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Sie haben die Wahl - The choice is yours

In a fabric and haberdashery store.  The customer in front of me: a mother with her five-year-old son.

“Here we are, Victor-Emanuel, now you pick a fabric you like.” 523 more words

In an emergency...

If you haven’t already read ‘What happens in Bulgaria’, I strongly advise you do so either before or after this post, just to confirm that we did indeed have a relatively good time in Sofia, except for this one night. 1,706 more words


How NOT to: Look back and cringe

You ever look back at some fond memories and laugh at stupid stuff you did, then there are other time where things make you remember something you did but instead of laughing you just think “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” 812 more words

How NOT To: Get caught

Since this my first blog ever I thought “HEY! whats better to break in my blogging years than with a post that I will regret!” 220 more words

How NOT to get off a crowded Indian Train

I am stuck in the narrow passageway of a general bogie reserved for ladies and my whole life is flashing in front of my eyes. Well, this would have been completely true, had it not been for the woman standing in front of me, whose acute politeness has me, distracted. 981 more words


Masking fluid and acrylics

I’ve been wanting to try masking out backgrounds rather than painstakingly painting around areas I want to keep from previous layers, as well as creating multicolour outlines 331 more words