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How to Detect Duplicates

Until Dynamics NAV 2013, the only possibility was to iterate through the table in a loop and then create a sub-loop where another instance of the same table is filtered to check for duplicates. 207 more words


How to: Calculate Inflation Adjustments in Excel

Last time, we discussed how to document simple inflation adjustments. We are going to take that approach one-step further this time. Rather than using the simple calculator, this time we will begin by looking up inflation data from… 419 more words


Poofier Muffins

Same batch of batter but different sizes. Hmm. The one on the left was the first one into the oven. The loftier one is after about 25 minutes of resting. 53 more words


How to add a harp to a lamp

My thrift store lamp that you met on Friday had a lot of things going for it, especially after its spray paint makeover. However, there was one thing missing that I didn’t notice until the very end: the harp. 440 more words


How to write an Avengers movie?

I have been watching all the Avengers movies back-to-back in the order they released, just to get a deeper insight into their universe. You are welcome to comment about my lack of a proper life here. 282 more words

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Kreditkarten, Fingerspitzengefühl und rohe Gewalt (DE)

Während wir unser Thanksgiving-Essen vorbereiteten (http://walkingonthewildside.com/2015/11/27/den-gurtel-weiter-schnallen-friendsgiving-in-nyc/) hatten es Bo und sein Kumpel Philipp irgendwie unbemerkt geschafft, unsere Badezimmertür hinter sich zu schließen. Und zwar von außen. 188 more words



I’ve breastfed for all of 7months – and then, i decided, that was it. I had started work, he was still waking up at nights and I was getting too exhausted to keep it up. 416 more words