The Journey to a Healthy, Wealthy Life 

I had always been chubby. I grew up with the so called “baby fat” that eventually turned into “college weight” and transformed into what I’d call the “stubborn last five (or so) pounds” during my 20s. 616 more words

Health And Wellness

The Trick to Not Buying Junk Food at the Supermarket? An Apple

We all know what happens when you grocery shop on an empty stomach. Instead of leaving the store with your usual stock of fairly healthy staples (produce, milk, whole grains, lean protein, maybe some hummus), you emerge with shopping bags that look like your eight-year-old cousin packed them: chips, cheese popcorn, pink-frosted cookies, some sort of radioactive-looking jarred queso.  177 more words


Tips to help you stay young

Although the brain isn’t a muscle, the old ‘use it or lose it’ adage still applies. Brain scans show that when people use their brains in unaccustomed ways, more blood flows into different areas of the brain, and new neural pathways form. 508 more words


What you eat changes your Gene!

The new discovery about our genetics is amazing.

I´ve been studyingabout Epigenetics and it is great what I´ve found.  And here it is:

Over and over again, when looking at medical records of identical  twins( who have identical genes) , researchers keep concluding that… 69 more words


Lebih Teliti Sebelum Membeli Beras

Baru-baru ini, beredar berita pembuatan dan penjualan beras palsu di Indonesia. Hal ini tentu sangat mengkhawatirkan, mengingat beras merupakan makanan pokok kita sehari-hari.

Dalam video yang beredar, beras palsu itu diproduksi dari bahan limbah plastik sisa produksi yang dicampur dengan beberapa bahan kimia yang sangat membahayakan bila dikonsumsi. 122 more words

How To Be Healthy

Food Diary 111 - 17

I don’t believe for 1 second that illness runs in a family. I do not believe we are automatically placed in a discomposed genetic position because our generations before us had suffered through something. 520 more words


8 Ways You Can Clean Up Your Diet Right Now

You’ve said it for what seems like the longest time. You’re going to get serious and take control of your health. You’re cutting out sugar for good. 797 more words

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