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How to ACTUALLY Get Better at Time Management

“Time Management” is one of those phrases that we have all heard but most of us don’t really understand what it means. Generally, the student life gives you a very focused awareness that really only goes as far as the end of each day, which is more than enough to think about considering all the assignments, classes, and studying you have to get through in one day. 456 more words

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Tips for the Best-Ever Beef Bourguignonne

Beef bourguignonne, a traditional French stew, is perfect for drafty winter days. The classic Burgundian peasant dish, which is sometimes referred to as boeuf bourguignon or boeuf a la bourguignonne, consists of beef slowly simmered in red wine, mushrooms and bacon until tender.

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Customer Tips: Bullwhip Leather Bar Wraps

Customer Sandi Preston in Brooklyn, NY shared her tips for easily installing the Walnut Studiolo Bullwhip Leather Bar Wraps on her bicycle – and a few creative new ideas as well.  410 more words


How to back up via a network without using Time Machine

”The free availability of Time Machine coupled with Apple’s all-in-one router and backup drive, Time Capsule, definitely makes it difficult for any company to have a viable market for networked Mac backups,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. 106 more words


How to paint noses... like a boss!

The front view of a nose can be notoriously hard to paint! In this episode I’ll show you how to paint a realistic 3D nose. 68 more words


Freebie Friday - Bavarian Crochet Square

So I gave my star stitch sweater away to one of my sisters. The other sister is still waiting for her granny square sweater so I am diligently back to plugging up holes. 587 more words


Home Organization Tips

Walnut Studiolo was started with a drive to create clever solutions for everyday needs, and we appreciate the well-organized life. We know it isn’t always easy. 236 more words