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How to Create a Productive Work Space

Hey there small business hustlers! Let’s have a quick chat about our work space.

Sometimes the only thing we can do is plop down on the couch with our laptops, surround by kid toys with the TV on in the background. 922 more words

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4 Steps to a Profitable Social Media Bio

Have you ever noticed an intriguing picture on Instagram and then moseyed on over to the host’s page. You browse a little bit and are interested in the posts, even impressed by them, but still aren’t quite sure why this person is posting what they are? 718 more words

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Facebook Advertising: How $1 a Day Can Grow Your Client Base

Gone are the days when “advertising” was done exclusively by big wigs in skyscrapers who were getting paid millions of dollars to pick out fonts and colors. 725 more words

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The Lesson That Grew My Small Business Beyond Expectation

Do you remember the butterflies in your stomach?

Those quiet evenings when you began to dream, can you still picture them? That dream that you dreamed, you were beginning to believe it might just be attainable, that you might have talent, afterall. 719 more words

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4 Simple Keys to an Effective Website

I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve had the same thought before: “If most of my business traffic comes through my Facebook page, then why do I need to worry about having a website?”  1,005 more words

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How to Win Potential Client's Trust Online

Okay so I think we can all agree that, despite it’s desperate attempts to be “authentic,” social media tends to be a place of exaggerated truths and highlight-reels. 817 more words

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