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Zoo lights begins Nov. 20

The Houston Zoo is transformed into a winter wonderland of magical lights.  A wonderful way to have some family fun!  The zoo fills with amazing displays of colorful lights and fun festive music.  45 more words


Houston Zoo!

I am a huge fan of the zoo! Unfortunately, my girls have been past the “zoo stage” aka they’re too cool for the zoo. Every first weekend of the month, I try and get Jordan to go to the zoo with me but she is always “too busy”. 893 more words


Giraffe | Sonya Lira Photography

Giraffes are so graceful when they walk their long legs that take these wide strides. After all, they are the world’s tallest animal.

Their legs are about 6 feet long which is taller than most humans. 25 more words

Sonya Lira Photography

Thanks to the monkeys

This is the Patas Monkey they live in semi-arid areas from West Africa to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

These monkeys are quite fast and they can run at ground speeds of 35 mph. 15 more words

Sonya Lira Photography

The red headed orangutan| Manvel, Texas Photographer

This beautiful Orangutan was having a snack when we were at the zoo.

I believe she is eating a tomato in these pictures, but this was after playing with a peanut butter jar and digging out the peanut butter. 105 more words

Sonya Lira Photography

The personality of a Chimp

On Tuesday, I went with our daughter and her three children to the Houston Zoo. This was the first time for Sophia and Karina who are 19 months old to go to the zoo. 309 more words

Sonya Lira Photography

George's 2nd Birthday Celebration

George turned “2” on Friday, October 9th, and we celebrated all weekend long. On Friday, we kicked off the day with a birthday zucchini muffin. George loved that we sang to him and kept saying “again, again!” 584 more words

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