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Final Branding

I stood and watched you for a long time.
You breathed so deeply, heavy in your sleep.
A strand of hair rested on your eyelashes, 179 more words


Update: Life is Better Outside Academia

I’ve got a company, business cards, a number of websites and, as of yesterday, five clients in total (so far). It’s going very well and I truly am so much happier. 369 more words

Changing Careers

Going, Going . . .

I have been extremely busy setting up my freelancing business and it’s been really enjoyable. I’m networking with lots of people I never would have met in academia and it feels really good to have a practical service to offer. 337 more words


D-Day Has Come and Gone . . . ?

My notice has been delivered to two members of senior management, dispensing with the usual proceedure of notifying my line manager directly. I have informed senior management of the state of affairs in my department–an exit gift to the people I still respect and, have to admit it, it’s a little bit of revenge on my part.  610 more words


Toxic Departments and D-Day Approaches

I’m currently working in what’s called a ‘toxic’ department in the States and I’ve been there for quite a few years. Toxic is such a fantastic expression—the dreadful dynamics of these departments quickly infects and poisons all the other aspects of your life. 610 more words

Changing Careers

My First Non-Academic Interview in Seven Years

It was just as easy and conversational as I remember them to be. There were two people interviewing me, not six or seven or eight. I didn’t have to meet all the other candidates, have lunch with the entire department (plus all the other candidates), nor did I have to spend hours waiting in the ‘holding room’ with all the other candidates. 467 more words


An Interview, Academic Dissatisfaction and Thank You

Yet another really eventful week—like a roller coaster again. I look forward to the day that I do not start my posts with a sentence like that. 897 more words