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It's OK; You're Allowed.....

A word about labels and tags on clothing, bedding and pillows: once you buy clothing, bedding, pillows, etc., YOU are now the owner of these things. 438 more words

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How hot or not is a Black Hole?

How hot (or cold) is a Black Hole?
Judy, Llandrillo

Short Answer –¬†the temperature of a black hole is inversely proportional to its mass. For a black hole with the same mass as our Sun, the temperature is 60 billionths of a degree kelvin.

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Why does Iapetus have two colours?

Why does Iapetus have two colours?
Chris, South Africa

Iapetus is the third largest satellite of Saturn, and it is the largest object in the solar system not in…

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What makes the worlds seem round?

Are Mimas and Miranda the smallest known objects in hydrostatic equilibrium?
Dan – London

This question relates to the shape of astrophysical objects¬†and as we discussed in the past, it’s an important characteristic of…

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"From One to Ten, How Do You Rate?"

Of all the things a person can be asked, this is surely the most vague. First of all, why it is only one to ten? Secondly, what sort of “rating” are we talking about? 640 more words

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