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How to give guests access to your Wi-Fi without exposing your network

”Most of us have a steady stream of visitors to our houses—friends, family, landlords, pizza delivery guys, Airbnb travelers—and many of them are going to want access to your wi-fi at some point,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo. 354 more words

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Roasting Wild Carrot on a Camp Fire by The Northwest Forager

In this episode of The Northwest Forager we learn one method on how to prepare and roast wild carrot on a campfire using nothing more than the natural elements around. 12 more words

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Safari has changed the way it handles bookmarks and open tabs over the last few versions, which has required me to slightly adjust my workflow each time. 370 more words


Interview: Leaving New York. Supernovas Mama geht.

In New York herrscht ständiges Kommen und Gehen. Fremde kommen und gehen irgendwann als Freunde wieder.

One of the hardest things about living in NYC is that this city is so transient.

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Wild Field Mustard: How to Pick & Process by Haphazard Homestead

“This video shows how to identify and pick Wild Field Mustard that’s growing as a weed in your garden, or out in the wild. It also shows how to process the wild field mustard back in the kitchen, so you can use different parts of the plant to eat in different ways.” 19 more words

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How do you say that?!

Botanical names can be hard to pronounce, often a person has no clue how begin saying a plant’s name. Now, there’s help on Fine Gardening’s… 19 more words

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How To Treat Fungi & Ringworm Quickly, Effectively, and for Cheap

Disclaimer: This article was not written or endorsed by a doctor or dermatologist. Follow at your own discretion.

Every grappler, wrestler, and BJJ practitioner at some point in their grappling careers have undoubtedly encountered ringworm (or in worse cases, staph). 839 more words

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