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On Failure

I learned how to fail at this gig a long time ago.

When I was eighteen, the University of North Carolina sent me a letter encouraging me to apply for its coveted… 1,319 more words

How I Write: Michèle Foster

Our “How I Write” series asks writers from the University of Louisville community and beyond to respond to five questions that provide insight into their writing processes and offer advice to other writers.  1,658 more words

How I Write

Broken Girl Cured by Love: On Tropes and the Lies They Tell

Author’s Note: For the past few days I’ve been in Tennessee at a workshop hosted by Madcap Retreats about writing cross culturally. It was an incredible, eye-opening experience, and I’m only sharing a snippet of what I learned there, so I highly recommend you participate in one of their workshops if you ever get the chance to.  1,174 more words

Rip Me A Yarn, Stat: Buffy, Stories & The Toybox

There is nothing wrong with a good story.

Say it again. One more time.

There is nothing wrong with a good story.

I, , do solemnly swear that there is nothing wrong with a good story. 1,659 more words


How a Trilogy Becomes More

Author’s Note: I’m sending out my very first newsletter this week and it has exciting NEWS in it, so if you’re interested, sign up here… 1,221 more words

How Not to Write Love Triangles

Love triangles, if you haven’t heard of one yet, then you must have been living under a Mountain Dew cap. Love triangles are everywhere. They’re scintillating and tragic odes to the fickle nature of human beings. 760 more words


2017 Reading Challenge: How I Write

Look who finally got around to reading his first writing book! *raises hand*

I bought this book last year on a whim. First, Janet Evanovich sells as many books as any mystery author today. 70 more words