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I’m Running Dry—The Struggle Of Coming Up With New Ideas To Write About

Writing can be pretty fun, especially when you’re in the zone, and you’re writing about something you are really passionate about.

Time flies — words come easy, and next thing you know, you are patting yourself on the back, congratulating the legend you are for the work of art you just completed in under an hour. 913 more words


Build Your Own Free Creative Writing Course Part 1: Descripton

So I did a post the other week on whether or not you should study a Creative Writing MA (or slightly longer ago now, I’ve moved house and started working at an awesome new job so sadly the blog was left sulking in a corner for a while) and I rather rashly suggested you can build your own creative writing course. 774 more words


A Writer's Dilemma

There is the quintessential image of the writer at his desk, they brood, they beat their fevered brow waiting for the muse. For a start, when you have spinal problems you tend to jump for a bed, here I am in mine, writing away. 488 more words

Practice & Craft

Writing Tip #2 Who Can Be A Writer?

There is a general feeling that writers are special people, possessed of skills and talents that the rest of the world lacks.

I agree wholeheartedly with this feeling. 429 more words

Nandini Nayar

Learning to Write by Reading

I’ve nearly forgotten how to do this. Days, months, year’s have gone by and I haven’t written. I’ve written a comment, or a post on facebook, a journal entry here or there, but no real writing. 1,297 more words


A Comprehensive Guide For How To Beat Writer's Block

In your life, have you ever written so much as a single sentence? If you answered yes, then hooray—you’re officially a writer! And if you’re a writer, chances are, you’ve probably suffered from  657 more words


Do I Need Drugs to Write Decent Content?

In college I remember one night after Creative Writing class I was so focused, so determined to get down the story in my head that I holed myself up at a desk in the main building and grabbed my pen, writing as fast as I could, scribbling on the backs of other pages, determined to get the mishmash of words down and fleshed into form.  354 more words