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Technology + Silence = Death?

My diet has changed over the years. I am much less likely to eat chocolate, consume ice cream, or use butter than I did decades ago. 977 more words

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Crafting Permanence

Just hours ago, I wrote a dear friend, “I respectfully ask that you reconsider our relationship and be sure the one we have matches the one you want. 458 more words

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Time of Isolation

When an idea has found its time, it seems to show up everywhere. Who didn’t know about climate change a decade ago? Now, despite the best efforts of corporate idiots in the fossil fuel business, we learn more about it daily. 1,085 more words

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Back to School

Millions of children and families across the US are deeply entrenched in the seasonal rituals associated with the return to school. From K-4 through college, young people are on the move. 1,093 more words

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Friends with benefits, at best

During the mayhem we call election season, US political parties — at least the two big ones — drag out their gay cousins and use us shamelessly. 1,001 more words

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Taking the Pulse of My Community

Lub, Dub.

Nearly 50 years ago I went to a party wearing flip flops, fishnet stockings, and grapes. Period. Lub.

Because it was very cold the night of that New Years Eve costume party, my thin trench coat did little to keep me warm as I knelt in the back of a car on the way there.

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Comfort may be criminal, too

Restoring order to my city after an evening of disruption appears to be the call of the day. It is the call from civic leaders, clergy, and community leaders. 153 more words

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