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From Downtown to the 'Burbs in one easy step.

I’ve been silent for a while, not only for lack of inspiration, but because I’ve been crazy busy.  Let’s catch up…. we sold the condo and bought a house.   257 more words

Family Life

comeflor - capers (but not the frolicking type)

I’ve been called a comeflor. Often. It’s a venezuelan word –which you probably won’t find in many dictionaries- literally translatable as “flower-eater”, and meaning naïve or idealist. 596 more words


Dear Fat Spider, have some orange...

…and then go away with lavender scent!

The useful bit of this post: orange oil didn’t keep spiders away.  But since I applied lavender oil to the rim of the door, no spider has been sighted in the room! 667 more words


Nature, Get It Out!

Dear Mamasan,

It was nice to hear your voice yesterday, in my kitchen, coming out of my mouth.  It was less nice in that it said, “Bleeeaaarghhh yech blech  blehg hg hg bleh h.”  That was a really big spider, sitting at my shoulder on the refrigerator door, as I was just leaning back out of it.  433 more words

Motherless Child


Mortal cleaning in a bikini aka the advantages of living in a warm town:)


Tool-using Apes

Dear Mamasan,

Is it odd that I feel an unfamiliar connection to humanity when I look into a saucepan on the stove?  It is a combination of two very basic technologies, a container and fire, unique to our species.  419 more words

Motherless Child

#LousyStaff Has #RoboStaff

Oh Mamasan!  You would love this :)  I have a helper robot.  For ages, I’ve known about and coveted iRobot’s Roomba ~the self-directed vacuum cleaner~ and later, their Scooba ~the self-directed floor scrubber~ but now that we have no carpet,  Roomba would be overkill and Scooba is kinda big and expensive.  447 more words

Motherless Child