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A Message From My Right Thumb

I’m cranking out today’s post from my iPhone. You might wonder why, with my laptop and iPad right here beside me, I chose to make things harder than necessary and my answer is BOREDOM. 368 more words

Getting Sober

Chairing the Committee of Voices in Our Heads

While I am not a mental health professional, it feels like I’ve spent as much on therapy as a psychologist spends on education. To stretch the value for dollar, I like to tell others about some of the great strategies and lessons I’ve learned from my therapist – kind of like buying an album and making cassette copies for your friends. 1,018 more words


Did You Resolve to Quit Drinking?

If you vowed to give up drinking as your New Year’s resolution, you are not alone. It is a great decision, wherever you find yourself in relation to alcohol. 446 more words

Getting Sober

A small EMF story

I am currently working on a project where I am trying to use machine learning and natural language processing techniques to analyze forum-style conversations between software designers. 979 more words


Heat Set Paints

Happy Sunday, Crafties

Today I’m going to share a trick I learned from another (fantastic) clay artist.

You can find her video here.

But I’ve changed how I’ve done it. 234 more words

How I Did It

Polymer Clay Work Desk

Happy Sunday, Crafties!

I hope you are having a great day so far. I wanted to share one of my favorite places in my CROWS Room with you. 655 more words

How I Did It

Mandala Dream Catcher

This took me 4 hours, using Micron fine liners (1 and 0.5). It started out as a mandala free hand drawing, then I added some feathers which made it into a dream catcher. 355 more words