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Down The Lane

This morning I wandered through the garden, down Downton Lane and into Roger’s field and back.

The red Japanese maple is now coming into leaf, and we may soon have to refill the Waterboy’s shell. 255 more words

Hovering the Cherries

One of the 2 cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana) trees planted at (Pelican Island) Audubon House are flowering beautifully now and attracting lots of pollinators. These smallish trees… 92 more words

A peaceful calm

It was a rare morning of complete calm at Kielder – the mirrored surface of the reservoir reflecting the forest and hills to the north.  It only lasted for a few hours before a chilly breeze got up cancelling out the warmth of the unbroken sunshine.  192 more words


Dandelion Life

I love Dandelions, especially at this time of year! When there are not a lot of flowers about the Dandelions pop up all over the place providing a great source of food for insects. 72 more words


Rose-tinted Blinkers.

I’ve made a pig’s ear of the garden this year. The new flower bed that I made in October is like a Bermuda triangle for plants…I keep putting them in and they disappear. 501 more words


Four more hoverflies

Of the 250 different hoverfly species in Britain I now have photos of seven – just a wee way to go yet then. At least it’s still early in the season – hoverflies are normally around from March to November, and numbers tend to peak in the hottest months of summer. 274 more words


garden photography: get a little closer

It’s April and time for a new theme. This month I want you to get closer to your subject, which can be a little tricky. When getting up close to your subject you need to make sure that the key elements are in focus. 315 more words