Start Achieving A Healthy Lifestyle 🍃

With all the bizarre and variety of food, liquor and smokes that we have today in the modern world, is it really possible to have a healthy lifestyle?  1,188 more words

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Aging gratefully

I have written two posts in the past about aging ruthlessly, and the main point with them was to be better in the second half of your life than you were in the first. 284 more words

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HOW TO FIGHT AGEING : https://pharmedlib.com/2018/08/22/how-to-fight-aging/

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5 Tips to Stay Healthy While You Travel

Picture this: it is the middle of July heat and you are enjoying a decent helping of Italian pasta with braised beef and a glass of red wine in Florence, Italy. 1,100 more words


Family Visit

This past week has been wonderful. My amazing family came to visit us in Las Vegas. It started with the arrival of my mom and little sister who drove in from Texas over the course of two days. 851 more words


10 Steps to Stay Healthy in 2018

With technological progress in the 21st century, this modern era has also brought an age where more and more restaurants are opening up, offering ready-made meals and junk food, and unhealthy snacks filling our supermarket shelves. 672 more words

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Why You Should Grow Your Own Food | @wiselockz

Take a moment out of your day to find out why, according to zayloc23, you should grow your own food. Intellectual reasonings for the conscious mind… 26 more words