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A change is gonna come..eventually

Hey All how are you:?

Well, things are good this end, i’ve been making sure i’ve been wearing my new clothes and starting to feel comfortable in them, some people notice, some don’t, but i had a great compliment the other day by a friend of ours we see on the school run, her husbands a little younger than me, but he wears clothes a 25 year old would wear, which is fine, but like i said not what i want to do, hes a big fella, hes a big personality too, but he told his wife, “i like what Martin’s wearing, i want to dress better too, and more my age” how cool is that, a great lesson i’m learning is changing myself either inspires or aggrevates :) 212 more words

How To Be A Man

It’s been fodder for many a heated debate among men for centuries.

What skills should every man know?

A vast amount of ink and e-ink has been spilled on the subject. 8,870 more words

Richard's Guide To Being A Man

1. Learn To Give A Firm Handshake
2. Remember: Cultural Defintions of Manliness Are A Lie
3. Shower Daily
4. Speak To The Crowd, Listen To the Individual… 50 more words

Food For Thought

In search of life's ultimate rule book :: Day 8395...

I’ve always been looking for a set of rules to make my life easier, more congruent with who I am in a society that’s rarely very open to that person, more authentic, with more clarity, with more level-headedness, a better grip on life, however you want to call it. 509 more words


How to be a Man(Part one)

This week we are going to bring to you list of features or attributes a man should possess,though this is an unofficial listing..see below 331 more words

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Being a Man and the New Tough

The ongoing process of “being a Man” is complex and confusing.  It’s important to look at where “being a man” came from in order to understand where Men are today; and why where they are today is dangerous. 491 more words