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How to be a writer:

In my last video, I talked about why I am a writer, and now I’ll tell you how.

Now I’m no Fitzgerald, or Hemingway, or , but I have (literally) a tiny bit of experience with being a writer, and it’s something I had to learn on my own. 517 more words


The best advice you'll ever receive as a writer

Congratulations. You’ve made the decision to take the plunge into the world of writing. It brings you great joy. You write your first piece/ blog post and you publish it online. 549 more words

The Sparkle Writers Hub

Five Things You’re Not Doing as an Aspiring Writer, but Should Be

So you want to be a writer. Excellent. You’ve found the perfect place to learn all about how to do that. Let’s start with the basics, shall we?—things you’re not really doing all that often, but should be, if you want to write professionally someday. 550 more words

Meg Dowell

Me vs. Me: Wednesday, August 19th

When I was in third grade I tried writing a novel. My teacher was a saint – she would always ask, “how’s the story coming?” I was basically copying my favorite stories of the time, but I changed the names and I reworked the plot.  388 more words

Daily Journal

My frustrations with being a writer

Don’t let the title deceive you. I love being a writer. I have found the greatest joy in it. It has given me a platform to express the deepest things in my heart; things that I could not say with my mouth. 542 more words

The Writing Series

How Can You Be A "Real" Writer? Own It.

Writer Jeff Goins caught some flack recently for something he talked about on a video on his site. He said that for anyone to be a writer they simply had to call themselves one. 1,104 more words

Life Of A Writer

Four Books You Need To Read To Be A Good Writer by Patricia Grasso

Historical Romance author Patricia Grasso has a BA and MA in English and taught high school for thirty years. So when it comes to writing, she knows her stuff.  553 more words

Writing Craft