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This is my theme tune right about now

It’s true. Like the song says, sometimes I just want to be alone with my thoughts. In fact, at the moment, it can be all the time. 31 more words



I have a question…. How come it’s always the people that you let close to you, the ones that you let in? Why are they always the ones who seem to hurt you the most?


Military Talk: Mixed Emotions

I have known for months that my boyfriend would be leaving for bootcamp. At first I didn’t know a date, just a guess of “probably in March.” So I kept pushing all of my thoughts and feelings to the side because that was “so long” from now. 548 more words



I think it was December

The last time that I smiled

The air was cold, the nights were dark, but I was happy and I remember… 100 more words


36 Hours Out. Not for the Faint of Heart.

I’m 36 hours out of surgery #19, and things are not going as I expected. (Do they ever?). I’ve got A LOT more pain than I anticipated. 308 more words


Surgery #19

You read that right. Bright and early Tuesday morning, I will undergo my 19th surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. 

Most of you know that I haven’t really been “healthy” for about the last 2 1/2 years, but I haven’t elaborated publicly about what’s going on specifically. 557 more words


If this is love...

If this is love then why do I feel that I can’t just talk to you about what ever is on my mind, no matter how bizzare or trivial? 160 more words