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"Motivational Services" and "Funeral Alternatives"

In the same day I saw two signs that got me thinking. One read “Motivational Services,” and the other read “Funeral Alternatives.” Since I have a twisted mind, all sorts of thoughts regarding these signs laid eggs in my head.What in the world could each of them mean? 914 more words

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Destroying the One Ring in Space

I was asked by Larry, one of my students, about what would be the best place in the solar system to destroy the One Ring. Since the 25th of March is the anniversary of its destruction and the fall of Sauron I thought I’d dedicate this vlog to answering the question as seriously and as accurately as possible. 646 more words


Time management.

Can you build me a hyperbolic time chamber? I’ll buy you a coke.

Friend of mine while we were walking down the street.

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One for the X-Files

I love Nate Berkus’s Veggie Ball recipe, and have made it often (I’m sure you can find it on his web site). However, it’s one of those recipes you pretty much spend the entire day making, so it’s quite a commitment. 480 more words

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Can a satellite hover over the Sun?

My friend Russell asked me under which condition an object would be able to stand still around the Sun. This is a very interesting question; it probes some fundamental facts about the solar system and its applications are keeping many engineers around the world busy. 400 more words

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The most dangerous club in the Universe

What would a planet orbiting a pulsar look like from the ground? Would it look like a giant disco planet with a constant strobe light?

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