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The Rabid Right is Too Polite

There is a certain type of thinker on the Rabid Right. You know, the kind of person who never misses an opportunity to blame the Democrats for their follies in the most vitriolic of terms. 1,229 more words

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist

Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits. This includes bad online habits. Whether it’s reading the headlines, checking stock quotes, following sports, betting on fantasy football, catching up on celebrity gossip, watching cat videos, or… 722 more words

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist

On the Inherent Power of Objects; or, The Fetishism of the Left

I withdraw today, a bit, from the endless flow of current events. Diverting as they are, my interest is tempered by my knowledge of the iron law of newspaper journalism: There will always be… 1,222 more words

Housing Policy

Blog # 83 - Housing Approaches in New York City: 5 Points in a Long View.

Housing Approaches in New York City: 5 Points in a Long View:[1]

The five points, in brief:

  1. Democratic government has to be big government…
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Affordable housing policy: ADUs and other commentary

So I know this is a little departure from my regular shit…hopefully it’s cool.

I try to keep up with the full spectrum of policy policy debates and not limit myself to environmental issues…I don’t always do a great job of keeping a wide view. 3,195 more words

Priorities for addressing youth homelessness in Scotland

It was a great pleasure to speak at the international youth homelessness conference organised by The Rock Trust to mark its 25th Anniversary this week. In this blog, I summarize my take on what the priorities should be in developing services for young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. 1,749 more words

Homelessness & Social Exclusion