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Be healthy .. Health is the new wealth

Health is new wealth

To earn health you have to work hard for sure , in case of wealth it can come by other means like luck, , cheating ,gift , family fortune etc . 399 more words

How I maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

Getting sick way too often is the main reason is making me stick to my healthy eating lifestyle and new habits that I have developed in the last few months. 1,363 more words

Daily Motivation

In It For the Long Run: 5 Facts Every Distance Runner Knows

This week, temps have been hitting the 60s — are we sure it’s February & that spring is still 27 days away?! I finally had the chance to get outside for a three-mile run, the longest I’ve done in awhile. 531 more words


Having A Break Makes Me Lazy... So I Stop Procrastinating With These 4 Tips!

I totally understand the importance of taking a good break after being so dedicated to your career or a year-long of daily tasks. However, you could be uninspired to back on track after taking a break, either a short one or a long one. 777 more words


Start your day the right way!

Hello readers!
Welcome to the humble beginning of my blog. Let’s start off with a fresh step and talk about ways you can start your day and feel great by the time you head off to bed at night! 383 more words


How Do I Get "Skinny"?

A question I get asked a lot is… How do I get skinny?

I don’t particularly like the word “skinny”, to me it conjures up images of seeing food as the enemy and not eating enough and doing endless amounts of cardio just to see that number on the scales go down. 168 more words