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How do we know how massive stars are?

How do we know how massive stars are? 

Mitch, London

As we discussed in the previous vlog our understanding of stars is still incomplete, but there are areas which we are very confident on what we know. 

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I'm the Universe, hear me roar.

The cosmos has plenty of terrifying Lovecraftian features, but one of my favourites is the Space Roar. 

There is a loud radio signal, described as a constant hiss, that seems to pervade the cosmos. 248 more words


How about that... Gamma Ray Pale Ale


Friday lunches in the pub are the best – especially when you discover your new favourite beer. I had ventured off to Warren Street to check out a new pub; one of those intriguing pubs that has people crowding round the outside daily yet you’ve never manged to have time to stop. 170 more words

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How about that.... Wild Boar Scotch Egg


Last night saw every British citizen swarm to a beer garden as temperatures rose about 12 degrees, which definitely included me. A group of us headed to The Fence, a relatively high end pub with a fabulous beer garden. 133 more words


How about that.... Wahaca Sauce


Thomasina Miers is onto a complete winner here. Well, she’s a winner through and through since smashing her way to glory in 2005 on the prestigious MasterChef. 125 more words


Shopping for rings

I have a space question. I know about the Roche limit but is there an upper limit to how big a ring can get compared to its planet?

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How about that... Foodie Dating App

Tinder has come under a lot of scrutiny over recent months in their outright attempts to monetise the app in any way they can. With a controversial age-tiered price system for the ‘premium’ right to swipe right, and blatant ads appearing in the standard version that seem to interfere significantly with user experience, Tinder are really finding themselves at a cross roads. 144 more words

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