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"How To Be A Man"

Cancer. Not the most ideal topic to be in a movie unless you have a box of tissues beside you and a week off work to get over the depression. 410 more words


Manly Peer Pressure

Last post that I wrote was really just an introduction about this blog that I’ve started. For starters, I’ve had dreams of talking to other men, young and old, about how our lives should be centered and how we need to retake back our manhood. 645 more words


Being a Man in today's Day and Age.

Hello and greetings to all men and even the little men that aspires to be just like their daddies. This site is for you and I mean, literally, for you men. 597 more words


How to be a Man directed by Josh Coates

You may have noticed on my Twotter and Facepage that I have mentioned, a few times, that I will be performing How to be a Man… 708 more words


“Put your money where your mouth is.”

We’ve all heard it. We’ve probably all said it at one time or another.

My parents taught me to be very conscious about where I was putting my money. 338 more words

How To Be A Man

New Years Resolutions and the Reformation of the Soul

Today is the day before the New Year, which entreats us to reflect back on the past year and hope for the year to come.  It is the day we make our resolutions, and oftentimes we merely make up our arbitrary list of vague ideals (i.e. 767 more words

How To Be A Man

Real Men are Pro-Life

I don’t take any pro-choice man seriously.

In fact, pro-choice men make my skin crawl.

They sicken me.

A man who is willing to have sex with a woman but not take responsibility for his actions is no man at all. 269 more words