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პროექტზე მუშაობის დაწყებისას, პირველი, რაც ჯგუფის თითოეულ წევრს უნდოდა, იყო ის, ჩვენს მიერ აწყობილი პროექტი გამოსადეგი ყოფილიყო რეალურ ცხოვრებაში. მაშ შემდეგ, რაც ბევრი ვიფიქრეთ, თუ რა შეიძლება გაკეთებულიყო, ჯგუფის ერთ-ერთმა წევრმა, კონკრეტულად, ლაშამ მოგვაწოდა იდეა, რომ სათბურის სამართავი სისტემა გაგვეკეთებინა, რაც საგრძნობლად გაუადვილებდა ფერმერებს სათბურის თუ პატარა ბაღის მოვლას. 8 more words

How It Works

Flat Earth Solar Eclipse: Why the 2017 Solar Eclipse Proves the Flat Earth

The official NASA explanation of a Solar Eclipse is that the moon passes directly between the sun and the earth blocking the sun’s light, creating a total solar eclipse on the earth for those directly in the shadow path. 514 more words

Flat Earth

How Eclipses Work on a Flat Earth: Theories and Facts that Destroy the Globe Model

One of the most asked questions about the Flat Earth is how Eclipses work on the flat earth model. This topic is even more popular now because of the soon coming total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, across North America. 2,425 more words

Flat Earth Proof

Flat Earth-Visual Proof of Day and Night Divided on a Flat Plane

How is it possible to see day and night at the same time on a globe? Wouldn't the curve prevent you from seeing the moon since it would be in the other side of the globe? 114 more words

Flat Earth

New Feelings

In this fast-changing world of new technologies, curiously under-discussed are the roles played in technology by human emotions and their soft-science cousins — motivations and attitudes. 1,443 more words


How it Works

My blog posts will be willy-nilly. When the post is categorized as “The Novel” & tagged the same, it will be copied to The Novel page, in its proper place. 58 more words


Flat Earth Perspective Expained-Why the Sun Appears to Rise and Set

One of the most common questions about the Flat Earth is how does the sun rise and set if the earth is flat. The answer is perspective. 455 more words

Flat Earth