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#eatingbonbons... and other #housewifing myths.

So, what’s the typical day for a person #housewifing look like? Well I sit on my rear end all day watching daytime television and eating bon bons of course… and there’s the occasional hoho. 410 more words


#Daily Cleaning Routine

I know for many of you, the idea of doing a lot of cleaning every day is downright frightening. It used to be for me. I lived for most of my teen years and early adulthood in what my mother referred to as a ‘disaster area’- clothes, dirty dishes, and paper- lots of paper- all over the place. 239 more words


The Thankful List

Every night after reading the scriptures, M and I try to find and say something we’re thankful for- at least one thing individually. As part of my personal campaign toward being more grateful for the little things and toward being a more positive person, I have decided that I am going to post THREE things on this blog every day that I am thankful for. 166 more words



All too often I get into a spell with my depression that results in me feeling worthless. I’m there right now. I can’t get this apartment finished. 198 more words


Picky Eaters and I Stole a Cat

I wonder if all the writers of the picky eaters posts I’m finding on Pinterest realized how many of them would be used by an adult who is pickier than her almost-four-year-old… 805 more words


Too Many Dishes to Do Dishes

When your sink is too full of dishes to¬†do the dishes…

I’m currently in that boat. Our dishwasher is shit, so I have to practically hand wash everything before putting it in just to make it come clean, but right now the sink is over full and I’m just too annoyed to address the issue at the moment. 328 more words


"We don't own a broiler pan..."

The phone is ringing.

It’s my husband, calling as he always does as he drives home from work. It’s likely been a long, hard day. It always is, and I say that with sympathy, not annoyance. 503 more words