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how not to order a coconut banana shake

*I should preface this story by saying that I have only managed to have a coconut banana milkshake once here. It’s sort of cold, it’s gluten and dairy free, it settles my stomach, and from what I remember it looks like Disney World and tastes like magic. 410 more words

How Not To: Detroit

There is no denying that the city of Detroit, Michigan has fallen on hard times. In 2013 the city declared bankruptcy and it seems like things are not going to get better in the immediate future. 543 more words


There are plenty of ways to enter a pool….

The stairs is NOT one of them.


LIFE101: How (not) to Write Lists

To be a high-functioning human being, you must understand the utility of writing lists.

Sure, we are all experienced list-writers, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying we are all high-functioning human beings. 332 more words

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How Not To Do the Spear Throw

There are plenty of places online that will give you advice on how to complete various popular obstacle course race obstacles. This is not one of those places. 438 more words


How not to romance 101

This happened just last year…..

I was confident. So confident, that on this very day I chose to put on white underwear. I thought I could pull it off. 570 more words