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Against the Green Belt

This is the speech I wrote out in full before proposing the Housebuilding Motion I submitted to Liberal Youth Conference last weekend.  Due to timing I didn’t get to say it all, but hopefully it will be of interest to somebody. 651 more words


Thinking about Housing Policy in Bellagio

Dear Readers,

I’ve moved my housing policy thinking to Bellagio for the month. I’m so very lucky to have been granted a month at the Rockefeller Foundation retreat center in the hills of Italy. 227 more words

The OBR and Welfare and Housing Benefit Spending Trends

The intrinsic difficulties facing agencies tasked to produce reliable forecasts for future years spend and caseload across different policies, are well known and understood. In the present debate over how future cuts in welfare spending will be achieved and the all too frequent implementation gap between planned savings and actual outturn spend, a degree of skepticism about deliverability is appropriate (before we get to questions of desirability or otherwise). 819 more words


International Evidence on Housing Booms

This post authored by Alex Marsh and Ken Gibb

A recent NIESR paper by Armstrong and Davis (November 2014) compares the last two booms and busts in major OECD country housing markets. 930 more words


A Blueprint for Keeping Public Schools Competitive In Montgomery County

Editor’s Note: Last month, Joshua Starr ended his tenure as superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). The reason for Starr’s surprising departure from the nationally-recognized district are murky, though astute observers note adminstrative misteps… 913 more words

Current Events

Political Parties... how do they compare on housing?

The elections are quickly approaching and we don’t know about you but we’re a bit unclear on the specifics of how each party is proposing to address the issues in the property market or changes they want to implement such as mansion tax.   30 more words


How can cities be kept affordable? A new attempt with rent controls in Germany

Many European cities experienced strong rent price increases over the last decade, which increasingly threaten to displace poorer parts of the society from urban centres. Despite the already tightly regulated housing market, rents in several German cities increased by almost 50% over the last 10 years, among them Berlin and Munich. 798 more words

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