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The Agent/Author Relationship: The Push Me - Pull You of Publishing by Stacey Graham

5writers.com is delighted to have Stacey Graham with us this month.

Stacey Graham is the author of four books and a rag-tag collection of short stories. 934 more words

Writing Tips

The Three Steps to becoming a Writer

So I went to Toronto’s newest conference for writers, the Emerging Voices Creative Writer’s Conference, and it was a blast. Very fun, learned a lot, wrote a lot, ate a lot (catering sandwiches are so yummy!), the whole shebank. 453 more words

Writing Words

Write or Wrong Part 8: Where I interview author Chris Jane

So tell me who Chris Jane is as a writer?

As a writer, Chris Jane takes the writing itself pretty seriously (tries to do the best work Chris Jane can possibly do), but treats writing – as an endeavor – as the fun it should be. 1,475 more words

I Am Author

Good Grief: The insatiable need to put pen to paper.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great, overdue pleasure that I present to you, the new blog. 588 more words


How to "Writer"

For everyone who wants to be a writer, I present the honest answers to all of your questions:

What are writers?

People who write words, preferably ones that chain together to mean something. 919 more words


Don't Take the Phisherman's Lure

I’ve noticed a new breed of phishing scammers lately. They’ve gotten more sophisticated in their attempts to trick, cajole, and outright scare you into falling into their trap. 650 more words

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