5 Tips for Staying Healthy When You Have a Busy Schedule

For those with busy schedules, a hectic life can get in the way of your healthy priorities. But, there are ways you can incorporate healthy decisions into your already busy life. 332 more words


Should You Be Worried About What's In Your Food?


Do you know exactly what is in your food? And, no, I’m not talking about the ingredients that go into all the meals and dishes that you eat. 470 more words


How I Stay Healthy + Essentials

Hi Everyone! Today I though I would share with you what I do to stay healthy. Now I am not saying that what I do is the only way, 100% correct, or that I am 100% healthy and fit. 36 more words

The Price

In some places people have many things, and money enough to buy more. In other places, people have few things, and no money to buy more. 194 more words


Keys to a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life

We all have those days where we don’t feel like we are “enough”: physically, mentally, spiritually, in our relationships, in our careers, in our lives, etc. 529 more words

7-Minute Morning Workout

Working out doesn’t always have to be so difficult, boring, or long. For those days when you know you won’t have enough time or simply don’t feel like going to the gym, here is a quick workout that you can do pretty much anywhere, without any machines or weights at all. 108 more words

How To be Healthy

buy Redimi 4aMany people think that being healthy is a difficult task, involving months of dieting accompanied by hours at the gym. However, this is not actually true. 3,014 more words