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Chart: American Moving

The Great Recession reduced the amount that American moved cross-country, cross-state, and intra-county, likely a function of American being “under water” in their home mortgages.

Source: WSJ 8/6/17.

Can tiny houses help solve the affordable housing crisis? - Video, slides, notes, and further reading

On Tuesday, I gave a talk at the Bauhaus-Campus entitled “Can tiny houses help solve the affordable housing crisis?” This provocative title was intentional – I wanted to get a good, critical discussion going. 1,222 more words

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Tonight: Facebook live broadcast of my talk "Can tiny houses help solve the affordable housing crisis?" at aVOID

I’ll be speaking tonight at 18:30 (CET) at the Bauhaus Campus here in Berlin about tiny houses and affordable housing. If you can’t make it, you can still follow the live broadcast/watch the video later… 116 more words

Housing Markets

The role of diverse real estate markets in diverse cities

Similar to a variety of ecological niches providing for high levels of biodiversity, diverse real estate markets offer possibilities for a variety of different groups, which create thriving and interesting cities full of a mix of different opinions, approaches, cultures, etc. 506 more words

Housing Markets

Urban commons in the Planologie podcast (in German)

One of the authors in our book, Tobias Bernet, was recently interviewed in the Planologie podcast, a German-language podcast from two urban and regional planning students at the TU Berlin. 26 more words

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Zillow Recognizes Denver as One of the Hottest Housing Markets

Possessing more than 15 years of experience as a real estate broker, Patrick Finney has completed over 750 real estate transactions totaling more than $250 million. 172 more words

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The slow death of affordable housing: A primer on Berlin's housing market in three acts. Act 3: The fate of renting and owning, today & tomorrow

This is the third and final chapter in my three-part series about the development of Berlin’s housing market from the city’s division to today. To get some background for today’s episode, housing in the reunified city, you should check out episode one, … 1,395 more words

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