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How I Met Your Mother: Top 10 Episodes

CBS’ How I Met Your Mother aired its series premiere on 2005, completing its run in nine memorable seasons. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Ted Mosby and his quest for “the one”, along with the married Marshall and Lily, the legen-wait for it-dary Barney, and the “Let’s Go To The Mall”’s Robin. 2,397 more words

Top 5 Favourite Tv-series

Hey everyone! For today I have a breakdown of my top 5 favourite tv-shows. I, like many others, love binge watching a tv-show and I just love cozy-ing up in the evening and enjoy watching a show with a cup of tea and relax. 693 more words



Hello human beans !

Today is a sad day, and it is sad because I am currently sitting in class on this cold AF, gloomy first day of the spring semester. 935 more words


Corporate's Anne Dudek Remembers Jobs on ER, House, Bones and More

Anne Dudek isn’t a soulless corporate drone, but she’s having a really good time playing one on TV. 266 more words


6 Unpopular Opinions

I’ve always thought it was interesting how many different opinions there are out there. You can have one, I can have one, we can have one, there’s plenty to go around. 320 more words


Marshal your positive responses

I think I’ve mentioned before on this blog that my husband and I really like the sitcom “How I met your mother”. We’ve got the box set and have recently finished watching the whole lot through for the second time. 137 more words


Do Organizations Need 'Have You Met Ted's?

I’m throwing this question out there. I started by putting down some jot notes in my journal but then I decided to keep it raw and throw out my thoughts for the blogosphere to read and comment on. 533 more words