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Where I'm at...

This has been a very busy and very exciting time for me.

In July, while Tiny Island Summer was campaigning on Kindle Scout, I started another new book. 267 more words

How I Write

Most advice you hear is correct

I once heard a little piece of advice about subsequent drafts while nearing the final draft. I have no idea who said it or where it was said, but the gist of it was “Your draft isn’t finished until you’ve rewritten every single word of it,” or something like that. 193 more words

Writing Poetry

“Her smiles were spiderbites”
-Ted Hughes; Lovesong

I thought it might be good, as this is both a reading and writing blog, to talk through how I go about writing poems. 1,499 more words


Not On High Ate Us

Hiatus is one of those words that I just cannot stand.  It is a pompous sounding word that people use to cover any abandoned project that they were involved in with most of these abandonments being due to the fact that they cannot figure out how to finish them.   84 more words

How I Write

Falling Back in Love With a Draft

Writing a novel is a long, slow process. Although the story might start out as a brilliant spark, one that you’re willing to dedicate hours upon hours to, the magic may not last. 587 more words

I think my writing's gone soft

So, I’ve been out for the last week, thanks to some weird stomach flu or something. It was everything I could do to sit upright for about 15 minutes, so I spent most of my time suffering in the bed. 329 more words

Inspiration for Tidal Patterns

I’m finishing up the first draft for my entry into this year’s So You Think You Can Write contest. The setting is a break from… 169 more words

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