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How can i help?

Brillante campaña para sensibilizar lo mucho que apoyan las mujeres, trucho o no, es una pieza muy bien ejecutada, disfrútenla:



Sometimes it is not enough to cheer someone up to make them feel better. Sometimes you have to listen, empathise with them, even suffer alongside them, to make them feel ok. 11 more words


40 Moderate Intensity Activities You Can Do WIth Chronic Pain

Distraction and fun are two things that studies show will reduce the intensity of pain. Fun lowers stress and gives you a sense of control over your daily life. 388 more words

How Can I Help?

The Four Ps of Lower Stress

Studies show that stress can increase pain, so lowering your stress can significantly impact your pain level.

Problem solving

Start with PROBLEM SOLVING. When in a stressful situation, make a list of contributing factors. 357 more words

How Can I Help?

Ten Things to Help Chronic Pain


Form a committe of the most trusted and supportive people in your life.

Who can you turn to, count on when times get tough? 955 more words

How Can I Help?

Dos and Don'ts for Chronic Pain

DO use a pain scale to help your partner to express their level of pain. Have them make a list of what they need, on any given day, based on their pain level. 644 more words

How Can I Help?

Emotional Support for People With Chronic Pain

If someone has a pain in his hand…one does not comfort the hand, but the sufferer.  

Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher (1)

 People with pain feel isolated and misunderstood (2). 504 more words

How Can I Help?