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Day 1

Someone once told  me, “Write what you know.”

Actually, everyone says that. It’s not really a big secret, especially to a writer. I think the first thing a writer looks for (or any artist for that matter) is inspiration. 496 more words

30 Days Of Writing

"Why Do I Write?" by Marina DeCicco

I write to be the person I know could never exist. I write because who I am in the real world does not fulfill who I am inside my head. 418 more words


"So You Want to be a Writer?" by Lynn Jonason

Looking for a way to express yourself that doesn’t judge or hinder? Do you need something to help you de-stress without having to empty all of the wine coolers in the fridge (Note: depending on the circumstance, this may still be the best option)? 1,092 more words


#WriterSpotlight - Treasured childhood experiences got Jide interested in words

It’s Thursday and we are so excited to feature Jide Taiwo on today’s #WriterSpotlight. We love the fact that his mum was able to spot his talent at an early age and she helped him to nurture it. 1,475 more words

The Sparkle Writers Hub

What it Takes to be a Writer

It’s been a while since I’ve written about writing as a job but since I’ve gotten a few questions in this last week about my writing and dedicating more time to it, I thought it a good topic to revisit. 406 more words


Just Because You Don't Write Every Day Doesn't Mean You're Not a 'Real' Writer

The hardest part about teaching other people about writing is giving suggestions without making it sound like those suggestions are the only options they have. 541 more words

Meg Dowell

Networking Matters for Writers

I see you there, hunched over in your dark cavern of gloom, silently stroking your cat and typing endlessly at a keyboard as you both chain smoke and binge drink — yes, we all know you’re the epitome of Writerliness.   988 more words