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A little Self Indulgence

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with scripts. The ability to write long coversations with ease is invaluble but at the same time they do somewhat limit the ability to be descriptive of enviroments and actions. 1,416 more words


Arsenic on the Rocks

Here is just a short scrips i wrote back in uni, didn’t have a whole lot of use for it but i guess I’ll post it here where someone might read it… 2,894 more words

Short Story

750 words.

The city of Indus, one of the largest cities left in the world. A sprawling metropolis of skyscrapers rising so high that, from the ground, the sky couldn’t be seen save for a few select spaces. 764 more words


Writers as Researchers

If you’ve ever watched Jeopardy! for any period of time, you might have noticed writers tend to do very well (along with lawyers, but that’s a different post). 941 more words

How I Write: Dr. Jose M. Fernandez

Our “How I Write” series asks writers from the University of Louisville community and beyond to respond to five questions that provide insight into their writing processes and offer advice to other writers. 801 more words

Writing Advice

Deodorant Body Wash

I’m not sure how the creative process works for you, Modern Philosophers, but for me, it’s mostly the voices in my head shouting out ideas that they demand I turn into stories.  599 more words


How to Take Yourself Seriously and Why I Don’t “Just Write”

Since this is a writing blog (mostly) and I should be spending this time working on the Book (which is not book-shaped yet, but will be one-day. 1,678 more words

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