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Mojave Madness

This place is endless! We finished up our afternoon yesterday in Vegas with some

Good ole’ fashion Hard Rock Cafe’, took a stroll through their resort Casino and then finished up with the purchase of the #11th built 1935 Kilgore g-man cap gun from The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop off of Pawn Stars.   93 more words

 Bright lights, big city

We arrived in Vegas in time to check into Circus Circus slip on some nice clothes and head out for dinner. We saw the infamous fountain in front of the… 239 more words

On the way to Old Paria 

Today we stood in 4 states at once! So many unimaginable structures rose from the earth at every turn as we progressed through the desert. So, anyone who really knows me well knows my love affair with dirt roads. 378 more words

Chris took better pictures....

These cliff dwellings were on craggy cliffs and hidden until you climbed down on edges and peered to the other side. On our drive yesterday we saw this beautiful falls called Treasure Falls. 8 more words

Soda Canyon

Here are a few more pictures from yesterday featuring soda canyon, long canyon, Navajo canyon, forest fire remains and some wildlife. We saw lots of mule deer. 12 more words

The green table~Mesa Verde

Today had some treacherous driving but I just want to say that Chrissy (as Marshall affectionly calls him) has driven the entire time and has done so safely and skillfully!! 64 more words

Great Sand Dunes!

This. Place. Is. Amazing. To begin, the elevation is around 9000 ft here so Normal breathing is a bit altered. I live with extreme sport enthusiast and with kids with drive that is atypical and because of that they have developed, through conditioning, great endurance. 149 more words