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San Aabot Ang 5 Minuto Mo?

Just right before heading to bed a few nights back, a friend of mine shared a video of a woman who was arguing with traffic enforcers on the “5-minute” rule for parking violation. 890 more words


Hello fellow bloggers and my dear readers, social is traffic about peoples complain and disappointment as their usual travel have to endure the effect of the new scheme being done in a dry-run phase of the most utilized, driven and clogged major road in the metropolis. 296 more words

7th Year Anniversary: Watch The Throne

Written by: Mashari Grissom

Today, August 8th makes the 7 Year Anniversary of Watch The Throne. This masterpiece was released in 2011 leaving classics glued to everyone’s iTunes Library. 201 more words

World Of Hip Hop

#RushHourRap - Frontin'

I can’t do basic math, I’m bad at directions, and I’m terrible with names, but I can still rap Jay-Z’s verse on Frontin’ word for word in my car 15 years later.


RBC Says 4 Top Homebuilders Could Also Be Takeover Targets Now

It happens every year, and 2018 won’t be any different. Larger companies looking to add to growth, in addition to that of the organic or internal variety, scan the field for purchases and acquisitions that are easy to bolt on and could add returns in a timely fashion. 745 more words