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<3 Amor <3

Será que existe maneira de definir algo tão especial? Capaz de transformar vidas, mudar caminhos, colocar um sorriso no rosto e aquecer o coração? 317 more words

Anniversary Week

Dear Fat Spider, have some orange.

Spiders are generally good. They eat a lot of our pests (albeit in smallish numbers), and can help keep your plants and yourself healthy without the need of synthetic poison (which is bad, hence the name and the skull on the containers). 536 more words

Citrus Oil

Nature, Get It Out!

Dear Mamasan,

It was nice to hear your voice yesterday, in my kitchen, coming out of my mouth.  It was less nice in that it said, “Bleeeaaarghhh yech blech  blehg hg hg bleh h.”  That was a really big spider, sitting at my shoulder on the refrigerator door, as I was just leaning back out of it.  433 more words

Motherless Child