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Mating Hoverfly by devdb

I guess i was lucky to photograph their mating event. This image was taken early morning when fog started clearing. I guess they were in this position the whole night, as the little dew drops still stuck on their huge eyes. 16 more words


Meliscaeva auricollis (garden)

A new hoverfly for me a Meliscaeva auricollis. sorry about the poor quality photo but it was taken on my phone.

Though small and dark coloured, the slanting rear border of the yellow crescent marks on tergite 2, particularly in males, help to identify the species.

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Baccha elongata in January

I was climbing trees down in Tonbridge, Kent on Monday (25th Jan 2015) when I spotted this little hoverfly approaching a sun-warmed spot at the base of a tree. 142 more words


Me and my photography - macro 1

I’ve decided to use this blog for recording my experiences of photography. I don’t profess to any expertise, only enthusiasm and a desire to learn. All images posted on this blog were taken by me and belong to me :)  First up are a few flower and insect macro images. 177 more words