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Why I wait to be happy

Why am I waiting to be happy?

Do I blame society? The notion that I have to work hard and earn what I get. That if I wait a little bit longer, try a little bit harder I’ll finally get what I want. 277 more words


What they dont tell you about getting rich

This is one of the topics that has generated a lot of interest among a lot of people, some believe that simply wanting something is enough to attract it into your life while others believe that working hard is the correct way to go about doing it. 591 more words


This weekend I thought of introducing a Guest blog on ‘Ms. Singh Posts’ blog. So I started to think about whom I should ask for contributing to the blog. 856 more words

How To Be Happy

Contemplating on Ilocano's

Ilocos will always be my favorite place, my home, my jungle of liberty: Everything that holds my strings together from past to present. So maybe if you ask me “Where’s the best place on Earth?”, the answer will always be ‘Ilocos!  713 more words

How Having An Open Mind Will Create New Oppurtunities

Most people like to believe their way of thinking is the only way of thinking, and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is wrong. It is true you are entitled to your own opinion, but open-mindedness is a characteristic that not many people have, and if you can learn to be open-minded I am positive it will only benefit you greatly. 322 more words

Self Improvement

Being social vs being alone

There are people who hate being alone, and there are people who hate being with people. Both indicate underlying issues of aversion to being.

Benefits of Being Social and Being Alone… 638 more words

7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Own Happiness

Most people around the world agree that “being happy” is one of their most important goals. So, you would think that the smarter and more successful you are, the happier you would be, right?

24 more words
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