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Here’s Why You’re Lucky You Don’t Own a McMansion

McMansions might be one of the most ostentatious signs of wealth a person can buy, but they don’t necessarily show financial smarts. In fact, data shows that McMansions are actually horrible investments. 250 more words

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Housing Market Forecasts & Trends for 2016. What you need to know.

Can you believe that we are almost through another year already? Felt like it flew by like a gusty wind. And if you’re not so concerned what time of year it is then good for you too, there are other aspects of life to wonder or worry about, right? 132 more words

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Are Price Reductions a bad thing?

As Realtors we get this question a lot, when a listing shows one or more price reductions does that mean there is something wrong with the home? 324 more words


Home Sales Soar

The Mortgage Corner

It’s finally happened. Housing is now leading this 7-year recovery—finally. It’s taken a long time for those wanting to form new households to leave their parents, or school, or even pay down their education loans sufficiently to be able to buy a home. 710 more words

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Creating Economic Balance Before Economic Collapse.

Our economy has surpassed our cost of living, and if something isn’t done about it right now there will be no economy for our future. There is a simple way to balance economics in the United States to bounce back, but in order to do it things have to be done exactly right, no mistakes, and it will take the people to make it happen. 947 more words