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The Art of Manhood in Classic Hollywood

Since the beginning film has always held some responsibility to project where we are as the human race.

Where we are developmentally, mentally, emotionally, societally, and aspirationally. 450 more words

Classic Hollywood

A change is gonna come..eventually

Hey All how are you:?

Well, things are good this end, i’ve been making sure i’ve been wearing my new clothes and starting to feel comfortable in them, some people notice, some don’t, but i had a great compliment the other day by a friend of ours we see on the school run, her husbands a little younger than me, but he wears clothes a 25 year old would wear, which is fine, but like i said not what i want to do, hes a big fella, hes a big personality too, but he told his wife, “i like what Martin’s wearing, i want to dress better too, and more my age” how cool is that, a great lesson i’m learning is changing myself either inspires or aggrevates :) 212 more words

How To Be A Man

It’s been fodder for many a heated debate among men for centuries.

What skills should every man know?

A vast amount of ink and e-ink has been spilled on the subject. 8,870 more words

Richard's Guide To Being A Man

1. Learn To Give A Firm Handshake
2. Remember: Cultural Defintions of Manliness Are A Lie
3. Shower Daily
4. Speak To The Crowd, Listen To the Individual… 50 more words

Food For Thought

In search of life's ultimate rule book :: Day 8395...

I’ve always been looking for a set of rules to make my life easier, more congruent with who I am in a society that’s rarely very open to that person, more authentic, with more clarity, with more level-headedness, a better grip on life, however you want to call it. 509 more words


How to be a Man(Part one)

This week we are going to bring to you list of features or attributes a man should possess,though this is an unofficial listing..see below 331 more words

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