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Low Key Rose Exercise

I recently did a series of low key floral images, and it was great fun. Working out the lighting was a joy, much work, but a joy nonetheless. 207 more words

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My Wife Didn't Make Me Lose Weight

I love when people see me after a long period of time. I really do. The reactions that I get when people realize how much I have changed over the years while losing 240+ pounds is great, and it makes me feel proud of what I have accomplished. 602 more words

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A long ramble and 3D printing. YAY

Hi All of you Creatives.

For the last while, over a year, I have been getting to know my first love, Art, all over again and I’ve discovered a love for watercolors I never thought I’d have. 529 more words

How I Did It

A Week in the Life of a Sober Girl

(Full disclosure: I initially titled this “A Week in the Life of a Sober Grandma” but decided against it and not because I am vain but only because I thought you wouldn’t read it. 1,236 more words


The Scariest Place On Earth

There are many frightening things in life. Dark alleys, horror movies, moving across the country without a place to live. Not like that last part is currently relevant or anything… 725 more words

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I Step On A Cold Glass Plate Every Morning Of My Life

When I started taking note of my regular weight, I loved seeing the numbers go down, and hated when the numbers went up. Sounds obvious, right? 476 more words

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Part Four: Group love

Before you start reading it’s probably a good idea that you recap on Part One (here) Part Two (here) and Part Three ( 2,965 more words

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