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Should I Enjoy Housework This Much?

This morning I woke up with unbearable cramps…not fun. I stayed home to let the pain wash over me. In half an hour or so, I could think straight again, move and make myself something to eat. 451 more words

Married Life

Mum's the Word

My employers are gone on an overnight business trip, leaving me with all three to six boys from 5:20 this morning until 7:00 Friday night. This is almost easier than working alongside a parent, as I can rule with an iron fist and the children have no choice but to bow down before me or suffer the consequences. 401 more words

Man sells his own wife for money - Black Mirror II || #matineemasala

Black mirror 2 is a journey of a boy who enter in such a world, where there is no exit. The circumstances left no choice for him to become a murderer. 113 more words


What's Going On?

What the hell is going on in 2016?

Look I am a young woman in her late 20s looking to have my happy ending. Why does it feel like an impossible mission? 446 more words


Help a Burdened Family with Housework

Laundry, Dishes, Dust, those are things that never stop, even when a family is going through a burdened time. They can seem to pile up faster, because they are not able to be addressed, because of time and energy constraints. 268 more words

Biblical Womanhood

Keeping Busy as a Housewife

This week I have been quite busy, I enjoy being busy because I know I have used my time wisely and productively.

I began on Monday by tiling the hearth in our living room – this means we are one step closer to getting our carpet! 314 more words

Being A Housewife

marathi short film award winning- 15th August (based School Ganvesh)

A touching Short Marathi film about a mother and her son. The painful part is that she is into a profession which is not acceptable by the society, she does this to fulfill her son’s desire for a uniform. 44 more words