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Too Many Dishes to Do Dishes

When your sink is too full of dishes to do the dishes…

I’m currently in that boat. Our dishwasher is shit, so I have to practically hand wash everything before putting it in just to make it come clean, but right now the sink is over full and I’m just too annoyed to address the issue at the moment. 328 more words

Food And Sustenance

"We don't own a broiler pan..."

The phone is ringing.

It’s my husband, calling as he always does as he drives home from work. It’s likely been a long, hard day. It always is, and I say that with sympathy, not annoyance. 503 more words

Food And Sustenance

From Downtown to the 'Burbs in one easy step.

I’ve been silent for a while, not only for lack of inspiration, but because I’ve been crazy busy.  Let’s catch up…. we sold the condo and bought a house.   257 more words

Family Life

comeflor - capers (but not the frolicking type)

I’ve been called a comeflor. Often. It’s a venezuelan word –which you probably won’t find in many dictionaries- literally translatable as “flower-eater”, and meaning naïve or idealist. 596 more words