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Three tons of pellets stowed in the cellar, waiting for winter.

That dark taped thing in the lower left is the magic ramp we put over the stairs so the pellet bags slide down. 281 more words

How I Spent My Day

Weekend plans...

Here it comes – another rainy weekend!  Drives me crazy, since I am close to the end of the excavation phase of the pool, and I can’t sift wet sand!  666 more words

How I Spent My Day

Lucky for you, it is cold and rainy today!

Why does that make you lucky?  Well, because it means I am inside, and have a few moments to write to you. :-)

I sat down a week or so ago to write and never finished that post, which means it has been a few weeks since I posted.  898 more words

How I Spent My Day

Happy fourth! A wandering, random post

I was just getting ready to write this post, and A has golf on the TV.  Here’s a quote that could only come from a man!!! 842 more words

How I Spent My Day


I miss my Friday lists.  Almost as much as I miss my Fridays…

The weeks seem to drag by, then the weekends fly.  No longer are they balanced out almost evenly.  937 more words

How I Spent My Day

Another summer trip to Monhegan Island

I love this place, but it isn’t for everyone – Mom thinks she doesn’t need to go again next year.  Stepdad would have been OK not going this year. 790 more words

How I Spent My Day

Happy Father's Day/ A-Week-at-a-Glance

To anyone reading for whom it is an appropriate greeting, happy Father’s Day to you!  I hope you get the right number of neckties and funny golf balls and whatever else your great kids thin would be the perfect present. 1,187 more words

How I Spent My Day