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How It Should Have Ended Takes The Ninja Turtles To Task For Ripping Off 'Amazing Spider-Man'

Many would argue that the Michael Bay version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shouldn’t have started to begin with, but it did, so the How It Should Have Ended folks are having their way with it. 70 more words


Top 5 YouTube Channels for Movie Fans

One way I stay on top of the ever evolving Hollywood movie scene is by watching a bunch of YouTube movie channels. Here is a list of the top 5 YouTube channels that I use to stay knowledgeable about what’s good, bad, and ugly on the big screen. 544 more words

Hunger Games-How it should have ended

Everyones a fan of the Hunger Games nowadays but did you know how it should have ended? Check out this funny animated take by Hishe on how the movie should have “properly” ended ;)

22 more words

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 After Hollywood jabs at super hero repetition, Bruce and Clark discuss reboots »

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How it should end

This is a very spoilery topic, so some spoilers are inevitable, but I’ll try to keep them vague and terse to minimise the damage.

A good ending is arguably something that everyone to some degree wants out of a story. 868 more words