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Another casualty of the bad winter, or my trip to the bead shop

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to head up to the bead shop in Bangor after I finished taxes.

I did, and got there at 4:45 to see a big sign on the door about “new hours” as a result of “survey results”. 714 more words

How I Spent My Day

cleaning off the camera and weekend thoughts

Oh, look, it snowed!  How %^&*^(*&)*^^$%^$%#%$#  pretty!

It actually IS pretty, and it is the kind of snow (wet) that sticks to things so you can see interesting shapes.  851 more words

How I Spent My Day

Quickie post

Blue sweater done except 5 buttons.  All ends woven in.

Photo when daylight allows for one.

Huge sigh of relief!

How I Spent My Day

A wide array of updates

Life has been busy lately, what with taxes and shoveling and more taxes and more shoveling.

Not as much knitting time as I would like, but still some progress to show. 921 more words

How I Spent My Day

No friday list?

I can’t believe I forgot!  I was so determined to get in gear and get to visit Mom before the next storm, I completely forgot!  Then we had no internet until just a few minutes ago, so I could not rectify the situation. 594 more words

How I Spent My Day

Saturday update

Well, for those of you who are curious, I did get dressed yesterday.  Eventually.  :-)

I also made several valentines, and took photos to load in the Etsy shop.  630 more words

How I Spent My Day


My days feel kind of aimless this week.  Clearly, I am not yet used to not working or thinking about work or working to not think about work.   675 more words

How I Spent My Day