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We Take Our (Bad) Medicine With Gil Hova

Andrew: Gil Hova, the mind behind Prolix and Battle Merchants, has a new game up on Kickstarter.  Bad Medicine, a really fun party game about made-up maladies, ridiculous drugs, and hilarious side-effects, is currently ripping it up on KS, having reached several stretch goals and been pegged as a Kickstarter Staff Favorite. 115 more words


Jay-Z Out and About in New York

Jay-Z in New York wearing a thing gold chain with a Cuban curb link section.



Covering the myths and deities of the various peoples of Madagascar is a pretty sizeable job to undertake. I decided to use the same approach I’m using with the Americas and take things on a tribe-by-tribe basis. 2,722 more words


Jay-Z Sued By Man Claiming To Be His Love Child

Long before his relationship with Beyonce, Jay-Z hooked up with a woman named Wanda Satterthwaite. She got knocked up, and for years thought her babydaddy was a man named Robert Graves. 138 more words


It's Official - Rap Dominates The USA

If you don’t want to take my word for it, just look at the graph below depicting what state’s have chosen on average as their favourite artists. 84 more words