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I really don't care very much

On this last day of 2017, I awoke too early and could not fall back asleep because of a pesky thought that I could not shake: I really don’t care very much about your happiness – or about mine. 737 more words

How I Roll

The myth (lie) of this healthcare bill

Who knows what will happen with the Republican Senate bill to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a plan of their own? We have been told that the congressional recess for this holiday weekend gives voters the opportunity to weigh in on the issues. 979 more words

How I Roll

What would we do without Hawaii?

Right now I cannot tell which of these facets of the recent rulings about travel bans and immigration by the Supreme Court and the Trump administration is most disturbing: the “limited” application of the ban, the use of the term… 334 more words

How I Roll

Pride, after the balloons drop

Eleven years ago, Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment that banned marriage between two people of the same sex. Religious organizations that hold tax exempt status engaged in de facto lobbying and campaigns to influence voters. 1,108 more words

How I Roll

The FU Vibe

I’ve got curly hair, brown eyes, I’m short, and oh I have an FU vibe.  Just like those other physical characteristics that I possess, the FU vibe is something that is intrinsically part of who I am. 896 more words


This is how I roll...

OK kiddies, so this is how it’s gonna go. I’m gonna read some plays, and then I’m gonna write some sh*t down. Here’s what we’re lookin’ at: 268 more words

How I Roll.