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The Best way to Celebrate your Birthday!

At the outset, let me thank you for your birthday wishes and prayers! It was the best birthday yet and though I always think that of my birthdays, this one was extra special. 606 more words


Finding Motivation in Dull days!

Day 1 : Open your social media, look at people doing so well! Feel happy for your friends.

Day 10 : Open your social media, look at people doing so well. 299 more words

How To Be Happy

The Man Who Discovered Happiness

The entire world knows of him. The most popular name since Einstein. It is miraculous how he could do what he did. All discoveries and inventions are minor in comparison, since he was able to make just about the entire world happy. 1,427 more words

10 Tiny Ways To Love Yourself More Than You Did Yesterday

 1. Read an old favorite book.

Make yourself a hot cup of tea and read a book you haven’t read in years. Let your emotions get swept away in another story and another world. 379 more words

How To Be Content With What You Have

“Until you make peace with who you are,

you’ll never be content

with what you have.”

– Doris Mortman

Wise advice for today.  At any age and stage of life, but especially during a milestone year like turning 50 or a dramatic change in life like divorce, we can become untethered, depressed and feeling like the huge dark cloud of lack surrounds us.  464 more words

Finding Happiness At 50

How to be pessimistic, and yet happy?

Frequently when I heard about motivational seminars, the contents were about how to be optimistic, positive thinking towards life and future. Most of the motivational speakers would say that the optimistic way of life will make you successful and happy. 278 more words