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You want to what?

Each year I teach about love in a psychology class at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Each semester there are at least a few students who question why I am teaching this content in a course about the psychology of LGBT people. 1,198 more words

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I want you in the worst possible way

As I write about love this week, I went online for all things related to it. What better place to start a search like this than celebrity wedding vows. 793 more words

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What's love got to do with it?

I have always loved me some Tina Turner. But when Ms. Turner soulfully sings What’s love got to do with it, I confess that she loses me when she asks, “What’s love but a second-hand emotion?” I think that love might be the life of a community and fear might be its death. 766 more words

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Will not ever tell me who I am

My blog posts are sometimes started days before they are scheduled for online publication. This week as I am writing in concert with my friend Tom whose posts appear at… 1,274 more words

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No gold star

Today my friend Tom wrote in One Whole Life,

It is unfortunate it took a deadly virus to bring LGBT people into visibility to society.

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The eye of the storm

In 1982 I ended a relationship with a wonderful man who remains a dear friend still. We are both good guys and generous. I was just not able at the time to understand and address the chasm created by our class differences. 1,275 more words

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Just do it!

Accountability has fascinated me for a decade or more. I teach about it over and over. I am a student of it as well. Because of this, I am a stickler at times for how the word is used. 651 more words