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Sometimes you have to ignore the doubt and just write

Most writers, if not all, go through a period of crippling doubt. There is this feeling that your work is not good enough. You’ve read it several times that all you have to do is to ‘ignore the doubt and just write’. 234 more words

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The Beautiful Agony Of Being An Artist

Is it normal to hate the very thing that we love? Or is it just me? Let me try and explain.

I have this thing that I do: I write. 681 more words

WILF: 'How to be a Writer' by John Birmingham

There are a lot of ‘how to write’ books out that claim to help you get better at writing.  Some of them focus on the mechanics of story craft, on how to make your stories sparkle and avoid the potentially planet sized plot holes that will sink you. 427 more words


How To Write A Listicle People Will ACTUALLY Want To Read

Let’s face the truth — we are rushed readers. We have to be.

Because if we don’t, we end up losing more time to talk with our friends, enjoy our meal, watch our favorite TV show, or work on that task we promised would be done today. 947 more words

Home based writing college. Or how to become a better writer through self education.

Oh God!  I have too many books to read and I’m trying to raise humans to grow up and be great men, I have laundry to fold and a cheesy Hallmark movie to watch, I have food that needs to be cooked…by someone.   1,175 more words


Kendra Syrdal Is Going LIVE Tonight To Talk About How To Be A Writer!

Every Wednesday Kendra Syrdal, producer at Thought Catalog and resident wino, is going live to talk to you guys about life, love, and the reasons why we probably all deserve a cocktail or two. 136 more words

Elizabeth: Writer’s Rules of Engagement

Recently I’ve been going through things in my office/library – sorting, organizing, trashing – in an attempt to make the space both useful and inviting.  It’s a step in a larger project that includes building and installing a wall of built-in bookshelves to hold those old-fashioned dead-tree books that I’m still so partial to. 523 more words

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