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Reasons to be Cheerful - March 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful and/or Thankful posts are something I usually do to remember that life isn’t all doom and gloom, which is why they featured so prominently when I was unemployed and in November and the run up to Christmas when I need to focus my SAD brain on the good things about my life. 292 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - Migraines and Rainy Sundays

Last week was actually a quiet week personally but a busy week at work.

I had a migraine on Tuesday, which was not fun. I’m doing all the stuff the doctor says to try and some months it feels like it’s working and others it doesn’t. 461 more words

How I Live


So, just recently, I had bought a Microsoft Lumia 535. Being a big fan of WP, I ran all the tricks I knew on WP systems. 101 more words

How I Live. :)

Library Love

Before Christmas, I finally got my act together and prompted by the knowledge that I was going to severely restrict my book buying this year, I re-joined the library. 700 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - A tiny bit cross

Before I start with the usual recap. I need to issue a correction. In the St Patrick’s Day post, I said that Oli goes to gaelic football ’cause his neighbour TJ does. 376 more words

How I Live

Not everything has to make us happy.

It was pointed out to me yesterday morning that I was a tiny bit ranty. It’s true, it’s partly my natural inability to cope with what I see as fuckwittage and also PMT, I just don’t have the energy to remember to be graceful. 629 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - Mothers Day

This week started with me admiring the daffodils.

The rest of the working week was pretty much the same as usual. My team has changed responsibilities so I’m currently handing over my stuff and learning (actually re-learning new stuff), I’m not terribly happy about it but the joy of not subscribing to the ‘do what you love’ movement is that I don’t really expect to be. 595 more words

How I Live