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how i met your healthy relationships

or, alternatively titled: “how i met your mother, fell in love, and wasn’t a complete douchebag while doing it”

or, alternatively titled: “this would be a great basis for a how i met your mother fanfiction or reboot, if i knew how to write” 1,473 more words

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Top 5 Wednesday: Bromances!

It’s Top 5 Wednesday People! This month on Top 5 Wednesday, we are able to pick our topics from previous options because Sam over at… 319 more words

TOP 10: HIMYM Episodes

If you know me well (although you really don’t have to know me well at all to know this if you follow my tweets and see how I almost always laud this show), How I Met Your Mother is my absolute favorite TV series of all time. 3,177 more words

Barney Stinson

Chain Of Screaming

The chain of screaming is a real thing, you just don’t know you’re doing it.

We all get angry, all want to rage out and sometimes it does just happen. 202 more words


#SorryToStory: Things I Learned from “How I Met Your Mother”

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV series. I love it so freakin much. When tv still airing it, I really dissapointed when I missed the schedule. 1,441 more words

16 Things We Learned About NYC From Our Favorite TV Shows

Start spreading the news – New York is great! And everyone knows it, mostly because the world’s greatest TV shows – FriendsHow I Met Your Mother… 97 more words

This is a very long post title naming my five favorite fictional characters of all time.

Within this post, I will be naming my five favorite fictional characters from TV, movies, books, etc.! The best part of a fictional character is that they can display characteristics of all types of individuals, combining elements of fantasy and reality. 33 more words

Letters To Juliet