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How to turn a photo into an illustration for your children's book.

First: This is my first Facebook Live video.
Second: Yes, I know that over-sized army green shirt looks absolutely stunning on me.
Third… 39 more words

It's Elementary, My Dear Watson: 2 Ways to Be a Better Observer

According to Barbara Baig, author of How to Be a Writer, writing depends on one thing: observation.  As Marcel Proust once said, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.”  Most of us go about our lives in a sort of stupor, only half aware of the physical reality around us.   969 more words


Writing Tips Wednesday: Always Write

If I’ve learned anything as a writer it is that you can read a million “How To Write” books and take college creative writing classes, but you will teach yourself the most valuable writing tips. 245 more words

On Wanting to be a Writer

I always wanted to be a writer.

As a child I filled notebooks and stacks of printer paper with my writing and drawings. When our family got its first word processor, I was in heaven.   706 more words


Writing Prompt of The Week #2

Hi everyone!

This week’s writing prompt is brought to you via Pintrest, everyone’s favourite time sinker. 104 more words

Writing Prompt

6 Ways to Release Your Writing

So, you want to be a writer. Or maybe you just want to learn to write better.

Whoever you are and whatever your writing goals, enjoy these easy-to-apply writing tips from someone who knows the struggle to get started and keep going all too well! 861 more words