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How I Did It—There's no such thing as a throwaway picture

My wise old grandmother took a lot of pictures and never threw any away. If a picture overall was bad, she’d look for the good parts, cut them out, and put them in her scrapbooks. 287 more words


Five (120 hours) Days of Waterfasting

Sequel to my previous post, I survived 5 days on the Waterfast and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Waterfasting simply is consuming… 1,156 more words

Journal Entry

How I Did It—Works for me

I pretty much try to abide by the rule of thirds when I take pictures. I think it creates more aesthetically pleasing photographs.

The rule of thirds… 477 more words


Anatomy of a page: Rock In Purgatory

I have been blazing away through Rock In Purgatory page creation lately. This comic has been so good for my artistic development. It not only forces me to try new compositions and draw things in a way I had not before, it has also opened up opportunities for me to try out new styles and techniques. 506 more words


Reaper + Wwise Workflow

Following is a quick video log resulted in trying to find a faster workflow working with Reaper and Wwise.

How I Did It

Beware of photographers bearing alternative pictures

I don’t have much respect for photographers who spout that their pictures are straight out of the camera. All that tells me is that they haven’t explored all that their cameras can do. 820 more words

Digital Photo Editing

How I did it: Paper doll commission

Hotties Vintage owner Trica booked me for a commission recently. She wanted a plus size paper doll piece with a vintage theme for the launch of her new plus size clothing and accessories boutique. 453 more words

How I Did It