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The Hong Kong Housing Bubble Implodes

Source: Wolf Street

Everything suddenly goes the wrong way.

As in so many housing bubbles, soaring apartment prices feed epic high-rise construction booms with the promise of big profits backed by easy money. 365 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

The Real Story Behind The True Magnitude Of The New Home Sales Collapse

Comparing the growth of the number of full time jobs versus the growth in new home sales starkly illustrates both the horrible quality of new jobs, and how badly ZIRP has served the US economy. 276 more words

China's housing bubble is starting to look a lot like the US before the crash - Elena Holiday April 2016

China’s property market is staging a major turnaround as property prices in tier-1 cities have heated up quickly over the past few months.

For the first quarter, residential prices in Shenzhen are up nearly 80% year-over-year, while those in Shanghai were up by roughly 65%, according to figures cited by Capital Economics analysts. 81 more words

Point Of Interest

Who really caused the financial crisis? The government myth and the private sector reality.

When something goes wrong, human instinct is to assign blame, and to someone who is not us. “It wasn’t me, Mom. Billy did it.”

I recalled this truism a few weeks ago when… 898 more words

U.S. Economy

Housing Bubbles & Musical Chairs

A housing bubble can be described as a game of musical chairs. In which, the increase in credit expansion is confused for real loanable funds. Here, people purchase investment property with lower interest rates. 231 more words


The Most Expensive City For Renters Will Surprise You

It’s not London, New York, or even the reigning champion over the world’s most expensive housing market, Hong Kong.

No—the city with the least affordable rent is Beijing, where rent costs eats up roughly 123% the average salary. 321 more words