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I’m a solitary person. There’s lots of talk about extroverts and introverts and much to the surprise of the people who know me, as opposed to the people who really KNOW me, I’m an introvert. 512 more words

How I Live

Life Happened: Amble on My Mind

My working week is best expressed in stats

Days at work: 4. Hours worked: 38.5

Average hours slept each night: 4.26

On Thursday, it was the Queen’s birthday and time for my yearly republican tweet. 481 more words

How I Live

Life Happened: Full of Cold (again)

As noted last week, I have no immune system to speak of and I caught another bug, as you can imagine that made me really happy, especially as it was the only week where I really need to be at work for the monthly meeting I’m semi-responsible for. 332 more words

How I Live

Day 73 : Scuffed knee.

Early 20’s are full of stress.

I’m too young to have it all together, but I feel like I’m too old to not.

And still when I get hurt all I need is my mother, stack of colorful bandages and bunch of chocolates. 356 more words

Life Happened: Sniffly..

The joy of waking up on a Monday morning when I don’t have to go to work never gets old. Especially as I had plans. I met Kathy for coffee and catching up. 269 more words

How I Live

Life Happened: Three Day Week

The week after a long weekend is never the best but this week kicked me in the head. It’s the clocks going forward, I was fine on Sunday and Monday because I woke up when the sun rose. 326 more words

How I Live


This is my month summed up in IG pictures, you can follow me here or look me up as @shesjustlikeheaven, either way, let’s be friends!! 23 more words

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