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Video: How the Baha Connect System works

The Baha Connect System is a well-proven bone conduction hearing system. It features Cochlear’s unique minimally invasive DermaLock technology which helps preserves the hair and skin around the abutment, thus improving the aesthetics after surgery. 31 more words


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Layout Replacing Restrictions

What makes Clan Wars exciting is the pressure of getting an attack right the first time. Using the new feature to endlessly practice attacks would replace one-shot attacking skill with endless, grindy repetition. 141 more words

Your Jewelry’s Journey: Step 1

Sometimes people wonder why it takes four weeks for an order to be made. In a time of instant gratification, drone delivered packages and instantaneous 3-D printers, the traditional art of making fine jewelry can get overlooked. 630 more words

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Video: How the Baha Attract System works

The Baha Attract System is a comfortable and easy to use hearing system that requires no daily skin care. The sound processor is easy to handle, and snaps onto an external magnet to hold it in place, as seen in the… 25 more words

Baha Attract System

The Long-Term Injury Provision: What if Chris Bosh Can't Play Again?

For Chris Bosh, the past two seasons have ended with serious health scares that forced him to sit out the remainder of the Miami Heat’s regular season games and, this year, their playoff run. 1,261 more words