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When did we decide?

Communities emerge when people participate in common practices, depend on one another, make decisions together…

For the past two weeks I have been posting about some of our common practices and depending on one another.

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How I Roll

Where do we sign?

Especially during election season, it seems the use of the phrase social contract gets a boost in frequency. It is like watching 1,400 sales of Prince’s albums in the day before his death soar to .75 million the day after. 800 more words

How I Roll


Yesterday I told Albert that I have been worried about him. Most Wednesdays I see him in Chicago on the bridge at Adams between Wacker and Canal at 2:45 PM. 290 more words

How I Roll


One of the great benefits of writing daily is how the practice fosters memory, helps summarize and encode recent experiences, and challenges one to make sense out of the serendipity of life. 682 more words

How I Roll

What I count on

Yesterday I counted on the train to show up, the clerk at the station to be on time to sell me some tea, and the traffic lights to work. 353 more words

How I Roll

Depend on one another

Counting on one another is a critical feature of community. We count on each other to keep traffic moving at a reasonable pace, to stop at red lights, to wait as pedestrians cross. 538 more words

How I Roll


Samuel Barber’s aching melody for James Agee’s prose poem, Knoxville: Summer 1915, brings me back to the fall of 1969, when I was a student teacher at Lincoln Junior and Senior High School near Downtown Milwaukee. 462 more words

How I Roll