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A Hoverfly I Can't Deny

The Winter here is not as bad as those with tons of snow but at least you have the opportunity for some great shots. Us here in the Heartland have had gray, more gray and well gray days. 16 more words


Liberating the connections

Free association is a quick-fire word exercise, based on the belief that the cognitive critic can be by-passed. Here are three connections that were liberated from the unconscious:- 238 more words

Writing Challenges

Flower spider and a nice catch - Kukkahämähäkki saalistaa

Flower spiders (also called crab spiders, Misumena vatia) hunt by ambushing the catch in the flower. They hit when the right type of insect comes close enough. 133 more words


I Am A Fly Not A Bee

Not a very catchy post title but the truth none the less.I have taken a few shots of the Hoverfly in the past but never knew what they were exactly. 56 more words


The relationship between morphological and behavioral mimicry in hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) [paper summary]

This is part of a series of short lay summaries that describe the technical publications I have authored.  This paper, entitled “The relationship between morphological and behavioral mimicry in hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae)”, was published in the journal American Naturalist in 2014. 308 more words


Back from Hiatus

Queen Anne’s lace (Daucus carota)

Bumble bee (Bombus sp?) visiting some type of sunflower/daisy (maybe Helianthus sp?)

Another view of an Imperial moth (Eacles imperials) in Evansville, IN… 132 more words

Nature Photography