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Controlling your Climate 😉

A detailed ingredient review of…

Climate Control by SeneGence

Side note! Our Patreon supporters get FREE graphics on our GumRoad site. A handful of these graphics have been added… 3,659 more words

How It Works

Why we should all be style chameleons in 2017

In our opinion there’s nothing quite as exciting as something new, by which we mean both brand new or simply new to us.

Staying stylish can be an expensive business. 128 more words

Designer Lifestyle

Another way Virtual Reality can change the world

No more Us v Them – with its wars and power strangleholds (mostly by straight white men).
Be comforted and swaddled by a person not of your race and culture, in a haptic jacket of course.


Tips for people with Candida and B vitamin deficiency, or how to finally get moving in the right direction.

Here I will relay the general rules for treating a Candida overgrowth, which I managed to come up with based on the available knowledge, my experiences and observations of other people. 1,879 more words


And Now, I am Back Again

For any of you who have possibly tried writing a blog before, it is hard. While I didn’t intend to leave my blog alone in cyberspace, untended and collecting dust, I did. 218 more words

A Breakdown of the Ingredients and Mechanisms used in LashExtend that Promote Measured Growth of the Lashes


Eyelashes have a very specific growth cycle and anatomy. In general, this period of growth is called the anagen phase and lasts between 30 to 45 days… 1,521 more words

How It Works