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Garden Wildlife

I am lucky enough to have many regular visitors to my garden in Hampshire. Some of my favourite photos are taken there :)

Blue Flowers With Hoverfly

A hoverfly perched on a blue flower. These were my favourite bugs as a child – they’re harmless, but also very inquisitive.


Syrphid Fly

Pest: Syrphid Fly (Syrphidae family)

Pest Type: Beneficial Insect, Predaceous Fly

Syrphid fly (Fam. Syrphidae) Mouche de la famille des syrphidés Canon PowerShot A620 Prise en août 2006 — Taken in August 2006… 157 more words

Hellebores and Hoverflies

A first I thought they were bees but, looking closer at the photos (click to enlarge), you can see that these insects don’t have the long, curved antennae typical of bees.   166 more words

Plant Portraits

Hoverfly (Syrphidae)

Not only that I love taking stills of landscape and cityscape, I also enjoy taking macro shots of the nature.

Garden by Design ~1~

In my post – Waitin’ Out Winter – I mentioned that I wanted all of the plants I grow to have multiple purposes.  And so I started thinking almost immediately about what I want to grow.   483 more words

Flyday: Marmalade hoverfly

Today the spotlight is on the marmalade hoverfly (Episyrphus balteatus). It is ubiquituos in the entire Palearctic region and it is one of the few hoverflies which can be seen year round. 94 more words