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Friends with benefits, at best

During the mayhem we call election season, US political parties — at least the two big ones — drag out their gay cousins and use us shamelessly. 1,001 more words

How I Roll

Taking the Pulse of My Community

Lub, Dub.

Nearly 50 years ago I went to a party wearing flip flops, fishnet stockings, and grapes. Period. Lub.

Because it was very cold the night of that New Years Eve costume party, my thin trench coat did little to keep me warm as I knelt in the back of a car on the way there.

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How I Roll

Comfort may be criminal, too

Restoring order to my city after an evening of disruption appears to be the call of the day. It is the call from civic leaders, clergy, and community leaders. 153 more words

How I Roll

Taking the pulse of my work

In the mid-1980s, the AIDS epidemic prompted me to take the pulse of rooms for a different reason than I had as a pre-teen before I first came out or as a young adult when I first went out as a gay man. 1,855 more words

How I Roll

Taking the Pulse, Again

River Queen, Castaways,¬†Circus-Circus, The Factory — these were the names of bars I went to when I first started socializing as a gay young adult. 1,492 more words

How I Roll

2016/07/31 ~ This Is How I Rolled

…and had tons of fun outdoors! At this time all I knew about phones was the ten pounder rotary dial with a twenty foot phone cord! lol

Some Thoughts

The group's well-being

Commit themselves to their own, each other’s, and the group’s well-being.

An important mentor in my life used to talk about how essential it is for a leader to be able to think about a goal, the individuals in the group working toward it, and the group as a whole. 534 more words

How I Roll