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No Backsies

“Desdemona and her team are dead, Father.” Ash lied through her teeth. And incidentally, her helmet.

“I wish you wouldn’t wear that thing in here, Mother,” Shaun said. 535 more words


Pep Talk

The air crackled and popped. A thunderclap. A flash. A hulking steel figure filled the room. Nick looked up from his paper. “Hey there, stranger.” Ash stood there for a moment, clenching and unclenching her mechanical fists. 774 more words


Here's How 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Should Have Ended

The video above contains spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

How It Should Have Ended is back with another alternate version of a blockbuster movie, and this parody is perhaps the best one yet. 200 more words



The bed was all white, like everything in the Institute. Machinery crept up the sides and over the top, maintaining Shaun’s bodily functions. His heath had been on the decline for some time, and he’d named Ash his successor, pending her proving her loyalty to the Institute’s mission. 550 more words


Smoke Break

Desdemona was not happy.  She had played everything so carefully.  She had heeded PAM’s every warning, kept careful track of all of her assets, and burned oh so many resources with safe retreats.   247 more words


A Better Mousetrap 2

Danse paced around the basement of the Memory Den. Being here wasn’t just betrayal. It was heresy. He couldn’t believe he’d been talked into this. Maybe he could make a run for it. 802 more words


Coming Out Party

They sat around the table topped with a heavily marked up map of the Commonwealth. Tiny little flags dotted the map, along with little scraps of paper and green toy soldiers. 511 more words