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Setting stories

Where do writers get their inspirations for where a story will be set, be it an epic novel or microflash?  It’s easiest to set it in the writer’s own backyard: New Yorkers tend to write about the Big Apple, Texans might opt for the Alamo.  247 more words

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All about valkyries

I write about valkyries.  A lot.  Based on old Norse myths, my variant of the archetype are ruthless, mortal and wingless female warriors who are engaged in an endless thirteen-sided chess match for global domination. 350 more words

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Blog Hop: My Writing Process

Do blogs hop? My writing buddy and fellow author Timothy Hurley invited me to join in the My Writing Process blog hop.  He posted his version of the blog, in his usual dry wit, last week at… 962 more words


Writing at latitude

Writing fiction set in high latitudes–think Sweden or Alaska–puts a little extra pressure on the writer to get the whole sun thing right.  My first summer night in Sweden (I lived there for a couple of years, a long time ago) I was amazed at how the sun did not so much rise and set as it circled. 96 more words


Excerpt of the week: How a Valkyrie Flies

Here’s an excerpt from the middle of a work in progress, my short story headed toward  novella “How a Valkyrie Flies.”

Quick synopsis of what has come to pass previously in this story: Geira, an aging valkyrie, accepts a challenge from her teenage niece Siggi, who is aiding an Aboriginal Australian secessionist movement.  243 more words

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The Next Big Thing

Welcome to The Next Big Thing

My friend and colleague Timothy Hurley, a New York City writer of satire and spec fiction, recently tagged me for an author’s blog hop titled The Next Big Thing. 1,069 more words


Writing shorts

Been taking a break from novelling and working on some short stories.  Two new short stories in the works:

  • “Wobble,” a sci fi piece about preventing the Earth’s orbit from decaying…
  • 129 more words
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