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Waspada Penipuan Berbalut Penggalangan Dana

Niat ingin berbuat baik bisa disalahgunakan oleh pihak-pihak yang nggak bertanggung jawab. Jangan sampai kamu jadi korban penipuan berbalut aksi sosial, Bright Friends.

Tingginya pengguna media sosial di Indonesa membuatnya menjadi medium yang paling cepat untuk menggalang perhatian dari berbagai kalangan. 253 more words

How To Be Happy

How To | De-Stress and Turn A Bad Day Around

We all have those days…so this video is just a little list of tips to make them just that bit easier. Whether you are feeling stressed, anxious or just upset about something, this is how I cheer myself up and wind myself down for a fresh start.


10 Ways to Help You Feel Happier

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Everyone wants to be happy — we’re all searching for that elusive emotion. Just look at the self-help section of your favourite bookstore — there are any number of “manuals” on happiness and how to attain it. 100 more words

Perubahan-perubahan Kecil Ini Membuat Hidup Lebih Baik

Semua hal besar diawali dari sesuatu yang kecil. Oleh karena itu, perubahan dalam hidup—sekecil apa pun itu—akan membawa dampak besar bagi diri kita. Tak perlu muluk-muluk, untuk membuat… 199 more words

How To Be Happy

21 Rules I Swear By To Truly Live My Best Life

1. Leave this world a better place than the one you found.
This was inspired by something Tim McIlrath of Rise Against said during a performance at the legendary Metro in Chicago. 877 more words

True Happiness

In General, you can not stop ageing or fleeting time, so, workout for your own salvation. What if this morning, you come to know if this is your last day, what am i going to do? 714 more words

How to Be Happy: Learn a New Language

Note to readers: I know, I haven’t posted anything except a smattering of book reviews since September 1st. My profound apologies.

I love languages: acquisition, history, alphabets, sounds, shapes, grammars, linguistics. 632 more words