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People Will Judge the Character of Your Parents by Your Behavior

From How to be a Man (1846) by Harvy Newcomb:

Children, likewise, honor or dishonor their parents in their general behavior. If they are rude and uncivil, they reflect dishonor upon their parents; for people say, they have not been trained and instructed at home.

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Yes, you know how to take a stand;
But do you know how to be a man?

A man stands tall in respect,
Strength in Family to protect; 91 more words


How to Be a Man (1846 Versus 2015)

Here we have How to Be a Man (A Book for Boys Containing Useful Hints on the Formation of Character) written in 1846.

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2.3 Upside Down: Part III

The following article is Part 3 in a series about the current state of human sexuality. As explained previously, our culture is “flying upside down” with no concept of where we are headed. 3,390 more words

How To Be A Man

2.2 Flying Upside Down: Part II

The following post is Part 2 in a series. While this post is rather lengthy, and may not be the most culturally engaging, it is foundational for a biblical understanding of manhood, and grounded in Genesis 1 & 2.  1,682 more words

How To Be A Man

Manner makes Man

Life isn’t just about achievements, in the way of chasing goals we often forgot the humanity to appreciate others. We are so devoted into our life and judging others that we forgot that the world is just the reflection of us. 207 more words

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Review: No More Christian Nice Guy

No More Christian Nice Guy
by Paul Coughlin

Men who are nice are not Christ-like, but far too many churches teach them that good men are passive, nice, never angry, and should appease their superiors. 717 more words