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Did You Make Those Lists?

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do?
Why do we study?
Why do we work?
Why do we eat or breath or drink? 963 more words


How to be happy: the four noble truths

This week we come to the question of happiness! The Buddha’s teachings assert that happiness is our true nature, that when all of the struggle, fear and worry are seen through there is simply luminous, clear consciousness – unborn, uncreated, outside of time and full of bliss, compassion and wisdom. 1,037 more words


#4 Have no regrets

I have the feeling that having regrets is what breaks us the most.
So many times have I heard someone whisper between sobs I shouldn’t have done it… 295 more words


Number 11: The Loneliness Gene in the Digital Age

We evolved to have secure relationships with others. When these relationships are threatened, we are genetically programmed to feel the pain of loneliness. In the same way that the feelings of hunger or thirst tell us to find food and water, the feeling of loneliness tells us to find people to be with. 1,429 more words

How To Be Happy

All we need is... just a little patience

You know it, I know it – sometimes things get out of control. Since the beginning of this year my life has been… intense to say the least. 581 more words

Personal Growth

Belajar Menjilat dari Si Penjilat

Siapa bilang menjilat selalu negatif. Belajar menjilat dan ambil sisi positifnya dari si tukang jilat di tempat kerjamu, yuk!

Say Hello

Nggak perlu merasa aneh dan kikuk saat menyapa atasan dengan “selamat pagi”, “dasi yang bagus”, atau “hari ini terlihat lebih… 106 more words

How To Be Happy

In Facebook Nobody Can Hear You Cry

It is not news to anyone that the digital age has spawned an entirely new way of being lonely. In a 2013 TED talk, “Lethality of Loneliness,” loneliness expert John Cacioppo said that in the 80s twenty percent of the U.S. 131 more words

How To Be Happy