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Off to camp

Camp NaNoWriMo (happening now ) completely changed the way I write. My first attempt I barely made it through two weeks. The main reason for my failure? 176 more words

How I Write

Recharging Days

Writers write everyday is a common adage among the author crowd. I’m not so sure it’s true for the rest of the creative world. Surely, an actor is no less an actor if he doesn’t act in a movie every day of his life. 413 more words

What gets me writing

There are a million reasons why I don’t have post up every day. Lack of ideas on what to write about is not one of them. 525 more words


How I write: Fantasy

  • Fantasy has many subgenres, the commonest being epic and urban.
  • Fantasy tropes can be deconstructed and subverted while retaining the power that made them tropes.
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Wednesday Pontification

Movie Mania: Jurassic World [A Taut, Funny Thought]

I was always a dinosaur kid. I played Pokemon because I loved monsters. Dragon Warrior Monsters and Digimon are both cooler than Pokemon, but Pokemon is the stronger franchise. 766 more words

How I Write

Is "OK" Okay?

I am writing a fantasy fiction novel. At times in the book I used the colloquial term “OK” in dialog. I did this with full knowledge that “OK” is generally considered to not be OK in fiction other than recent contemporary fiction. 208 more words


We are stronger than our insecurities.

A long, long time ago, I promised a post on self-doubt, and how to overcome it. I asked you lovely readers to open up about your fears and worries in the creative world. 415 more words