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Interstate 95 E-ZPass Entrance Sign

November 10, 2018

E-ZPass is a regional toll road payment system.  It debuted on Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia near my home in 2014.  Motorists can purchase a small transponder that they mount to their windshield, and use it to electronically pay for their travel within the system.  37 more words


High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Sign

November 10, 2018

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are specially-designated lanes on an interstate that encourage carpooling by restricting all vehicles traveling in the lanes to certain minimum of occupants in a car–usually two or three people.  139 more words


Tales of Hip-Hop and A Love Letter to Shawn

I was born into hip-hop.

In the impossibly hot summer of 1980, there I was, entering the world as a new era in music was creeping into its rightful place as a global juggernaut, though no one saw it that way then. 2,254 more words

How HOVs Work?

In my last post, I had discussed about the Human Occupied Vehicles used for deep sea exploration. These are manned submersibles which are designed to dive to extreme depths exceeding thousands of meters (tens of thousands of feet). 870 more words

Diving Deep - Human Occupied Vehicles

Humans are the most curious animals on earth. Their quest for knowledge and to explore the world around them and beyond has led them on innumerable explorations. 888 more words

UHP says violating express lane laws could result in hefty fine

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Highway Patrol says it is cracking down on HOV express lane violations.

Sgt. Mercadez Barrett of UHP says that troopers are seeing drivers cross double white lines, which is illegal, more often. 247 more words


City councillors suggest ways to keep Edmontonians from getting stuck in traffic

Edmontonians can expect to see more places where a special signal light gives a bus a head start in traffic.

On Tuesday, council’s urban planning committee reviewed the first phase of a new initiative that will make it so buses can be faster in some parts of the city. 455 more words