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Gratitude Sunday

Another Gratitude Sunday has rolled around again! I am so in love with this time of the week, it really helps me to put into perspective just how fucking lucky and blessed I am. 324 more words

Gratitude Sunday

Baju Rapi Tanpa Perlu Disetrika

Pasti kamu kesal bukan main ketika sedang terburu-buru di pagi hari dan menemukan baju masih kusut. Coba beberapa cara berikut ini supaya kamu terbebas dari rutinitas menyetrika, tetapi baju tetap rapi sepanjang hari. 142 more words

How To Be Happy

Why I Stopped Complaining

Hey Guys and Girls

The other day I was in a conversation with my girls and as everyone does, my friend was telling us that she is feeling tired of University. 460 more words


Inter-View From The 6 with Anonymous

Instead of interview format, today’s post will all be in the voice of our anonymous interviewee. Let’s get right into it:

I’ve never really been good at doing right by myself. 422 more words

You really, really want to be happy? Become grateful

There’s something you know about me, even if you don’t actually know me. There’s something I know about you, even if you’re not a friend. What is it? 1,126 more words


Cinta Ayah Pengaruhi Perkembangan Anak

Mengapa pasangan yang bercerai harus tetap menjaga kekompakan mereka dalam mengasuh anak? Nggak hanya ibu, anak pun membutuhkan cinta dari sang ayah dengan porsi yang sama besar. 178 more words

How To Be Happy

Self Healing and Positive Minds.

Hello Friends!

I hope you’re all well and life is going well for you. This week I’m going to be talking about self healing and creating a positive mindset for yourself. 1,015 more words