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Open Letter to Patti Smith, Day 22 (#GNF)

Many mornings I send a long text to my sister to let her know I’m thinking of her. I usually end those texts with #GNF (“Give No Fucks” for those of you who don’t speak acronym or hipster slang.) 893 more words

Why we fail to become rich | Tidbits

9Getting rich, after religion, is one of the most selling concepts in human history. You can see it everywhere. In articles like ‘How to become wealthy: It’s simpler than most experts say’, in books… 11 more words


True joy, not quickie mood boosts but that totally stoked mental state, boils down to these surprising essentials. Behold your ticket to bliss.

  1. You Need a Solid Core Group of Friends…
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Being Happy 101

You are probably thinking to yourself, “How in the heck am I going to be happy?” Sure. You work constantly, have major debts to take care of, have to possibly worry about taking care of a family or even just yourself. 419 more words

Being Happy

7 Steps on the Road to Minimalism

Henry David Thoreau had the right idea: I make myself rich by making my wants few. But, modern man continues to drown himself in a plethora of gadgets, cars and McMansions he can’t afford, going to work at jobs that increasingly demand more than 40 hours a week out of his life and mentally and physically drain him, taking the joy out of living. 2,032 more words

Minimalism And Money

God Provides

So often we feel


cheated and abandoned

lonely as the Moon

who travels alone

and we have anger

blaming, discourage

feeling the darkside

of every bit of the sunshine. 44 more words


Hati-hati, Sembarang Membeli Makeup Berujung pada Ancaman Kesehatan

Penting dibaca buatmu yang hobi belanja makeup, terutama yang sering melakukan impulsive buying kalau sudah masuk ke toko makeup.

Sebagian besar perempuan nggak bisa dilepaskan dari makeup. 151 more words

How To Be Happy