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The principal said students already use cellphones in class to add tests to their calendars, among other things.

B.C. High School Uses Snapchat To Communicate With Students

It’s especially helpful for students whose first language is not English, said the principal.
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"I hope people who thought we didn't have the resources to help, see that we have more than enough."

Think Canada Is Doing Too Much For Syrian Refugees? This Map Begs To Differ

A little perspective always helps.
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This will make you smile too.

This Syrian Refugee Is All Smiles From Ontario Dentist’s Kindness

Her mother broke down in tears when she saw her daughter “finally free of pain.” 7 more words

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Local food may make you feel better about yourself, but it's not all it's cracked up to be.

BLOG: Local Isn’t Better When It Comes To How Your Food Is Grown

By returning to our pastoral roots we risk setting back environmental progress while negatively affecting human and ecological health. 7 more words

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The teen's mom said that she was proud her daughter asked the prime minister instead of a famous actor.

This B.C. Teen Wants Justin Trudeau To Be Her Prom Date

“Not only would he be gaining future voters but enlightening my peers about what being a prime minister is all about.” 6 more words

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