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The eight defects and the four evils

In this parable, an old fisherman said to Confucius:

…there are eight defects that people are liable to, as well as four evils that affect their affairs, which must not be ignored: 270 more words

15 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

1. Having a blackout night. No phones or devices mean I can’t refresh social media every 20 seconds so I actually do something worthwhile and productive. 373 more words


Olahraga Ini Bikin Anak Pandai Berhitung dan Membaca

Menurut penelitian, anak-anak yang sejak dini diajarkan berenang tumbuh lebih cerdas, ini karena olahraga tersebut mampu mendukung perkembangan otak. Ada fakta lainnya!

Ilmuwan dari Institut Griffith for Educational Research… 130 more words

How To Be Happy

The 21 tips for of Aging with Awareness

There are two ways of arriving at a ripe old age; ready to take on the world, or fade away and become invisible. Since I’ve reached such an age only a few days ago.   332 more words

21 Tips To Aging Well

Being good naturally

Rid yourself of petty knowledge and allow the great wisdom to enlighten you. Rid yourself of goodness, and goodness will naturally arise.

Page 240, The Book of Chuang Tzu by Martin Palmer… 6 more words

Living between Heaven and earth

…Gaining and losing,
the people are caught between them both
and there is no way out.
Trapped and entombed,
they can never complete anything.

Their hearts are strung out… 66 more words

Happy Kevin shares how you can be genuinely happy! :)

Being happy is not just going out, partying or buying something that you really like. For me true happiness is being happy without even doing anything, you just sit there stare at the universe minding your own business and your happy! 310 more words