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Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is always a fun place to visit.  Want a full day of activities since you’re already in the Zoo area? We’ll get to that soon in an upcoming post titled “Near The Zoo To Do”. 604 more words

Houston And Nearby: Things To Do

Inflatable Vines

Glowing African vines growing off cliff edges.

Inspired by Red Jade

And inspired by Ceropegia armandii.

Inflatable Vines produced for Hanzon Studios and the Houston Zoo for their annual Zoolights exhibition.

Houston Zoo Lights

We visited the Houston Zoo last week to see their Christmas light display. This event made me feel like I was “back home” because we’re so used to going to Hershey Park almost every Christmas to see their lights. 179 more words


Conservation News: Hippos, Sharks, and Dogs

The Illegal Hippo Ivory Trade Overshadowed by the Illegal Elephant Ivory Trade is Continuing to Suffer

Investigators suspect an illicit trade in hippo teeth in Uganda is feeding Asia’s ivory markets. 2,043 more words


[WATCH] Houston Zoo Offered Election Coverage Distraction

The Houston Zoo is doing their part in easing the stress on America after an intense election season by offering live video feeds of zoo animals. 176 more words