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Pink and gold

We found the most amazing poppies walking today.

The bug is not a bee or wasp, but a hoverfly (family Syrphidae); beyond that identification I won’t venture.  22 more words


Hoverflies ( flower flies)







Footballer fly

Helophilus pendulus is a common European hoverfly sometimes nicknamed the footballer fly due to its distinctive strip – Hull City maybe?  The Latin means “hanging marsh-lover” – the larvae can be found in a variety of waterbodies, from lakes and rivers to ditches and puddles. 43 more words

Who Lives In Our Wood?

Through the phone via microscope and macro lens attachment

I have been looking at a variety of things and taking photographs through my phone.

The following images were taken through the microscope.

From the recent PMS box – stonefly nymph mouthparts. 68 more words


The Flight of the Drones

This is becoming like a nature blog. Each time I take a walk, I see something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, e.g. these flies hovering in a stream of sunlight shining bright through the wood. 90 more words



The hoverfly, while looking like a bee or wasp, is a harmless, beneficial insect in most gardens.  A true fly, the camouflage helps protect it from birds and other predators.

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[306] Rose with Marmalade Fly

This is a bit sneaky because I have already had an insect this week. This is a Marmalade fly, Episyrphus balteatus, seen in the close-up below.