The Original 13th Amendment (in Depth)

Restoring Common Law will immediately invalidate such things as Common Core, ObamaCare, and Agenda 21. -LW

Most people do not realize that the well-known thirteenth amendment – that which ended slavery in America – was not the first “Thirteenth” amendment proposed. 939 more words

What's Happening In Society

The New World Order/WHO Scam & What they want you to believe!!



The New World Order/WHO Scam & What they want you to believe!!


How to open a New World Oder “Can of Worms”

Or a World Health Organisation “Hornets Nest” 11,968 more words

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There are a few tidbits missing from this, like the role of good nutrition, clean air, and clean water. All of these have become scarce in the last 20 years. The good news is that the tide is turning. These NWO/WHO people have lost control, so please read this as a history lesson, and not a tale of things to come. -LW

Textual Information from Yellow Rose for Texas Videos

A very ambitious and generous reader named Kevin went to a great deal of effort to go through some videos from YellowRoseforTexas and create a text document of facts that she shares with us. 4,159 more words

How The Illuminati Corrupted History