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Go In Peace Unashamed to be Human Again

When by bullying, stalking, invasion of privacy by false means, astroturfing lies about victims to social and religious groups, mobbing, enjoining others to provoke fights against your targets, taking photo ops and sound splices that demonize innocent and normal life, false accusations, false reports, false security screens, psychological torture, the enjoyment of being effective in cruelty – or the unaffected demeanor of those deadened by the pain they cause in others – along with the lack of forbearance, destroying instead of sharing or teaching, avoiding the facing of victims in lieu of running from problems and issues (yet not finding a way to get to the source of the avoidance) by anonymity or using others to act on your behalf, violating the institutional structures of your own belief (if you have ever examined them on more than a cursory level), a person must admit that by singling out victims in order to wage violence against their lives, and doing so by committing as many crimes as possible, while going against the very tenets that motivated them to begin in the first place, thus doing opposite that is required to achieve their eternal goal, all at the behest of a grand authority that should set the example of the perfect person – not the opposite – and still finding a way to convince yourself that despite violating all that you believe to destroy another person on behalf of your guide, who demonstrates what they teach is bogus since neither they nor you can apply it to real life – like right now with how you are interacting with your victims – it becomes clear that a re-examination of your belief is called for, unless violating the rules of logic and rationality are an acceptable way to have stable sense of reality. 156 more words

How-not-to Make Banana Bread

Where I work there is a box or two full of bananas being neglected of attention at any given moment. One day my boss took some home to make banana bread and I thought WOW, you are so smart. 488 more words

Banana Bread

Agh! No no no, not now!

Hello readers, far and beyond.

This is your new blogger speaking , coming to interrupt your regularly scheduled panicking to bring you a brand new blog that no one asked for, and not quite sure you need. 413 more words


Dan + Shay Drop "How Not To" Music Video

Dan + Shay just dropped the music video for their new single, “How Not To!”   The intense video, directed by Patrick Tracy, has a powerful message and shows that even if you don’t know how not to do something, you can still learn from it and have a happy ending.  24 more words



Current Single:  How Not To

Album: Obsessed (2016)


London, The 02, 11 March 2017

Dublin, 3Arena, 12 March 2017

Dan and Shay are performing alongside Hunter Hayes, Darius Rucker and headliner Reba McEntire.


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How not to blog

Okay, so I use pinterest a lot.. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I’m kinda addicted to it and I couldn’t live with out it. 342 more words