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What is it that you seek?

You wake up everyday, and what is it that you find?

The love of your life? That snazzy car? Your best buddies? Or ultimately looking forward to your workday? 32 more words

How I Live. :)

The opposite of what you want

It’s great to give promises, but even greater when you fulfill it.

When you give a simple promise, and you break it, costs a heavy price. 39 more words

How I Live. :)

Life Happened - Perspective

A bit later than usual because of the Bank Holiday.

It wasn’t a normal week. I got to grips with a budget (spreadsheets were involved) and cleared a ton of paper out of the house. 195 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - a difficult week

I’d like to tell you that although last week was busy and stressy, I handled it gracefully.

I did not, I handled it, survived and didn’t burst into tears, lose my temper and start shouting or kill anyone, even though I came close, so I’m calling it a win. 76 more words

How I Live

For my lover, extended version.

For my lover, 48 kilometers away…..

Everyday, I simulate what could happen when we meet again, and even the little things that come with it. 290 more words

How I Live. :)

Life Happened - General Elections and Babysitting

Last week was quite the week.   On Election Night, Ma and I were at the National to hear a recreation of the Putney Debates, which was even more fascinating considering the day. 84 more words

How I Live

Match made in heaven

It was just another normal day at home. Dancing on your Xbox, home alone, and enjoying whatever is going on right now. Then this girl comes along, saying that she’s allergic to commitment, and a total weirdo….. 255 more words

How I Live. :)