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15 WEEKS PREGNANT / How I'm Feeling.

How many weeks are you?

I am 15 weeks and 2 days!

How big is the baby?

Currently he/she is 4 inches and 70 grams! I can not believe how quick everything is progressing. 251 more words


I'm Kind of Stressed Out

You know, I really don’t have room to complain. I’m in university, I’m doing rather well in the classes going towards my major, I have a decent game plan… But yet I’m stressing out big time. 370 more words


Let's Talk About Mental Health

My mental health has been completely down the drain lately. Thats the point we’re starting with. A few weeks ago I had a mental health assessment at the hospital and at that point I felt pretty great so we decided together that I would just get some sort of therapist rather than go for medication, but now that I’m not in the best place again I feel like perhaps medication is something I could do with trying out again. 332 more words

I am Willing

Because this week is my University’s Spring Break, I’ve only just now had the time and space to reassess a couple of things. There’s just something about 90% of a city population abandoning their posts that leaves whoever’s left to think about stuff; it’s an easy enough rabbit-hole to fall into as soon as you think, “Now why is it so many of my friends are at the beach, or with their families and old friends, and I’m not?” And off to Wonderland we go. 330 more words

How I'm Feeling

2017: The end of an era.

The inauguration of Donald Trump was this morning, and I feel terribly compelled to blog about it and also the drastic change that I’ve witnessed around the world. 884 more words


Does  anyone else get this feeling of dread when a new week starts? It isn’t that I don’t want to get up and go to work, it isn’t that  have to go out and be apart of the world again, it’s something else. 273 more words

Here We Go Again

First, a synopsis of the last two years.  In early 2015, I was more or less following the Wahls Protocol…not perfectly, but in general was eating healthful and clean foods.   700 more words

Standard Process Purification Program