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Marshall and Lily

I’m late on this, but to be honest when have I ever been on time?

My bf recently got me hooked on the show How I Met Your Mother and I’ve been obsessively watching it while eating absurd amounts of chicken tenders drenched in barbecue sauce. 809 more words

HIMYM Series 27: Stories Cooked Into Our Eggs (S02:E05)

Here is the SPOILER tag once again. If you haven’t watched “How I Met Your Mother” and don’t want any of the plot points spoiled for you, please go watch the episode first before reading and then come back to it. 922 more words

Gravity My Enemy

Life LATEly

The past few months have whizzed by like a fly on crack. Aside from back to back shenanigans at work, my sister was in town for a month so I made the most of her company during weekends and after work. 484 more words

Haruki Murakami

What We Talk About When We Talk About “Daddy Issues”

“When people say Daddy Issues they are overwhelmingly referring to women. And it’s a cutting move to comment on their value. Women with Daddy Issues have a greater likelihood to be “sluts” according to male sociological analysis (and zero data). 93 more words

Social Justice

1. Frances Conroy

Frances Conroy confused for Mary Steenburgen.

Not even close, buddy.

What we were watching: How I Met Your Mother, S08E09, “The Lighthouse”
What he said: “Is that the mom from 30 Rock?” I speak Benny, so I knew who he meant.

Diana Jessup

What I Actually Think of How I Met Your Mother's Finale

I miss it so much. I actually loved the finale even though they had some several striking issues, at least in theory. But what bothered me most is the finale boils the show down to “ 338 more words


HIMYM Series 26: Alva Tobias, Author (S02:E04)

This series goes over the television show “How I Met Your Mother” episode by episode. If you don’t want the series spoiled for you, please look away now + come back when you have watched it. 826 more words

Gravity My Enemy