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How to be a Writer

The most basic instruction of writing.

How To Be A "Good Writer" (Based On Eighteen Years Of Trying)

“Do you ever feel like writing… is just too damn hard?

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Starting Over

I’ve never been good at introductions. In college I would start my stories from the middle, letting them slowly bloom out in scraps of paper covering an entire table at the library, coming together piece by piece, until I had everything but the beginning. 317 more words


Darling — You Were Born Spitting Ink

To be a good writer
you must write every day
I hear from across the hot springs
I know so many good writers who could be better… 388 more words

A Year End Letter To The Loves Of My (Writing) Life

I write little letters instead of sending holiday cards mostly because I don’t have a cute dog and I’m single and I think it would be weird to drop an irl selfie in the mail. 1,307 more words

A Dinner For Crows-Part 3 (21865 words)

Po rubs at his still stinging eyes, the tears haven’t fallen yet, it’s more a nervous tick at this point. Clarissa looks at him with concern writ huge on her face. 4,348 more words

Samuel Eden

Repost: Balance writing and life

Old post RE-POSTED because I need the reminder and it’s a good thing to think about as we are all seemingly getting busier.

One (of the many) 1,643 more words