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Think Cheerful Thoughts

It’s Blue Monday, the unhappiest day of the year. Apparently 2017 blue Monday is set to be the unhappiest yet due to a combination of Brexit uncertainty, Trump’s becoming President at the end of the week and miserable weather adding to our usual January woes… 72 more words

How I Live

Monday, Monday

This is usually where I put a ‘Life Happened’ post but they were getting a bit dull, I don’t find my life to be at all dull but it basically consists of the same elements; sleep, allotment, friends, housework, reading, wrangling the nephews occasionally, being ill (something I’m really hoping to do less of this year) and repeat.Like I said, I really love it but I’m not really enjoying writing about it and from the stats on the blog, you’re not really enjoying reading about it either! 358 more words

How I Live

New year. New resolutions...

Not really. I just have the resolution to continue resolute on applying life learnings to my everyday decision making.

But, hey!, don’t take my word for it. 433 more words

What I Learn

The usual state of complete unpreparedness

Christmas Day is in 11 days time. I have bought 2 presents.

This is not unusual, while I love Christmas, I’m really bad about being in the Christmas Spirit. 525 more words

How I Live

Life Happened: Another cold and I'm quite grumpy about it.

I haven’t had the most successful week. It’s been ok, most of the balls are still in the air but I’m really bunged up, I’ve not spent much time in the office and I’m also really tired and lethargic… 164 more words

How I Live

Life Happened: First Aid, the nephews and Ma has another birthday!

I was in the office for exactly one and half day this week. I spent the first half on a First Aid course and because I booked the one in Ealing, I got to walk to ‘work’ Monday to Wednesday. 247 more words

How I Live

Life Happened: Drudge

It was another straightforward week.

Oli turned 7Getting into work was an experience in frustration every day.

Piccadilly line is on 3rd day of delays so I thought I'd try via West Ealing.

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How I Live