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Maybe there is something to this "Love thy neighbor" thing.

You are in a relationship with everyone. I know we don’t usually think of it that way, but it’s true. You are in a relationship with your special someone, of course, but also with your friends, family members, bosses, teachers, coworkers, even the person you see on the bus every day. 224 more words

How To Be Happy!

Can You Ever Be TOO Happy? The Answer Might Surprise You.

On more than one occasion I have been mildly chided for being “too happy”. While I don’t consider myself sickeningly exuberant, I am, in general, an optimist; which is not to say I am immune to life’s heartaches. 774 more words



You desperately want to be happy
But can only be happy when
You get that new job
Or a lottery win
You’ll surely be happy then? 70 more words

Being Thankful For What You’ve Got

Love for no reason.

Today I read a phrase that stopped me in my tracks.

“… love is incapable of asking for anything.”

I feel like I could let that sink in for ten years and never get the full benefit of these words. 142 more words

How To Be Happy!


Started walking to and from work whenever I can. I feel a little old and busted, but that’s what happens when you’ve done very little for months on end. 21 more words

Live Happy - Travel Therapy

It’s simple, live happy. Or is it? Happiness is a complicated thing these days but it doesn’t have to be. For anyone out there that’s ever thought, is this what life is supposed to be like? 657 more words


Battling For Joy

Do you feel depressed? Or drained? Lacking energy or confidence? Or confidence in your dreams and hopes?  Do feel like you don’t know who you are anymore or like you ever did? 558 more words