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How I Met Grace, and How She Met Me

It started within a span of three days (April 23-25, 2014). I met her and I haven’t been the same since. I believed in Love at first sight.

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This is a post to remind you of all the things you don't like; more specifically what I don't like.

The past couple of days have been rough. This winter is really taking its toll on me. Sometimes all you want to do is complain but without looking like a negative Nancy. 366 more words


How I Met My Misanthropy

I am led to believe that if one is to discuss the ending of an article of popular culture it is customary to advertise the inclusion of what my research tells me are “spoilers”, So here we go… 714 more words


The PROS and CONS of a Long Distance Relationship

 “How do you do it man? How do you go months without the one you love?”

Really I’d like to answer, “It’s simple. My laptop, alcohol beverages and my hands are real team players.

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A 'How I Met Your Mother' Fan Figured Out Barney Stinson's Annual Salary

This time last year, fans of How I Met Your Mother were wondering and worrying about how the show would wrap up. Would Robin and Barney stay together? 242 more words


Here's the thing: I'm Glad Parks and Recreation is finished

By Joe Strange

Here’s the thing, tonight’s TV schedule feels ever so slightly empty now that Parks and Recreation is over for good. Last week’s season finale marked the end of an incredible show with a fantastic cast, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s finished. 999 more words


Cheesecake factory, saying bye, and lazy days

Dinners out with Ale are definitely some of my favorite. On Thursday, we made it down to the cheesecake factory where we had a really great dinner, had some stimulating conversation, then spent a good amount of time trying to remember whether or not we had class with a particular person in high school, and then ended up remembering everyone else but him. 312 more words

Things To Be Thankful For