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Lazy Person's Guide: The Quest to go Braless.

The other day I was thinking to myself: bras are stupid. So, I decided I’m going to stop wearing them. (that was the short version, for your reading pleasure). 1,370 more words

Life Things

Lazy Person's Guide: When trying to save the world bites you in the...

This post is about my experience with a certain item called a menstrual cup. If you’re not interested in reading about that or are sensitive to descriptions of things that happen in certain people’s undercarriage areas, this is not a blog post for you. 750 more words

Life Things

Worst poem ever

Haha, (evil laughter) the task set to our class this week was to write the worst poem ever to illustrate what a poem should not be. 220 more words

Great Lessons

SPRING BREAK OR SPRING LATE? How we should use our breaks wisely.



It means to delay, postpone, or put something off… Which is what I believe what all of the spring breakers are doing this time of the year. 301 more words

How Not To: 2013 Oldboy

Remakes are common in America, it’s basically what we do the best at this point. We find something that was either a financial or critical success and wrap it around to make it somehow work for big bucks. 600 more words

How Not To Get A Good Night's Sleep

The night is a great time to think. No noise or distractions, no being constantly interrupted by the essential tasks of life. We can ponder on the existence of humanity and the universe, plan out our future, or dive into an imaginary world and forget all responsibilities. 391 more words


How Not To: Deadpool

With the movie coming to us I have to remind people:

THIS is Deadpool: 38 more words