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The life of a House Girlfriend.

Really my life isn’t that interesting. I have no kids or very many friends in the area. Its just Ricky and I, and he’s pretty much a loner anymore. 528 more words


Courting - and the outcome! (As promised on the blog)

This is the simple naive poem about life as I see it for some of the girls I grew up with, I have written it in the first person as a narrative. 572 more words

Uncool Is Cool [Music Review: Countess Luann de Lesseps, Girl Code (Don't Be Uncool)]

Well, who would have thought that one of the coolest jams for Summer 2015 would be from a real housewife? Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has had two singles before: “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” and “Chic, C’est la Vie,” and now she has released her third single – “Girl Code,Don’t Be Uncool,” where she extols the value of friendship, or at least her loyal friendship. 118 more words


weekend warrior (part one)

It’s currently the 28th of June, so I am cutting it mighty fine, to only be up to the 15th. Oh boy. It’s going to take a mammoth effort from me over the next three days. 455 more words

Challenge: 1 Month of No Resturants 

Here lately we have eaten out a lot. I could go through my laundry list of excuses, but the reality is, there was a couple of weeks were were busy and just ate out, then it became so easy! 309 more words


Wedding preperations are in full swing

I never imagined I’d be saying this, because lord knows I was grudging about this whole thing, but I am having a blast getting stuff ready for the wedding. 682 more words