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Risk and Reward

So, this is one of those businessy posts, but I’ll be applying it to creative endeavors. I also promise fun Disney metaphors and gifs at the end. 511 more words

Incident in a small market...

This morning she was wearing a battered Levi Denim shirt–with silver buttons–just like the one in the Mary Chapin Carpenter song, This Shirt.  Her blonde hair fell on the turned up collar, her wrists protruding from the rolled up sleeves were unadorned, and on her hands she wore one small ring. 685 more words


These "sayings" drive me CRAZY...

Saying things like this is a sure way to get me in your face and if you use these terms in a story, without making the character a total caricature, it will get you a terrible review, which is what you would deserve for taking short cuts with the English language. 441 more words


Why I YA

I’m not a young adult. Shocking. I’m kindasortamaybe a new adult? I suppose? Although that term makes it sound like we hatch adults out of eggs, rather than the stumbling, chaotic, unavoidable slide toward adulthood that actually occurs. 296 more words

Some of Grandma's Favorite Recipes

Believe it or not, I authored a cookbook, that is I compiled a cookbook.  How this all came about and how part of it ended up being published in a national magazine are stories in themselves–which I will tell now. 1,338 more words

How I Write

Fiction Writers, Are You Reading Enough? Just Thought I'd Ask...

…because there was a time in my adult life when I read no fiction at all. I went from avid child-teen reader (some favourites above) to wilful adult non-reader. 997 more words

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