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How to cultivate a hero

What makes a hero? Is it predisposition? Is it the environment? According to Zeno Franco and Phillip Zombardo, two psychology researchers from Stanford University, you can create a hero just as you can create a villain. 1,111 more words


How to be a Hero - Proteus Creation Space

The company that created Father Christmas’ Christmas List will be coming back to the Creation Space in the Easter Holidays with a show for families (age 4+). 172 more words



What makes a hero?

Someone who is selfless?

Someone who is selfish?

Someone who stands and fights or waits for a moment to make a substantial change? 256 more words


The Heroism Of West African Ebola Workers | WGBH News

The Ebola outbreak is a crisis that exists on a level above political and geographical boundaries. The rapid spread has forced organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) to wrangle with politicians and governing bodies. 186 more words


Step Up | American University

A note from The Power Button: The below video is a fantastic illustration of the concepts of the 3D (Direct, Delegate, Distract) model for bystander intervention, which we discussed in… 112 more words


Finding you: How to slay your dragon

Have you ever felt like it was all leading up to this moment?

In the movies and on TV, we oftentimes see the adventures of the characters culminate in some moment as if the characters’ entire existence had led and prepared them for that moment. 942 more words

Everyday Heroes