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LOL Teamwork

As someone in lower management I’m always entertained at just how many demands the upper echelons of management will make for things like teamwork, … 229 more words

How It Works

H2: How to choose an artist

How it works blog 2: Learn what to consider when choosing an artist.

The previous blog detailed three potential starting points for organizing an ArtRoom concert. 476 more words

How It Works

Home Security Systems. The Old and The Modern.

Home Security Systems and even UL layouts/setups haven’t changed all that much in a 100 years. How a Typical Security System works is it waits for a break in a wire and calls for help. 1,055 more words


Do You have a Gambling Problem?

Gambling can be a fun and enjoyable , low-risk recreational activity for some people. From pastime, however, gambling changes for others to addiction.
Gambling becomes an addiction when it’s something you or a loved one cannot control and if it begins to affect a individual’s financial, sociological, social, recreational, educational, or occupational functioning. 432 more words

Gambling Addiction


This article suggests that we shouldn’t lose hope over burnout. That, as hopeless as articles like this and like this might make it seem, that there are some specific steps we can take to make things better. 277 more words

How It Works

New Approach

Realization: If I’m going to blog consistently . . . it will have to be on company time. I can’t go months between installments. My writing is just not that good. 518 more words

How It Works


Topcashback is a cash back portal that allows you to earn money for purchases you make online. You can also earn cash for signing up for products, services and websites. 317 more words