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On the important of setting daily goals

The human mind is a wonderful thing, give it a goal and achieve that goal and it will make you feel on top of the world. 746 more words


So, You Want to be a Writer?

Whenever I tell people I’m a writer the most common response is “I’ve always wanted to be writer, but I don’t know how”.  I have always been compelled to write, I never really stopped to think about the how. 1,014 more words

How To Be A Writer

How to be a Writer

The most basic instruction of writing.

How To Be A "Good Writer" (Based On Eighteen Years Of Trying)

“Do you ever feel like writing… is just too damn hard?

Sign up to my £3,000 a month subscription pack and I’ll send leaflets, great advice AND magical little elves that’ll do your work for you to your doorstep! 1,851 more words


Starting afresh... Hello 2017.

As someone who claims to be a writer, it can be quite shameful, even shocking, to admit how rarely you put pen to paper, however metaphorically.  437 more words


Starting Over

I’ve never been good at introductions. In college I would start my stories from the middle, letting them slowly bloom out in scraps of paper covering an entire table at the library, coming together piece by piece, until I had everything but the beginning. 317 more words


Darling — You Were Born Spitting Ink

To be a good writer
you must write every day
I hear from across the hot springs
I know so many good writers who could be better… 388 more words