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I am on summer vacation. Officially. We went all the way through June 23rd, then I had a week of professional development classes, and now I’m done. 918 more words

Ridiculously Random

Housewifing - It's hard work

Disclaimer: Now I’m not a housewife as I am neither married nor do I have kids. However recently I’ve been cleaning, looking after the house and cooking for the fam, especially when Mom was gone for a month. 380 more words


#eatingbonbons... and other #housewifing myths.

So, what’s the typical day for a person #housewifing look like? Well I sit on my rear end all day watching daytime television and eating bon bons of course… and there’s the occasional hoho. 410 more words


#Daily Cleaning Routine

I know for many of you, the idea of doing a lot of cleaning every day is downright frightening. It used to be for me. I lived for most of my teen years and early adulthood in what my mother referred to as a ‘disaster area’- clothes, dirty dishes, and paper- lots of paper- all over the place. 239 more words


The Thankful List

Every night after reading the scriptures, M and I try to find and say something we’re thankful for- at least one thing individually. As part of my personal campaign toward being more grateful for the little things and toward being a more positive person, I have decided that I am going to post THREE things on this blog every day that I am thankful for. 166 more words