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Grateful November 22-23?

I think I have posted the others…..?

I am grateful to be a morning person

I am grateful for my various tea collection

On Writing: Plot and Characters #OnWriting #WritingTips

Here is my thumbnail cliche about plot and characters:

Characters should drive the plot.

Plot should impact the characters.

I dunno if that’s “right” according to all the academics or writing coaches out there. 193 more words


My Cousin's Beautiful Village?

My cousin lives in a  beautiful French village much like this one.  I think it would be wonderful to create characters and write a series of books about the people who live, love and work there.   262 more words


Whose book is it, anyway?

Abel and Beatrice are best friends and neighbors. Abel grows apples. Beatrice raises bees. They get along perfectly – until a sting and a misunderstanding escalate into a feud. 607 more words


Behind the scenes of Rachelle Paige Inc.

At least, that’s how I like to think of my writing career.

If my blog posts have been making me seem…prolific…lately, understand it’s all smoke and mirrors. 333 more words

How I Write

15 facts about... Darcy, Ben, & Tiny Island Summer

  1. Darcy’s keeps her highlighted hair flat-ironed and perfectly straight

2. Ben is the second of five kids, all boys

3. After living overseas for a year, Darcy always thought she’d end up back in the UK… 221 more words

Tiny Island Summer

Who Says Outlining Stifles Creativity?

Last night I was writing a section in my WIP where, while riding in a carriage, the female characters engage in exposition as dialogue. Things are getting a little heated when the carriage stops – there is an obstruction in the road. 190 more words

How I Write