raise as well as a new avenue to explore at my job. 705 more words


Say What?!?! Time-Off for The Wife and Mother?

In my daybook entry yesterday, I mentioned that I took the day off and promised that I would write a post to let you know what I meant.   852 more words


Being a Housewife

I have always had the dream of being a work at home mom since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, since I have had the bad news that there is a 98% chance that I cannot have a kid of my own, I have dismissed the idea of me being a work at home mom. 253 more words


Summer and the Sex Starved Cougars

Summer was an amazing woman. I met her at one of Scarlet’s birthday parties in which I was suppose to be the stripper for all of her girlfriends. 2,784 more words

Bitch, Bitch, and Complain Tuesday - Perfect Housewife

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately.  I can’t seem to catch my breath or catch a break and it’s not just because I’ve had this stupid cold for over a week.   1,492 more words

Housewife Daybook Entry 5/3/16 "The Housewife Takes the Day Off"

Awoke 6:45 am

Got the girls off to school

Cleaned up breakfast

Fixed hair and put on make-up (you don’t really want to see what I look like when I drive the girls to school first thing in the morning) 312 more words