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Song Review: Dan + Shay, "How Not To"

I’m not sure country music was looking for an heir to Rascal Flatts, but it appears that it’s got one in Dan + Shay, if “How Not To” is any indication. 383 more words


How Not To Piss Off An Editor – Part 2

Here is another in my infrequent series (here’s the first one if you want to see it) of how you can help yourself when it comes to not annoying your editor.  556 more words

No: The Man Who Opens Beer With CDs

I started this blog as a non-subject-specific beast, so I feel more justified in posting about this WTF. I was minding my own business, searching the ever-deteriorating internet when this video, which was completely unrelated to my search, appeared in my search results, as such YouTube videos are wont to do. 552 more words

Another WTF

Lazy Person's Guide to Travel Pt.1: Air Travel

Now that I’ve got all of the posts about womanly business out of my system (right, who am I kidding, there will be more. Lucky you. 959 more words

Life Things

Lazy Person's Guide: The Quest to go Braless.

The other day I was thinking to myself: bras are stupid. So, I decided I’m going to stop wearing them. (that was the short version, for your reading pleasure). 1,370 more words

Life Things

Lazy Person's Guide: When trying to save the world bites you in the...

This post is about my experience with a certain item called a menstrual cup. If you’re not interested in reading about that or are sensitive to descriptions of things that happen in certain people’s undercarriage areas, this is not a blog post for you. 750 more words

Life Things

Worst poem ever

Haha, (evil laughter) the task set to our class this week was to write the worst poem ever to illustrate what a poem should not be. 220 more words

Great Lessons