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Sneaky tactics 2

I like to recommend services I find useful. If I believe that a friend would benefit from using your service, I’ll tell them about it, email them, post to their wall, … 1,165 more words

How Not To Do the Wall Climb

There are plenty of places online that will give you advice on how to complete various popular obstacle course race obstacles. This is not one of those places. 343 more words


How not to make a woven rag rug

Last weekend I thought “You know what? I have boxes of odd bits of yarn I’ll make a rug for the kitchen with them, a woven rug with a hoola hoop frame” 285 more words

sed suspendisse

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sed suspendisse odio purus euismod habitasse nostra, ad lacus nostrud, natoque morbi nascetur magnis lectus fringilla gravida. At eget a duis, cras eu urna in quis dignissim, arcu magna praesent in ac ligula, pellentesque ac malesuada donec, mi est duis dignissim risus eros. 407 more words

How to Never Score a Girl on Tinder

Ok, so no one here is arguing that Tinder is the ideal way to find a perfect life partner, although there is some success to be had in the area of dating and ‘dating’. 306 more words


The Name Of The Game (How Not To Write A Novel)

“Everything about fictional characters—from their likes and dislikes to their deepest hopes and desires—is deliberately constructed to establish plot, theme, and symbolism. When considered from this perspective, it stands to reason that character names should be carefully and deliberately constructed as well.”

387 more words