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Anak Kesulitan Fokus? Yuk, Latih dengan Metode Ini

Banyak hal yang bisa menyebabkan si kecil kurang fokus dan sulit berkonsentrasi saat beraktivitas. Kebiasaan ini menimbulkan kesulitan baginya di sekolah. Selain lengah pada pekerjaan rumah… 184 more words

How To Be Happy

How to be happy

Care. Let kindness clothe you.

Smile as though you will never have a chance to again.

Love. Even those who don’t deserve it.

Forgive. Even when they are not sorry. 162 more words


How to: try new things

I will not start off by lying, and saying that I am healthier, because I am only just walking onto the path- but I am trying. 431 more words


How To Not Feel Burned Out, When You ARE Burned Out

I’m usually really good at powering through less-than-ideal situations and long hours with little time to do anything for myself all while keeping my composure. Usually. 1,486 more words

The Mini Apartment

The Final Confession of Ryan Joe

By Ryan Joe

I have a confession.

I have been watching NFL football since the playoffs. That, as well as other writing projects, have kept me from updating with any degree of regularity. 527 more words


6 Ways For The Miserable 20-Something To Finally Be Happy With The Life They're Living

What is happiness?

It’s easy to say that you are happy about something. But most of the time, it always dies down so soon and you start a never-ending quest of finding happiness again. 1,028 more words

Happiness - The power of a smile (Morning thoughts)

Welcome to my little universe,

how often do you smile on a everyday basis? Do you smile at strangers, just because you feel like it without any intention? 520 more words