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How to Unlock Your Masculine Core

Are you confused about your purpose is in life?

Do you pass off other people’s opinions as your own?

Do you get intimidated by other men? 1,495 more words


2.8 Lessons from the Lawn: Part I

My sons are currently 13 and 11. A few years ago they wanted to make some money. I told them, “Be faithful with little chores and then we’ll talk about taking on more responsibility.” 416 more words

How To Be A Man

2.6 Cover it up!

As I wrote the following article I realized that we cover the things that we value. For example, a really expensive car will often have a cover. 385 more words

How To Be A Man

People Will Judge the Character of Your Parents by Your Behavior

From How to be a Man (1846) by Harvy Newcomb:

Children, likewise, honor or dishonor their parents in their general behavior. If they are rude and uncivil, they reflect dishonor upon their parents; for people say, they have not been trained and instructed at home.

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Yes, you know how to take a stand;
But do you know how to be a man?

A man stands tall in respect,
Strength in Family to protect; 91 more words


How to Be a Man (1846 Versus 2015)

Here we have How to Be a Man (A Book for Boys Containing Useful Hints on the Formation of Character) written in 1846.

Here we have… 95 more words

2.3 Upside Down: Part III

The following article is Part 3 in a series about the current state of human sexuality. As explained previously, our culture is “flying upside down” with no concept of where we are headed. 3,390 more words

How To Be A Man