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Switching from Dropbox to Apple's iCloud

”I’ve been a happy Dropbox subscriber for several years,” Mike Flaminio writes for Insanely Great Mac. “The service works great, but I’ve been having some challenges and I want to consolidate my paid cloud services… , I want to take advantage of macOS’s storage optimization.” 183 more words


My 'Hackintosh mini' parts list

”I recently built a computer; my first,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “It’s a Hackintosh mini, though it’s not quite as small as the Mac mini.” 170 more words


Hackintosh: Should you build one?

”If you’re curious about how to build your own Hackintosh, Kirk McElhearn and I recently built Hackintoshes and wrote about our experiences,” Rob Griffiths writes for Macworld. 121 more words


Meet the Penguins!

OK here we go. Iron Viz competition time. I don’t viz that much so pleased to dust off Tableau Desktop and have a go. This competition is all about the… 1,338 more words


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…Sleep in This Heat.

The hashtag #toohottosleep has been trending for a good couple of days now and I am not immune to this. A solid night of sleep has evaded me for almost a week now. 491 more words

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Days Of Whine And Desert Roses

There was talk in the garden center, recently — a really juicy piece of gossip personally told to me by a customer. Now, I’m not one to gossip, but this is too huge to keep to myself . 768 more words

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How To Remove The Formatting When Copying and Pasting Text Into Gmail

Some of the simplest of things is the best to learn… Have you ever pasted text into Gmail that you may have copied from, say a website, and it keeps the original formatting of the text? 18 more words

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