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Amazon Go-How it works??

Recently Amazon released a video which could be the best example of Silicon Valley’s favourite word: Disruption. The video shows Amazon’s latest product, a self check out grocery store, … 941 more words


Taking more care with your electronic cigarettes

Effective Ways to Protect Your Electronic Cig Battery

The current world presents better and simplified ways of doing things through new technology. One of the areas that have seen tremendous change is the use of electronic batteries in different electronic gadgets. 458 more words

E Cigarettes

How it works?

E-cigarettes are designed like normal cigarettes, however, they do not contain tobacco. These electronic devices are designed to provide smokers with nicotine without taking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are also odorless, meaning they do not produce any smell or smoke. 427 more words

How It Works?


President-elect Donald Trump went on a tweetstorm Sunday morning, quoting Hillary Clinton’s debate promise to accept the election results a day after her campaign agreed to support efforts to recount votes in Wisconsin… 1,192 more words

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How To Join Ultimate Cycler with N12500 and make N50000 in a week in Nigeria

Join Ultimate cycler today and be financially INDEPENDENT and FREE Ultimate cycle Nigeria
Here, Members  Donate Money to Members meaning you are not paying money into the site system. 232 more words

Make Money Online

​ Kijiji PayPal Scam - How it Works

You have undoubtedly heard countless horror stories of people using sites like Kijiji to sell their wares – being mugged, buying fake or stolen items, and the like. 478 more words

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How does Style Lend work?

It’s in our human nature to want what’s not ours. Remember college? Living with 5 of your friends – and access to their closets? All throughout undergrad my friends and I would effectively shop each other’s wardrobes before weekends, and the effect was a bit like living in Cher’s closet, just without that cool computer feature. 400 more words