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Hoverfly Has Halted Hovering

Until I took this photo, I had never really appreciated the beauty of a hoverfly. Just as I was taking this photo, the hoverfly stopped doing its usual hovering dance, stopped flapping its wings at the usual ridiculous speed and halted, right there in front of me. 37 more words


Saturday Gardening, 24 September, 10-11.30

There’s gardening on Saturday, usual time. Forecast is fair, please come along if you can. #gardening #Starbank #Edinburgh


Fading Beauty


This was a glorious sunny day with the warmth of mid-summer. Bees and butterflies abounded in the garden. 196 more words


Caught this hoverfly cautiously creeping on this flower, it kept flitting closer but didn’t land and I didn’t think be able to get a photo but miraculously I did! 582 more words

To bee or not to bee – why some insects pretend to be dangerous

I just had my first article published at the Conversation – an excellent online collaboration between journalists and academics. As part of their publishing model, anybody can share any articles. 978 more words


Macro Monday #36

(click to enlarge to full size)

Another hoverfly this time visiting a self-seeded parsley plant which I think looks lovely when in flower. I hope to collect some of the seeds and scatter them in the herb garden where hopefully they will emerge next spring.


Checking out commas and dashes

No, this is not a post about English grammar! I thought I would share more photos of hoverflies before they disappear for the year and it just so happens that today’s selection is not at all scientific – same genus, same habitats – they just all happen to be decorated with commas or dashes. 331 more words