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writing: tools, process, and Camp NaNo!

I love hearing about how other writers write—their process, quirks, tools of the trade, the whole shebang. Here’s my little contribution to the fold and a brief update on my Camp project.


Author’s Perspective: Interview with Shannon Hale

New York Times best-selling author Shannon Hale (and SCBWI member) has published more than 20 children’s books. Her third Princess in Black book was released earlier this month; this middle-grade chapter book is part of Hale’s latest series. 896 more words

Author's Perspective

#writerslife // tag

So once again, I was tagged by no one, but I saw this tag on The Quiet People and felt a dying urge to do it. 642 more words


Discipline and Inspiration

A lot of my writer friends like to treating writing like any other job: there are deadlines, quotas to meet, specific goals to achieve. And I get that. 503 more words

Writing Process

Too Much Inspiration

About a year ago we moved into a very large, very old house. This house is both beautiful and frustrating, because the rooms are all odd shapes and sizes. 305 more words


The Factory

So after a long time of working on a submission for  publisher and after some work on a personal project of mine that I’m not sharing yet, I finally got down to some horror story work. 5,455 more words

Short Story

Sometimes, They Whisper

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as I’m writing, or looking on Pinterest for models for my stories, my characters whisper to me. They tell me what kind of castle they should live in, or how blue/brown/green their eyes should be. 484 more words