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A Dinner For Crows-Part 3 (21865 words)

Po rubs at his still stinging eyes, the tears haven’t fallen yet, it’s more a nervous tick at this point. Clarissa looks at him with concern writ huge on her face. 4,348 more words

Samuel Eden

Repost: Balance writing and life

Old post RE-POSTED because I need the reminder and it’s a good thing to think about as we are all seemingly getting busier.

One (of the many) 1,643 more words


The mistakes - and the legacy - of the late Romantic writers

Pictured: Bacchus and Virgina Woolf. Images are in the public domain.

The late Romantics are among some of the best known of English writers. Among them we can count the likes of EM Forster, Virginia Woolf and Evelyn Waugh. 1,069 more words


He’s Got Them There Writing Hands

Someone recently asked me if I like to fight. When I asked them why they asked me that they said, because I have fighter’s hands. After looking at my hands for a moment, I had to admit they were right. 280 more words

Samuel Eden

Sometimes you have to ignore the doubt and just write

Most writers, if not all, go through a period of crippling doubt. There is this feeling that your work is not good enough. You’ve read it several times that all you have to do is to ‘ignore the doubt and just write’. 234 more words

The Sparkle Writers Hub

The Beautiful Agony Of Being An Artist

Is it normal to hate the very thing that we love? Or is it just me? Let me try and explain.

I have this thing that I do: I write. 681 more words

WILF: 'How to be a Writer' by John Birmingham

There are a lot of ‘how to write’ books out that claim to help you get better at writing.  Some of them focus on the mechanics of story craft, on how to make your stories sparkle and avoid the potentially planet sized plot holes that will sink you. 427 more words