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Day 315 - Un-breaking a Heart

So… about 45 minutes ago I was online and I saw a pic of the woman one of the guys I wanted to be with chose. 1,308 more words


Day 289 - It's Been A While (Tarry No More)

Well well well… It’s been a while. I’m at home. Off work. Head hurting slightly. Candle burning. Alone with my thoughts for a while.

It’s been a while. 925 more words


Day 286 - Come Back To The World

My world is changing and I am trying to stay still.

It’s been five months since I started my new job. It went by so quick. 1,009 more words


Day 281- Ask For What You (Really) Want

Good morning World,

I hope all is well. I am well in this New Year. Working today, but just wanted to take a moment to connect. 782 more words


Day 260 - A Message For Cowards

Good evening…

Eyes closed. Lights off.. Holding back because all kinds of negativity bubbling up inside of me.

One of those days. A quit my job and run off with some man kind of day… 1,081 more words


Day 255 - When You're Not That Desperate (The Land of Standards)

This body-mind connection thing can be quite a nuisance…

My head hurts. I feel like throwing up and crying… I remember the first time I ever felt like this. 1,412 more words


Day 254 - The Boring Stuff


I’m bored out of my mind. This is where the work comes in. When it’s not easy to be happy. When you have an itch in you longing for something and you’re not even sure about what you’re longing for, but you just know that it doesn’t look like what you’re experiencing right now. 943 more words