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Now, I know that I haven’t done anything on here lately, but that was because I was mucking around with audacity trying to get it to work. 476 more words


Life Lesson #1: Don't Try, Be.

Some things you can’t teach. If I have to tell you what they are, then you’ll never understand the rest of this post. Instead of trying, learning, and scrugglin’, scrugglin’, scrugglin’, you just have to be. 407 more words


Watercolour Tutorial  Reach for the Stars

ArtyPants loves watercolours and teaching to all ages.  Watch the video to learn how you could paint your own galaxy.  The best part about watercolours is that it is quite versatile with lots of different techniques.   93 more words

How To Art

Create your own Joan Miro art

We love Joan Miro, who was born 124 years ago on April 20th in Barcelona, Spain.  He is a surrealist artist whose work seems childlike as he painted his thoughts.  316 more words


PRESCHOOL ART: Vitruvian Man

Artist, mathematician, Inventor and writer, Leonardo da Vinci did it all.  Known for painting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper as well as his flying machine and drawing of the Vitruvian Man he is considered to be one of the most diversely talented individuals ever to have lived.   245 more words



A very happy birthday to the late Victor Varsely, the grandfather of the op art movement. ArtyPants is happy to celebrate this great artist who used optical illusions in his abstract work which gave the impression of movement, vibrating patterns or hidden images.  112 more words


PRESCHOOL ART: Painting on Foil

We love Vincent Van Gogh, he was born 164 years ago on March 30th.  His work is world famous and is studied by many.  We love the movement in his brush strokes and the use of thick paint to give dimension.   373 more words