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UFO #midnighthaiku

Signalling danger
Mysterious visitor
Flying false colours

At over an inch long and pretending to be a vicious hornet, this little guy looks scary, but is nothing more than a harmless, but interesting hoverfly. 42 more words


Close quarters

This is my first foray in my friend Anya’s garden with my new toy, a Nikon D750 with 24-120mm f4 lens.  I’m quite pleased with the results so far, given it was actually quite a windy day and I was experimenting with using manual focus to catch the insects.


Not a bee

Several years ago, when I first started getting serious about photography, I probably would have called the insect in the photo a bee. My choices back then were simple—a black and yellow insect was either a bee or a yellowjacket. 71 more words


Monday comes round again

There are times when life can seem to lack colour. Each day the same, work, pain, work, sleep, work… and weekends are never long enough. A grey, dreary slog, without much joy. 103 more words


Friday Flora 11.8.17

For me photography is not so much about capturing what I see but rather to present what I see in a somewhat different way e.g. high contrast mono. 371 more words


My Sunday Photo - August 6th, 2017.

Every year the Bishop of Norwich opens his private formal gardens in the city centre on select days to raise money for different charities.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the four acre site on several occasions and it always takes my breath away. 324 more words



When you get in close to an insect, you get to really see all the detail and texture. It’s hard to get the focus right when you’re so close, but when it works it makes me happy :) 7 more words