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The Beauty of Not Being in Love

Let’s just dive right into it. The Holiday Season was a glorified dodgeball tournament. Target: Me. Object of Choice: Questions. The inquiry, of course? “So, do you have a boyfriend?” “Is there a ‘someone special’ we should know about?” 574 more words

Guys, I'm Serious.

Ep. 12 — Enter Victoria

Ted teds a wedding (yes, that’s a verb now), breaking up a couple that should probably not get married and then getting them back together so he can mack on Robin… only to tell Robin to follow her dreams and then mack on a mystery girl we all know is Victoria. 59 more words


Netflix and Chill

NETFLIX!! America’s new favorite past time and the single-handed killer of Blockbuster (RIP). What’s not to love? It’s affordable, commercial free, and accessible basically anywhere as long as you own a smart device and have cell service. 182 more words

The Hook Theory

This time I want to talk about something really crazy. A theory that came into existence through How I Met Your Mother when they discussed about “Being on someone’s hook”. 493 more words


When Love Isn't Enough- Amateur Love Doctor

One of my all time favorite poems is Unending love by Rabindranath Tagore. Often, during the worst years of feeling abandoned, self doubt accompanied by self hate, feeling lost, feeling used & misused etc ; I have gone back to this poem to find inspiration on how to love myself. 540 more words

African Woman


Hey blog!

It’s wednesday, and so far I’ve done some laundrey, made food, applied for some jobs and watched a few episodes of HIMYM. I’m really hoping that I’ll get a job soon and can start working some weekends, mama needs to save some money, not to mention I would like to save some money for a trip soon. 51 more words