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What Makes A Writer?

I had a poetry lecture today, which I was dreading. Poetry for me brings back memories of exams in a dusty sports hall with the lingering smell of old socks; looking at pieces of writing that had been butchered with highlights and notes in the margin about form and theme and prose. 562 more words


Gathering Inspiration by LV Gaudet

Inspiration is one of the great tools of the author.  Without it, we would be, well, a reader.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a reader.  901 more words


Why All Writers Have Two Personalities

You wouldn’t think a Masters in Creative Writing would lead you to the conclusion that you’re schizophrenic.

Or at least, not immediately.

You’d want to work up to that after two years of batting the idea back and forth, at the very least. 679 more words


27 Writing Lessons & Hacks From Some of the Best Writers on the Planet

The amount of bad writing advice out there is astounding. People who have never published anything selling courses on how to make a career as a writer. 3,067 more words

Do You Have to Write Every Day to be a Writer?

Do you have to write every day to be a writer? No. But should you? Probably. “Write every day” is super common writing advice. In fact, … 682 more words


Why can't I write!!?

G’day all. I have been suffering with a deep lack of motivation today. I meant to start working on my edits for Deputy at midday, I actually started at twenty past one. 235 more words