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On Wanting to be a Writer

I always wanted to be a writer.

As a child I filled notebooks and stacks of printer paper with my writing and drawings. When our family got its first word processor, I was in heaven.   706 more words


Writing Prompt of The Week #2

Hi everyone!

This week’s writing prompt is brought to you via Pintrest, everyone’s favourite time sinker. 104 more words

Writing Prompt

6 Ways to Release Your Writing

So, you want to be a writer. Or maybe you just want to learn to write better.

Whoever you are and whatever your writing goals, enjoy these easy-to-apply writing tips from someone who knows the struggle to get started and keep going all too well! 861 more words


You Cannot Tame A Writer

Have you ever come across a writer?

Are you friends with someone who writes for a living or a hobby?

Do you write and consider yourself a “struggling writer”? 538 more words

Real Writers Don't Write For Fame

Real writers don’t write for fame, superiority, or a pat on the back.

We don’t write in hopes of getting the most views on an article, and we don’t write in hopes of making it on somebody’s bestseller list. 360 more words

On the important of setting daily goals

The human mind is a wonderful thing, give it a goal and achieve that goal and it will make you feel on top of the world. 746 more words


So, You Want to be a Writer?

Whenever I tell people I’m a writer the most common response is “I’ve always wanted to be writer, but I don’t know how”.  I have always been compelled to write, I never really stopped to think about the how. 1,014 more words

How To Be A Writer