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Tory Housing Policy is a Joke (But a dangerous one!)

No not my idea of perfect housing but a South American Favella

Sometimes you oppose a policy because you just disagree with it. Sometimes you oppose it because it has been incompetently produced and will not be capable of being implemented. 1,142 more words

Gimme Shelter: Housing Associations under attack

Housing has long been the ‘wobbly pillar’ of the welfare state, it is quite surprising to see that all three major parties have put such focus into housing. 1,083 more words


Three Days of the HSA

I have spent the last two and a half days in York at the annual Housing Studies Association conference. The themes of the conference included housing, inter-generational struggles and responses; housing policy in the context of the general election and constitutional change; and, the very rich and very poor in contemporary urban Britain. 542 more words


Housing Policy and the Election 'Unpacked'

I have put a link here to a podcast I did yesterday with Alex Marsh while at the Housing Studies Association conference in York. It is a tour through the pre-manifesto proposals and pledges by the main parties with regular digressions into Scotland. 34 more words


Where should homeless people live?

While the number of people who experience homelessness has been rising, the number of bed spaces in homeless hostels has been declining.

  • In 2010 there were¬†43,600 bed spaces in homelessness accommodation services.
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Monstrous and Unique

In a recent piece in the Financial Times , John Muellbauer continues his long term campaign to improve the working of the housing market. His belief is that fiscal levers could play a more coherent role and could on the one hand improve economic efficiency and productivity, while at the same time increasing fairness of tax outcomes. 797 more words


Going up? High Rise Housing, Wealth and Social Alienation

The politics of wealth, inequality and austerity are hotting-up in the run-up to the general election. Anger is pervasive, from all political sides but the… 1,031 more words